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  1. Same here! When she begged the king to love her, how sad. Begging for a man's love is a big no no. Not only it makes her look miserable but also makes him pushed her away. I mean, you deserves someone better, girl. She always been suspected by the king, even he attempted to murder her. No matter what happened or how many good things she do she is always seen as 'scheming evil' one because of her clan, and coz the king only have eyes for Jo Hwa-jin. So I'm glad she has Byung-in, Hong yeon and court lady choi at her side. Having someone that promised to protect you and actually kept
  2. I'm a huge fan of legal drama so this one caught my attention and so far this drama is so GOOD. Such a shame it isn't popular thus very underrated. What a perfect combination of laughter and tears, funny yet heartwarming. It got strong main casts too, their interaction are awesome. Though I'm not anticipating loveline I lowkey ship Tae Yong and Yoo Kyung.
  3. @Sleepy Owl Awesome thoughts! I liked your perspective about this drama. But the writer-nim and director-nim kinda trying to take their friendship things into another level. The camerawork, music and the directing are very ambiguous. Like giving romance yet platonic feeling. To anyone: I don't get it, why Seok O Won called Sun-young eomma instead of ni-eomma/your mother? I thought I misheard those, but I trusted my hearing lol. I'm such a clueless viewer .
  4. Yeah totally agree with this! Why wouldn't you call Jin-gyeom when he is just a few steps apart. I kept feeling hint of romance between our two leads. The way ms. professor leaned on Jin-gyeom (and the camerawork) feels slightly too romantic for a friend or colleague. They even had that melo background music too, and when Jin-gyeom drove her home again he had those song already in his car audio player which means he downloaded that song. Isn't that means Jin-gyeom pay attetion and think about her words? Maybe because she is his mom's doppelgänger? I doubt Jin-gyeom have any romantic feeli
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