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  1. My top 3 dream destinations are: South Korea - I was there last year - truly, a dream come true. I had an amazing time over there. A guy from https://gowithguide.com/korea/seoul/guides made my trip - he was super helpful with all the planning but also a total blast to hang out with. It was amazing getting to see some of the spots where my fave Kpop artists film their MVs. Seoul is the coolest city. Hoping I could go back someday! Japan - such a beautiful, unique country with amazing food, nature, and cities like Tokyo. Always been fascinated by the culture. Paris with my husband - the most romantic city! We'd stroll along the Seine, visit all the famous landmarks, and eat lots of pastries—such a dream to go together someday.
  2. I think bringing more representation and disability issues to K-dramas could be really impactful. A slice of life or romance story with realistic portrayals of different experiences sounds like it would help many people feel seen. Here's hoping some producers take inspiration from discussions like this.
  3. It sounds really interesting, especially with the Joseon era setting. I'm curious, have you seen any of Lee Ki Woo's other works? It seems like he plays really different character types. I'll have to check this one out when it airs - hope it's as fun as the stills make it seem.
  4. That's good to hear that Korea-Khitan War is seeing rising ratings for its second episode! Historical dramas can be hit or miss but it seems this one may be finding its audience. And congrats to Castaway Diva for wrapping its first half strong too. Have you been watching either of these shows? Always fun to see which ones are gaining popularity.
  5. Hey all, trying foods in Seoul! Just had tteokbokki, my first time. Really liking the chewy rice cakes in sauce. Earlier was kimbap for lunch, a portable snack with veggies. Tonight is Korean BBQ with friends, grilling all the meat cuts. Bought lots of kimchi too - flavors are amazing! Got this food idea from https://gowithguide.com/blog/seoul-tourism-statistics-2023-the-ultimate-guide-5535 Thanks for your list! I haven't tried them all yet, but if you have any other dishes to add, I'd love to include them in my must-try list. Making the most of the food scene.
  6. I remember it was Lee Min Ho then Song Jong Ki. Because of them, I become a Kdrama addict lol
  7. 1. Legend of the Blue Sea 2. Descendant of the Sun 3. Crush Landing On You 4. The King 5. Vincenzo
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