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  1. Yesss hoping BH entertainment will pull a Soop and include mostly their own actors. Though I did find it a bit ironic the reactions on twitter, saw a couple people not so excited about the remake but they also watched TWOTM like what...? Please, make it make sense.
  2. Just want to say congratulations to the cast and director of ic for getting 7 nominations, third just after when the camellia blooms and cloy! Oh boy, oh boy this years baeksang winners are hard to predict lol previous years it's been fairly easy to tell whose the winner, but even long time kdrama fans (including myself) are having some difficulty this time around. Honestly, I'll be happy if ic wins at least 2 out of 7 of the categories its nominated for, taking into consideration the several other standout dramas (particularly, when the camellia blooms, stove league, and cloy). A
  3. @serenilmauve @Anjalifairy According to an IU fan account dramas that aired from April 1, 2019 to April 30, 2020 will be eligible. Also, I agree that we shouldn't get our hopes up to much, but at the same time I believe his chances of winning aren't all that slim despite the competition. The scenes with his father in the drama really helped put his strong, emotional acting skills on display. Plus, the impact his character has had is huge. Ever since IC ended, there's been nonstop mention of Park Saeroy in variety shows which is quite surprising since it's been well over a month sin
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