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  1. PPB

    Hi, I'm in the UK and has just started watching Chinese dramas, which I love (I'm also learning Chinese, both spoken and the characters). I've been watching "Behind the scenes", and I find it excellent. It's a great exploration of creativity versus money making, love the love story, love the actors, who are all excellent.


    Would it be at all possible to open the discussion thread again? I would love to talk over details, and generally connect to those who have also watched it. I know I'm a bit late at all this, but it all started with Royal Nirvana (I'm a great fan of Luo Jin), and  if I could join a discussion I'd be really, really happy. There is so much to this drama, and my Chinese is a bit limited, so I'd love to share my thoughts with others. 


    Look forward to hearing from you, many thanks for reading this, and for considering my request, 


    Best Regards, PPB

    1. Admin


      Hi there, 


      Once a topic is archived we are unable to bring it back! Feel free to create a new topic for this drama.


      Hope this helps!


      Viki Admin 

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