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  1. This drama make my heart fluttered in every episode ♤ i love the chemistry between rara and jun ♡
  2. It's 2020 and i still can't move on from this drama T_T
  3. So, this drama will airing in Viu right? Can't wait for first episode ^^
  4. Finally, Saturday is coming. Can't wait to see Dal Mi, Do San, Ji Pyeong, and In Jae tonight kkkk
  5. Can't wait for winter garden interaction in season 2!!! I hope they get more sweet scene
  6. Why Saturday coming so sloooowwww, can't wait for Sal Mi x Do San interaction
  7. I love Lee Ik Jun and Chae Song Hwa soooo muccchh. Can't wait for season 2. Have they started filming now?
  8. Hi there

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      hi @ratnalist_! <3

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