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  1. hey guys, been back to silent reader after last time i post just catch up reading until last page. from what i observe on twitter and ig yes there are quite negative vibes these past few days make me wonder where all those negative energy came, i think some fans/shippers impatient with no news from Ggone-Minho/Management, so they kinda lost it and reacted to everything related or mentioned MinEun, from their past relationship, to their other ships, i think fans/shippers must focus on Ggone-Minho no need to checking other shippers, and no need to keep bring out their past relat
  2. yes i think she said once that she want people focus on her acting not her personal life, so she prefer silent relationship until may be come the time when she got marry, she will announce then keep it private, for high profile relationship i think its wiser to keep it private to make it less pressure from other people be it fans or haters. about ldw gy yin coffee truck may be you are right, its just all in my head hahahaha
  3. ok so this is the reading vivi did for kge, she did reading kge lmh 2 times, the video that share here that the second reading. 1. KGE-LMH ( 1st reading ) kge and lmh like each other, very interesting that she think he is her soulmate and he think she is the one, but from kge side she stil guard her heart because she dont want hurt anymore and she still in denial that lmh fall for her because perhaps she think she is not his type, vivi said that kge might not wahh in visual like other sk female celebrities but she have a good heart, she always true to her heart may be little
  4. in the card reading video before the end part when she got confirmation that lmh kge dating by using another object the reading result, i will try to write what the result of card reading KGE She really want to start a new, warm, soon relationship, she already start open her heart to lmh but she stil waiting because she dont want another failed relationship, she have deep feeling for lmh and while waiting she nurture her feeling for him, she want solid and serious relationship with lmh and when they are together she want to retreat away from everyone eyes who want to know about their
  5. helo everyone and nice to meet you all 1st this is not the first i post something in soompi but i think i forget my last account so must make a new one. i'm not fans of kim go eun and lee min ho, yes i watch some of their drama and movies but never interesting in their personal life, knowing that look like good people enough for me, i just finish watching TKEM and i must said this is one of masterpiece, and i love LMH acting here, very different with his acting before and my wish he will take role like Lee Gon in the future, a more mature role that really can showcase his acting, whi
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