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  1. For those of you sad about SJK‘s interpretation of the ending, JYB has come to the rescue. "Even if she can't be there all the time, I think she will go to there even only for a while. I don't think she will leave him alone." - Jeon Yeo Been (in courtesy of twitter) Love how they’re both constantly channeling their characters even in real life. It’s such a Cha Young thing to say and do. So carefree and stubborn. She accepts him wholeheartedly and will go down to the fire pits of hell for her man. SJK’s like VC who has this overprotection over CY and in a way he’d rather lose h
  2. Yea boy seems so attached and clingy. When he talks about her there seems to be this genuine deep rooted sadness. He himself revealed he grew attached to JYB and HCY. He obviously adores HCY so much and can’t seem to make peace with the fact that V+CY had what he considers a sad ending. He’s having a hard time detaching from his character. This is the first time SJK walked away loving his female lead character so much. Can’t blame him because Cha Young was so lovely in so many ways and such an ideal girl. He’s whipped alright. Cant wait for JYB’s entire interview to be released. Dyin
  3. Glad I’m not the only one who felt this. Seems like they themselves (sjk+jyb) longed for that kiss even more so than the viewers. Guilty of rewatching that scene over and over to get through these days. They’re sooo sweet!! Envious I’m not in Korea to see it myself too and also a chance to run into Beenie. Hopefully sjk completes the circle by visiting and sharing with fans too. Yes he’s so gorgeous!! I already placed my order for his magazine and looking to order Beenie’s too. What a waste to not have the two grace a cover together. Perhaps because their visual
  4. Yay JYB interview is coming!! She’s smokin’ in her new shoot. She chopped off her beautiful hair but still always sexy. More SJK interviews coming too! I cannot wait. Hopefully somebody translates it. Even soompi didn’t translate all of sjk’s previous interviews.
  5. No need for a season 2 if we get sjk+jyb in another drama. Actually I’m not quite sure if season 2 will work because it’s hard for it not to be monotonous. I’m down for a Mr Mrs Smith spin-off so VCY would be a married couple but if not it’d be too similar to season 1. Instead give us a deep passionate romance with lots of kisses because they’re such great kissers lol. Any idea which awards ceremony is next? Hoping more Vincenzo cast members get nominated because they deserve it. Also we’d get a small reunion.
  6. *Sigh* Maybe she and her agency have just decided not to do any On the plus side at least a new endorsement was announced for JYB today SJK had two announced recently and KDY had one announced too. Happy for them all. I hope we hear about other Vincenzo actors getting deals Get money! Apparently, there will be hours of cutscenes on the DVD and we know just from the making videos that they deleted a lot. If you do buy it, come back and tell us about the good ones hahaha Hoping she’ll grace the cover of a magazine and give us the in depth interview then. It’s totally possible!
  7. Exactly! Even the Geumga Plaza Residents got mini interviews. It’s upsetting, really. I wonder if it’s because she recently did interviews regarding night in paradise where she briefly touched on portraying HCY that’s why they feel no need to interview her again. Honestly I’d love to hear more from her. Her take on some of the questions sjk was asked such as her most memorable scene, chemistry with the cast and crew, and more! She was robbed and so were we. Not fair! Hopefully she’s just late in her interviews? Also want to see a pictorial of her. Anybody planning to purchase the dvd
  8. Anyone know if there’s a chance our Yeo Been will attend Baeksang though not nominated? Dying for a chance to see our OTP reunite because this withdrawal is heavily weighing on me. I’m not familiar with Baeksang so not sure if only nominees attend or? Though with covid precautions they might try to keep the attendees at minimum but how awesome would it be? Bonus, our eyes would be blessed with gorgeous JYB in a gown. Also I forget if there’s such thing as a best couple award? Please enlighten me. Btw SJK has an online fan meet tomorrow and it was announced he’ll be bringing on a spec
  9. This one hits different. I’m so so sad. Genuinely. Same, the on and off screen chemistry of sjk+jyb is ooozing. Truly one of the best I’ve seen! Can’t help but ship. Huuu. They seem to complement each other very well and share a lot of laughs. Not going to push it but I’d celebrate if they end up irl. Too bad we didn’t get bts of their kiss scene. Maybe they’re saving it for the dvd. Yes Joong Ki is truly a warm, affectionate and humble man. One of the many reasons I love him. Despite his star status, he’s grounded. He’s always kind and takes really good care of everyone
  10. Just wanted to share this cute edit in memory of our most powerful married couple. The withdrawal is no joke.
  11. One question, did the other Geumga Plaza residents get a cut of the gold? Or were they forever deceived by Vincenzo and the ones who helped move the gold? Lol.
  12. It’s really over!! I’m fine with the ending. It didn’t blow my mind but it achieved its purpose, giving the villains a slow suffering death. Sure the way Han Seo died could’ve been executed better but there are no what ifs since clearly the writer wanted him killed off. So V possibly saving him is out of the question. In the end he made a decision he didn’t regret and stood up to his brother who he feared for all his life and felt accomplished in his last breath. He told V he wasn’t going to run away and instead he’d stay and fight Han Seok which is exactly what happened. That’s th
  13. I watched it and goodness those stares are enough to make any girl’s heart flutter. I felt JYB was a bit shy and was blushing throughout. They’re so beautiful and have the best chemistry. They aced that game. Seems like sjk studies jyb’s lips more often than not because he didn’t struggle reading them at all.
  14. I agree with this 100%. Unless the parallel is serious then I don’t want it. I want a melo scene where he pours his heart out to her.
  15. Yes! Do we even need the words love from their mouths when their actions are beyond words? The way they care for one another and senselessly succumb to death to save the other. But yes, yes we do. For keeper’s sake hehe. I love that this wasn’t a typical damsel in distress in tears, hero saves heroine situation. Cha Young was tough and fearless and willing to sacrifice herself for the sake of Vincenzo too. It not only speaks volumes about her love for him but about the strong female lead she is! Bravo! Earlier I was cussing the writer but now I’m applauding him. Please don’t disappo
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