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  1. ^ Yeah, compared to like 2008, it's a sloth now. Hopefully, it's speeding up elsewhere. We aren't seem to be doing bad on instagram / tumblr I just watched the snippet of Minwoo / Eric on The Fan HEHEHE hope their bbs do well. The duo they recommended seemed really cool imo!
  2. ^ Lucky @diorama!! Enjoy~~ I can't get time off from work in time to fly to HK for their concert T_T missed it by a couple of weeks. Thanks for the translations @innasalvatore I love Kiss Me Like That - so sad we haven't been able to give them a win yet but it's okay, I still love them!! Super hope they win at one of the shows this weeeeek pleaseeeeee. Hope Shinhwa isn't too disappointed so far? :/ SHINHWA SANNNNNNNN!!!!!!!
  3. Will she be in the office mainly? - New drink bottle/ keep cup/ mug (does she drink coffee/tea?) that she can keep at work - New lunch boxes (with those different section splits) that she can bring to work - A desk accessory she can keep at work e.g. super mini pot plants, solar powered bobble heads (if she has a window seat), photo frame of you 2 (this might be too cheesy to keep at work depending on personalities) - Card holder (she can put her business cards in this) Higher budget items: - New pair of shoes (black boots/shoes with low heels or a cute pair of flats are safe go-to shoes for work) - note: flats can be bought on a lower budget if your gf does not mind brands too much. - New bag (big enough to fit the stuff she now needs to bring to work e.g. lunch box, planner, work paper files) - again, this can be bought on a lower budget depending on brands.
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