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  1. It's been a minute since I've commented on this thread. This show remains one of my favorites and each week is simply awesome. Episode 16 - whew. I am just sad and angry even though we all knew this was going to happen. But still, to see it play out was heartbreaking. Hate we have to wait two weeks - but understand they want to wrap this up well. I very much look forward to the final four episodes. Now excuse me while I go sob like a baby. :(:( Edited to add: maaaaaan - Vincenzo in beast mode at is a sight to behold. Wheeeeeew boy. It was a bad
  2. I loooooooove this show. I spent half of today's episode laughing out loud at Ahn Gi-seok - that man is hilarious and his fascination with Vincenzo is highly amusing. And LOLOL at "corn salad". He has soooo been adopted by the residents and is a member of a new "family" now. Love it. And the fact they all want to be part of his "mafia" makes it even better. Not to mention them telling him about the gold and offering him a cut. And the balloon trio slowly trying to push their way into the group. Heeeeee. One of my favorite shows for sure. The mix of dark a
  3. Episode 5 was very entertaining. The fight scene in the restaurant was excellent. And I adored VC paying for the damage and the beleaguered chef showing his appreciation with his mom's food. Just too darn sweet. Plus the perfectly ironed fabulous purple suit. Too snazzy. As a long time 2pm fan - I am very proud of Taecyeon's acting. You can tell he is enjoying playing the big baddie. Although I do wonder, given the horrid way he treats his brother - might this make "Chairman Jang" snap and become waaay worse this his brother. That would be a juicy turn of events. I've always love
  4. Okay. Okaaay. Episode four was awesome. It takes you from deep despair over the loss of a loved one to the thrill of revenge to the well executed reveal of the big bad (I suspected him mainly because he was just too darn goofy). As someone mentioned, the burning building juxtaposed with our lead repeating "I will win" with the opera as our soundtrack - magnificent. Just 10/10 for me. I'll say it again - I love this show!
  5. This is me at the end of episode 3. This shooooow. This show is so very good. Mannnnnnn. I am so sad, but I knew it was likely coming. Now it is time for the monster to take care of the bad guys like the dad asked for.
  6. I love this show. The first two episodes have me hooked. It is not at all what I expected, but I am pleasantly surprised to find it is full of eccentric characters and I like them all for the most part. Very much looking forward to each week's episodes. I haven't watched a Kdrama in a minute and I am someone who used to watch them faithfully. I think this one has pulled me back in. Time to see what else is out there to watch in the kdrama world.
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