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  1. Thank you so much @bluehibiscus, I did that so I could then start on hsk4, though that does seem very difficult.... I'll be reading the subtitles line by line, and it'll only take me a few hours to finish one episode!
  2. I was pleasantly surprised to find 'A land so rich in beauty' on YouTube... So quick. However.... No subs! So yeah.... It'll be a bit of guesswork! (can I say I took my HSK 3 mock exam a couple of days ago and passed!! But I still find it hard to follow all dialogue)
  3. Very Happy New Year to everyone, and a big thank you as always to @bluehibiscusfor the above post. I am really glad Luo Jin is getting the recognition I feel he really deserves. Thanks also of course for the translation, as I saw something like this on FB but could not quite work out what it was about! Hope everyone is well, best xx
  4. Excellent, thank you so much. I'm joining! Happy New year! (the whole world can do with a fresh start...)
  5. Interesting, thank you for sharing this @DramaLover, do you know if the translation is better than the one on YouTube, or are they using the same ? I think that would make it worth joining for sure...
  6. I might have to check it out, thanks! I have not watched Korean dramas because I'm learning Chinese, so watching Chinese dramas really helps with learning the language. However, there are many that seem extremely interesting.
  7. That's really good news, thanks for sharing. I'm very happy that Luo Jin's talent is recognised. I'm sure you have watched far more dramas than me, I'm a newbie, only started last year! I was also a bit fed up with western dramas, and I love Chinese culture. I have to say, though the lock down wasn't great, it surely allowed me to watch more!
  8. Hi, I've been so busy lately, have not had the chance to watch much.. a very sorry state of affairs! @CDVK I'm watching Rise of the Phoenixes atm, have you seen that? I am not sure I can reccomend it, it's really well acted, the sets are beautiful, but the script is a bit strange, especially towards the end.. I believe there were a lot of cuts. However, @bluehibiscus suggested I watch an old drama (2011) which was, the first, or one of the first, to do the 'travel back in time' kind of thing. It is then set in the Qing dynasty era, in the reign of the Kanxi emperor. It's on youtube
  9. Yes, I couldn't believe it either! Really nice. As you mentioned, the two tubes are a bit squashed , but it's all good. They got something written on them that is quite funny, about crying! Brilliant about Li Yitong, she was amazing in RN. I remember well the scene where she found the cricket, really touchingly sad.
  10. Hi everyone, the Royal Nirvana mail is very swift! My friend in China has received the package (tissues with RN written on them). I'm very pleased! When I work out how, I'll post the pic. Thank you @bluehibiscusof course!
  11. Thank you @CDVK, I know it's silly, but I'm very excited by this! Also they send a little RN memento to those whose questions have been selected. It has to be within China, and I have a friend there who can receive it, all arranged through @bluehibiscus to whom I'll be forever grateful. Thank you @skibbiesfor the very interesting information about the levels etc. I imagine this system is the older style, what was in place many years ago? I think I read somewhere that, for ex, the father of the actress Miao Pu (Emperor's main concubine then later made Empress - also ex girlfriend o
  12. Yes!! A huge, massive thanks to @bluehibiscus for making it all possible, I am sooo thrilled! I was beyond pleased, as I so love RN, and I wanted to convey that to the director, whom I believe is a true artist. (and now my homework has begun... Translating what the director says! I should be done in about a year... Lol) Thanks @bluehibiscus also for telling us about the level 2 achievement by Luo Jin. Do you know how many levels there are? Are these levels very prestigious? (I can assume they are) And if I may ask one more question, what is the China C
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