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  1. Hi everyone, I really enjoyed the drama so far. I do not care about the young couple much, before I processed and understood the adult story, their screen time already passed. Lol. The Seozy story is so much much well written. Seohyun is so COOL. But how can she survive daily life when she have to take care of her company, deal with her husband, the in laws, the maids.... most stressful character I've ever seen in K-drama. I think FIL's responsibility should be mentioned too, Ji Yong grew up like this thanks to his parents. If it was Hajoon, who was raised by HS, I don't think he wi
  2. Since I read they cast Um Ki Joon, I know JDT is the real villain, would not been surprised if he is behind more than one death. (if you watch his other drama Defendant, you will understand ). I find LL character is boring and indifferent. I mean he knows everything but he is always out of the picture, he did not connect or have a conversation with other main characters. Feel like he is writer-nim or PD-nim. Even HYC has more things to talk about, though we disgust him. EB deserved all that, but I cannot help to feel pity to her that so many things happened to her when she is o
  3. Yes, same here. Although the acting is so good, I just feel something is lacking here. Like, you don't have the character you root for and watch their journey/ development through the drama. Maybe Rona and Eunbyul, two kids still keep me interested until now.
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