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About Me


I will write not too much about myself here... Only a few basic information will be shared. But if you would like to know more maybe then feel free to ask me!
I always looking for friends with similar interests, so it make me happy if you would write to me....


So, here are some informations...


- I am living in Central Europe
- I use english for writing , although I learned it by myself and I make mistakes... (Sorry for that! I try to give my best!)
- I am very a introverted person with a kind of anxious personality disorder
- I am fan of movies and serieses, plus I like to watch anime too...
- I am a bookworm
- I like astrology-stuff... I am a Capricorn with Sagittarius Moon sign and Scorpio dominant sign. (My rising sign is Aquarius)
- I started to watch my first kdrama at the end of 2019, around November
- My top most favourite korean actors are Lee Soo Hyuk, Woo Do Hwan and Jung Kyung Ho
- I also listen to Kpop music... But my mind is quite chaotic because of the endless number of groups. If I have to say a favourite boy group then I say that's ATEEZ


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