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  1. Damn they really gave us hope for Han Seo and took it away all in one episode. Was that bromance scene to show what could have been? I’m still hoping against all odds that it’s V’s plan and they were both faking it. Also can someone get rid of Choi Myunghee already? I can’t put into words how much her existence irritates me.
  2. VC and CY are totally into each other. I don’t know who they’re trying to fool. (Probably each other) Han Seo really tried to kill Jun Woo. I want to say I’m surprised, but I’m really not. Should have made sure he stayed dead though. The odds are not in his favor, but I still want Han Seo to get out alive somehow. I have a thing for underdogs like CY. Okay but Choi Myung Hee and Jun Woo?? Is this happening? I was joking when I said I ship them, but now I feel like I manifested their ship into existence. Ironically, they’re making more progress than VC and CY lol. A hug and holding hands all in
  3. Loved Choi Myung Hee and Joon Woo’s lovely little psychopath bonding moment. Would this be classified as ahjumma romance? I ship it.
  4. Glad Vincenzo got to put his seduction skills to use in this episode. Apparently, no one is immune to his charms. Cha Young was sassy as always. They did a great job with her wardrobe because it perfectly fits her personality. Joon Woo. I can’t take him serious with his random outbursts in English. It makes me crack up even in the most serious scenes. On a side note, the hairstyle in the flashback was hot. Should have stuck with it, in my humble opinion.
  5. The duality of Joon Woo. Teac really had his fun with this character. Chairman Jang. He makes my spidey sense tingle. The bitter looks he gives Joon Woo with barely restrained anger makes me feel he has something up his sleeve. He might be one who flips the entire game.
  6. Cha Young really grew on me. She still has the same personality ,but she’s more sincere now. Vincenzo is suave as always. Chairman Jang seems like an airhead ,but he might turn out to be a dark horse. Is it bad that I want him to get out somewhat unscathed from all of this? I can’t help but be amused by his antics. Jun Woo and Cha Young’s bond is really adorable. Too bad it’s all an act from his side. Cha Young is going to be very hurt when she finds out the truth.
  7. My stupid self just now realized that the fake Babel CEO is the guard from Love in the Moonlight. He’s still doing supporting roles? Someone give the man a lead role already.
  8. I’m really liking this show. The plot and characters are interesting. The only thing that’s bothering me is HCY lol. Find myself skipping her scenes cause they’re cringey and over-dramatic. It’s like the makers were trying to make her “quirky” but didn’t realize they over-did it. She might grow on me as the drama progresses, but she’s not the most appealing character right now. Also, what is Taecyeon’s role supposed to be? Surely he’s not just there to provide one-sided love/comic relief.
  9. For me, it’s not the lack of a “happy ending”that upsets me. I knew getting into this I had to keep my expectations low. It’s the approach that was taken that’s disappointing. It’s like the writers are trying to convince me to discard all the developments that took place in the previous 19 episodes and......I’m unable to do that. At the end of the day, though, it is a show ,and life must go on. Thank you so much for telling me KJH’s Instagram! I wasn’t aware of that ,and it made my day. He deserves that and more. I might be in the minority here because I came because of KJH not SHS.
  10. I really need to stop being so emotionally invested in drama characters. It never ends well.
  11. I’ve been listening to sad songs and this got me in my feelings. Does it ever drive you crazyJust how fast the night changes?Everything that you've ever dreamed ofDisappearing when you wake up....
  12. Not me having a mental breakdown because of the ending. This has to be the worse cop out I have ever seen.
  13. I find So Bong’s failure to resist her attraction to Cheoljong sooo entertaining. He must have left quite an impression on her. Looks like So Bong is gonna be simping over Cheoljong in the next episode. Can’t wait. Also, is anyone else wary of Cheoljong’s brother? He’s super suspicious.
  14. Man just when I thought I couldn’t love this drama more. I was a bit worried after the last episode, but I’m satisfied with how the events unfolded. Guess I’m not the only one *cough cough* So Bong. Sorry I had to lol. Sometimes I can’t tell if Cheoljong is trolling her or not. He was really about to give her poetic retelling of what happened. I was actually interested in what he had to say. So the queen is trying to avoid the king ,but we know that’s not going to last long. In fact, I have a feeling that once So Bong recognizes and accepts her feeling, she won’t be able to keep her hands
  15. Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun’s acting was so exceptional in this episode. That opening scene really stuck with me. The queen’s desperation to get to the king was so heart-wrenching. I’m not going to ponder over if they did it or not; I’ll just wait for the next episode to reveal what actually happened. But the untied hair......if you know, you know. I have to admit I will be disappointed if they decide to go the same route as the c-drama. It feels non-consensual to me.
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