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  1. For anyone want to re-watch Daesang acceptance speech. Too bad it does not have Eng sub Also Best Couple Award, at 5:38, when celebrating new year, YS came to hug DB naturally, no other couple did that to celebrate LOL
  2. Happy Camellia Day everyone !! Sad that it will be over soon Will miss YS rolling eyes LOL
  3. Can someone enlighten me does HS Dad's leg injured or not? I can see the wheelchair and the accident in flashback but the scene at police station he walked in on his own ??? No wheelchair ....
  4. Mr No's dedication to take picture for DB GHJ gave all staff the black jacket in the picture as a gift, with "까불지마" (Don''t be a joke) printed in inner side of sleeve. credit: WTCB fanpage and Instagram
  5. It's Saturday again, I miss the way ManWol called "Goo Chan Sung...." Highly recommended My Mister, I still watch random episode some time, it gives you heartbreaking and heartwarming feeling at the same time. It just .... truly one of a kind
  6. @aria26 @RiceGirl1212 @brielover @Sakurafairy Thank you all for your info and thoughts keke. Sometimes I feel that God can foresee the future thus we really have no choice but to do our best and learn from our mistakes. Your thought reminds me of how good Chansung is. With Sanchez, Mira as friends, with the ghosts and the trio colleagues, with MW as lover, he always choose the right and wise action over and over again. So mature of him to accept the scar, the memories with MW and still keep it in his mind in this lifetime. Glad that now he still have best friends beside him, otherwise I don't want him to break down crying like the end of ep 14. Gosh where can I find my CS in real life?
  7. I expect the ending to be sad but did not know it would be that much sad. Ep 16 filled with tears and tears. I'm satisfied with the ending, at least it makes sense and has consistent theme from beginning to end. It hurts a lot but it's the lesson of finding peace and letting go. And now with HS interview, it's confirmed this drama is around JMW character. So it's a drama with happy ending. No wasted details, no wasted character, no rushing (good pace), meaningful side stories, good character development and relationship for me. The scene when they said goodbye, CS did not said anything except "Goodbye, go peacefully", no "i love you", no "i will miss you". Just too sad for CS, but isn't he one of us, when we have to face departure of our loved ones....... I watched this drama because of IU. I'm a fan of her music, but not her acting. But since My Mister, I feel she started improving a whole level up as an actress. And now, it just, amazing. She really put all her best to immersed herself as JMW. The OST, the fashion style, the chemistry, how it was filmed... I enjoyed it all. Surely a must-watch K-drama (but need a tissue box with you ) Thank you all lovely chingus here. Love all your sharing. It has been a long time I've watch drama live and I'm glad I chose HDL and this forum kekeke . I think we can gather again once the drama award season starts. *Group hug* I have two questions keke: Talking about comedian and CS, I understand that it means CS always be her liking. But just confused about travel time lapse, does that mean CS can change the past? I mean if CS does not accept the offer, MW will still do gambling and never know the comedian. Or MaGo thinks CS will definitely accept the offer? Sorry, it's not important details but I just keep thinking about it. And can someone enlighten me about the hotel logo? I read somewhere that it includes a full moon and a leaf. Full moon is her name, what about the leaf? Or just a line like the one CS wrote on his palm?
  8. My eyes get puffy from crying the whole episode, I'm still in HDL sorrow and Dlwlrma post gets me emotional again.
  9. I wonder what will happen with fullmoon.long acc? My habit is check her insta for BTS photos after watching
  10. So it ended right? The longest episode I've watched in my k-drama life. LOL
  11. We still have Kim Soo Hyun to show up, yet? Where are you, DMJ
  12. The one who left behind is hurt the most Will it be reincarnation?
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