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  1. @Coffeesteph same. I haven’t seen any mailman since the pandemic started. But my shopping deliveries kept coming at least twice a week! I want to blame TKEM PPL but it’s actually the Covid I should be blaming. I developed a habit of clicking that ‘Add to cart’ and ‘Buy Now’ button. @Prerna are we all ready to shop for our dress for the Lee-Kim 2022 wedding? I just saw that beautiful Chanel dress Gigi Hadid wore on the runway but I doubt my credits will be enough after all 2020 shopping craze Just want to share my feedback on Kahi products I bought. All are amazing especially the Core Cream and Mist Ampoule. Been using them for two weeks now-delivery took a while. But I’d probably drop the mask and the lip balm on my next purchase. I had another brand using for mask that also does the job but is not as expensive so I’ll keep that one. And for the lip balm, I like it but not so much to trade my current brand. Except for these two, overall I’ll definitely repurchase Ggone’s bridal glow endorsement. This could actually be my regular until my own wedding. On a different topic, have you read that Goblin will have a Taiwanese remake and Jerry Yan will play the lead? I jumped on my bed when I saw this and my ‘Meteor Garden heart’ was suddenly revived. That guy doesn’t age!
  2. That must be Unnie is Mine club. I like how your delulu goes wild. I feel the same...after work rendevouz is real. It’s almost 9:30PM KST when she posted the 2nd one. That burst of color is everything.
  3. To bomb dropper, silent shipper—if LMH’s indeed dating or already engaged to Miss Korea, we’ll be happy for him. Sad for this ship but happy for him and protective of our girl. I have no interest in Miss Korea’s identity because that’s irrelevant to my shipping business. I will not visit her acct just as I never lurk in any of KGE or LMH’s past. Hey, OIM girl, I have nothing to say except stay in your lane. Many accidents happen because of swerving. Lurking and spreading negativity here will only hurt you. Moving on... I like the lovestagram vibes today. Memories...anyone noticed Gu Jun Pyo and Kim Tan photos? His memories, too. This ship is sailing. K. Thx. Bye!
  4. So the August 18 post is for Domino’s cf https://www.instagram.com/p/CEsOaF7J8rb/?igshid=1ven39mphluvg
  5. So it’s not in my neighborhood. Lol But honestly, I still don’t know how to feel everytime fans/shipper locate their exact location. I’m thankful we have insiders but I just feel bad for LMH and Ggone’s privacy.
  6. Posting at 1am with blurry pics, wearing short shorts. Deja vu, anyone? I was a bit mad because I jumped seeing his photos. His background looks like my neighbourhood and pissed that my neighbors are too quiet when LMH’s here. Then I remembered we’re in different countries. My insomnia really has its benefits.
  7. Ggone’s nominated for Buil Film Awards. Can’t understand it but are international fans allowed to vote? https://www.instagram.com/p/CElH5oBjD_m/?igshid=192yhengrzosq
  8. Yay! Seems like we’re all on TKEM rewatch party @HR. @G0g0Ming0. Just finished episode 13 today. Thank you, RCLs and Gents not only for existing but also for keeping this forum safe from the harsh world of sns. Sending you all a Big, virtual hug!
  9. Y’all remember haters saying everything between Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun is nothing but coincidence? Well, I’m rewatching TKEM ‘cos I miss them so much. And this suddenly occurs to me that I didn’t pay much attention to the last seven (!!!) times I watched it. Episode 10 (33:12) Lee Lim saying this: “Most things that seem like coincidences are actually meant to be, and anything that was meant to be is called destiny.” KES isn’t playing around. LMH posted a short video of him and Ggone having dinner outside while he teases her for getting the bigger portion of the meat and she was laughing. No caption, no tags, just them in their daily lives. I rushed to IG, found nothing. Then I realized it happened in my dream after rushing to check his IG as soon as my eyes opened. Just when I thought they’re settling down on my mind and Imma wait two years for the wedding announcement, they’re invading my dreams.
  10. T.O.T.G.A. MinEun edition. Love all that. I miss them. I miss them so much that I began watching TKEM again and I thought I’d feel tired watching it but I just love them even more. I just want to see them in one frame together. Staring into each others eyes (or lips). With that shy but blissful smile only reserve for each other. I miss them so much I wanna cry. .
  11. MYM posted BTS photos and video (well, can’t see him in the vid but whatevah hahahha) from LMH’s cf, https://instagram.com/stories/myment_official/2383364777096316855?igshid=agt21jkvr15g https://www.instagram.com/p/CETYDUwgoqr/?igshid=t2un0keva4lu Can I have Lee Min Ho as my personal driver?
  12. Good morning, chingus! @kdfan_incad @G0g0Ming0 @MinGoLove So true, I avoided twitter and IG after LMH’s last posts as they are toxic nowadays. I hope they’ll be able to cleanse their TL as quick as we do (a day or even less). Not sure if this has been shared here, one-shot story. Spoiler: Just some R-rated content but pretty sure we’ve read something hotter and wilder fanfic https://my.w.tt/QdoJYKcvc9
  13. Ahh chingu, those are one of my top romance movies, too. Let’s add Before Mindnight (2013) into the mix. If K-Ent ever decides to remake these trilogy I can totally see Ggone playing Julie’s character.
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