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  1. Gotta give it up for this drama which pulled me out of a year-long k-drama slump lol what to say about such a good drama. Okay at first, I admit I wasn't too fond about the first episode, but still I kept watching and without realizing it I found myself looking forward to next weekend after episode two aired. I wanted to know what would happen to the wahan people and how eunseom would rescue them. Also, I looked forward to seeing tanya grow stronger individually and become an important figure in arthdal because rarely do we get to see a female lead who's in a position of power. Now, I was and still am disappointed by the slow pace. I was hoping to see eunseom and tanya reunited before the end of part two. Also, just like many others here I love the solid relationship that exists between tagon and tae al-ha, and judging from the preview we'll get to see more moments between these two. Now, I'm not complaining, but at this point I'm kind of sick of tagon and tae al-ha because most of the screen time has been dedicated to them. The writer did a good job at developing them as these grey characters, none of them are necessarily as bad as we first thought, they're just victims of their circumstances. This includes Saya who isn't all that bad, but neither is he good. I'm really looking forward to seeing his reaction when he and eunseom meet. Will he hold resentment toward tanya for lying to him? Will he accept or reject eunseom? Personally, I would love it if he, eunseom and tanya work together but not sure what the chances are of that happening, considering they're both infatuated with tanya. I guess something big will have to occur for them to join hands. Either way, I don't think both of them will make it out alive, my prediction being that Saya will most likely die at the end. Hopefully, part three will have more than 6 episodes? I don't know how they're going to wrap everything up with so little time left: eunseom still needs to defeat tagon and conquer arthdal, saya and eunseom still don't know of each other's existence, what's the backstory of the hae tribe that mihol mentioned? will more people find out that tagon and saya are igutus? will the saram accept eunseom despite him being an igutu, since igutus are regarded as monsters? when will everyone else aside from mubaek find out that eunseom is aramun haesulla? Not to mention, that episode 13 and 14 will be about him gaining supporters which leaves four more episodes for eunseom to return to arthdal :/ it would have been better if they made this a 24 episode drama.
  2. oh that's disappointing ): hopefully, she'll do a Korean magazine interview. I would love to hear about her experience filming for the show, her travels and future plans. The plot does sound interesting and it's action, but I just can't trust Kring to successfully pull this off based on what commenters have said about his previous work. But it is what it is. Let's hope this will at least open more doors for her. I read quite a good number of Korean actors this year have confirmed appearances in Hollywood films which is great. God knows we need more diversity in Hollywood.
  3. I know there's still like four months left before filming for Treadstone ends. But for these past couple weeks, I've had a couple questions in mind: 1) when will we get to see another hyo interview? I'm not really familiar with how tv shows and promotions go, but do they usually hold press conferences and give interviews? 2) If, and that's a big IF the show gets renewed for more than one season, then will she be stuck with the same role for years? This issue didn't even cross my mind until I saw tweets of Constance Wu voicing out her disappointment over her tv show getting renewed for another season, when she already had plans to accept a major movie offer. I have some other questions, but imma stop here lol it's just that there's so many things about Treadstone that I'm not too thrilled about, but I don't want to start rambling. Anyway, ever since hyo announced she was doing this project I haven't made up my mind whether this is a good move for her career or not. Partly because it might limit her in terms of filming other projects. Another reason is that I'm not too fond of the creator whose last tv show had tons of mixed and negative reviews.
  4. I'm glad they're quickly taking action against those who posted malicious comments.
  5. Same here lol I keep wondering what episode they're currently filming. Since we have no updates on what's going on, filming seems to be going by really slow. hopefully, we'll get some news soon regarding how many episodes the first season will have + release date.
  6. I've read quite a few articles and I'm actually surprised that most of the commenters aren't being overly vicious, but more like just telling her and the other actresses to do a drug test to prove their innocence. I think this is a good idea, since it can clear all the rumors that she's Actress A. Yet at the same time, it sucks that they have to go to such lengths just to prove their innocence. Now that I've had time to try looking at things from the other side's perspective, I can't blame them for not trusting celebs, hell, even I don't trust celebs since we never know what goes on behind closed doors, nor do we know their true personality. Also, there's not much her agency can do either. If they take down articles and stop her name from trending it'll just make her look like she's guilty. Let's just hope that the whole matter will be dealt accordingly and hope for the best.
  7. For once, I'm so glad she's on a temporary leave from the Korean entertainment industry and is focusing on her Hollywood debut. And just like you guys, I'm so mad at knetz for overreacting and thinking that everything they read, in this case speculations, are all true. Last month they did that same exact thing with JCW and now this month it's hyojoo. I'm just so tired of them dragging innocent people. Sometimes it feels like they only care about the celebs instead of the bigger issue at hand which completely sucks for the victims who most likely won't get justice.
  8. @frozentundra Thanks and great! hopefully, the malicious comments will die down. I'm tired that they keep trying to drag innocent people into the whole BS scandal.
  9. hey, I'm not sure if some of you guys have heard about the current speculations surrounding hyojoo at the moment, but if so, do you know if her agency has issued a statement?
  10. I can't believe this is actually happening. I'm still in shock that they dragged both cth and junho into all this mess. they might as well cancel 2d1n now since it won't be the same without cth, and if, junho also decides to quit. Also, I didn't think he would quit all variety shows either, since what they did wasn't even illegal, it was just betting between friends in a golf match.
  11. oh wow! that's a really long time. I was hoping she'll have time to do a drama or film later this year, but doesn't seem it'll be possible if she's part of the regular cast. I'm guessing the show won't be released till next year too, so there's a chance we might not see her on screen this year??
  12. As a fan I'm so happy she's getting an opportunity to branch out to American television, but a part of me still feels conflicted since I don't watch American shows lol so yeah... Anyway, does anyone know how long they'll be filming for?
  13. hyojoo in an American tv series is totally unexpected!!! but still I'm glad we got work related news. though, i am surprised that we didn't get a news article beforehand. probably would have saved me from dropping my phone lol
  14. actually, I've been thinking that if she makes guest appearances in shows like Knowing Bros, Radio Star, Happy Together, or Life Bar then it might help improve her public image.
  15. @frozentundra other more familiar/popular nhk dramas which you might have heard about are, 'That's Okay, That's Love,' and 'That Winter, The Wind Blows.' I do think her taking a break was necessary. she needed to recharge after both movies flopped back-to-back (still don't understand why she wasted her time with Golden Slumber). Also, didn't help that every time there was an article about her, it would be plagued by mean comments. Not that I'm not expecting people to suddenly be nice to her after she makes a comeback. it actually wouldn't surprise me if the rude comments continue to strongly persist which sucks cuz it might affect the success of whatever project she's in.
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