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  1. Thb, he is righ; the first story can stand on its own. I still hope the OG cast will return because their acting was perfect for the tone of the story. A new set of actors will have very big shoes to fill!
  2. Any new news? I was hoping they will begin filming at the end of summer because I will be in Korea then!!!
  3. This is so nice to hear 🥹 I really hope that all the original cast can join again. Would be fun to even have Kim Min-Kyu return 😂 I don't want Signal season 2 to end up like Save Me season 2 where basically only the name was the same.... gosh was I disappointed.
  4. OMG you are faster than lighting @larus ! I just saw the news, and I am ecstatic shaking and crying!!!! I won't handle another fake news. Please make it happen this time!
  5. For a long time, I never wanted to accept the ending as it is. But now, with my 4th or smt rewatch 😆, I had a realisation: The open ending symbolizes the continuous struggle against corruption, but it also gives us hope and perseverance to change our future for the better. Therefore, the ending really fits the overall tone of the series. Nevertheless, it is still a disheartening to learn that a second season had been in the works, but now we might never see it come to fruition?!
  6. @larus Thank you for the continuous updates! Maybe 2024 will finally be our year?!?!? I am currently rewatching Signal and this drama is just a timeless gem. Everything from the acting, the plot and the cinematography is 10/10. Honestly, no other drama has me pining for a sequel after so many years, and I've been watching kdrams since around 2006. I still truly wish that we will see a season 2 one day … Meanwhile, the Korean version got dubbed in German and the Japanese version even got a movie!
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