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  1. and they have the same blood type too JS, LMH = A LBY, KGE = B even though like what I shared before, it doesn’t mean anything. But we know that in SK blood type is kinda something they believe..
  2. With the silence of agency With the 2nd of July With the like from Kim Appa If our couple are not dating, then I can’t find any better reason behind all of these. It will be too much for a drama promotion, it ended btw. What’s the point? Coincidence? With the consistency of agencies silence, consistency of LMH post on 2 July (the bgm, the post at the beginning and end of the day, the thousands comments about KGE b’day), and consistency of Kim Appa like about any shipper’s comment (we know this happened more than once). It can’t be just coincidences! all of them doing it consciously. They are professional. They know how K Entertainment Industry works. They must have a very good reason to delay the official announcement.
  3. Happy 1000 pages chingu!!! you all really make my life much happier, THANK YOU!!! I’m so glad that I can join this forum I’m so curious what will be our topic in the 2000 page? would it be their wedding/ waiting for pregnancy news/ or maybe still wondering their status? Btw.. with our captain missing.. i think he already gave us a clue that he’ll be vacuum from sns for a while. He surely let us to see his broken phone case. Maybe that was his signal to let us think that his phone got broken so he won’t update soon.. (ofc we know that is impossibly becoming the true reason, but maybe he really try to give us a clue before his absence) also about the latest post in KGE IG, she wore a denim jacket. And the latest update from our capt (the welcoming video for Minoz member), he wore a denim jacket too! Why that KGE must choose that pict among her throwback pict? I also pretty much sure that LMH knows very well about the releasing date of his minoz video. So can it be just another coincidence? Or maybe it’s already planned by our couple?
  4. JTE HOUSE IS GONE I really wanna take a picture when I’ll go to South Korea later.. but it’s too late now
  5. Yes.. I think it’s a new one. Waiting for weibo, Twitter, and IG to dissect everything
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CDOxHnfpkHV/?igshid=1e9c7psgbcwdu another new fancam of ep 12
  7. She’s not JTE.. she’s one of the kims horse staff.. I remember one of shipper account SS her chat to Kims horse through Instagram DM.. and it clearly said that the girl is their staff.. so maybe it was for practicing ?
  8. To Our Capt, LMH ssi.. We miss you a lot. We need crumbs. Where have you been? Are you doing fine lately? Please give us any signal. But If the next signal gonna be a whole cake or something huge, we can wait longer. Just in case you are doing lowkey because it’ll be silence before storm. We’ll 100% support you and wait tirelessly. on the other hand, if you were just being so busy.. please consider to give us any crumb. We miss you so bad Pyeha! I beg you LMH ssi
  9. YES! COULDN’T AGREE MORE! I MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH it’s really hard without this forum Instagram, Twitter, etc just being a bit harsh these day with all the haters.. On the other hand, I found peace from this forum. So it was so hard lately.. Btw.. I am afraid if our capt will post when soompi still off. but my delulu said..maybe he is waiting for our forum ? So he can spying about our reaction to his post like he usually did? *too much delulu PYEHA.. We are ready for your crumb or loaf or full cake! please give it to us soon!!! WE MISS YOU CAPTAIN LMH!
  10. I hope dancing night is enough for wee hour post. If dancing universe or whatever dancing comes at wee hour again, I’ll dance until morning! Doesn't even need a club to go. why our couple always dance at that time..
  11. OMG.. This man is Lee Gon’s Dad! KES writernim.. did you realize about this ? Too many coincidences to be called coincidence. https://www.instagram.com/p/CC8GIpppY_J/?igshid=g1foovskrlkq
  12. LMH is A KGE is B You can search their blood type compatibility. But sadly chingu..it doesn’t come out well. But I’m not give up. Just for reference, I search about this theory in wikipedia (doesn’t have time to read many journals for now). And I got this: Although some medical hypotheses have been proposed in support of blood type personality theory,[4] the scientific community generally dismisses blood type personality theories as a superstition or pseudoscience because of lack of evidence or testable criteria.[1][5][6] Although research into the causal link between blood type and personality is limited, research does not demonstrate any statistically significant association between the two. *here is the link.. they also cited some journals. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_type_personality_theory So..let’s just have faith in God and destiny. When they’re destined to be together, becoming husband and wife. No matter what are the hardships that will come, they will still end up together. Let’s keep pray Found another good news related to blood type, you know Ji Sung - Lee Bo Young couple, don’t you? JS blood type is A LBY is B and they are perfectly together since they were dating in 2007, got married in 2013, and having two kids now.
  13. thank you so much for sharing! Idk how to copy paste a comment in IG. And it’s too long for me to type that comment before, because I didn’t have any patience to share the news. I was so much into kilig state before. Btw.. about this I prefer to choose B. But with a different explanation. LMH met him already. They already ate together. Gladly that you can feel what I felt! Actually I was forced to do that, bc so many people said that he just like so many comments which come first. I just wanna found a little bit validation to find reassurance. I’m sure uri Kim Appa really gave us some clues.(this is purely my opinion though)
  14. Okay.. because so many said that Kim Appa always like so many comments in his post. So I decided to look over the JHI and KGE pict that Mr.Kim posted in his IG (to compare) But do you know what surprised me?? An account named “verisyah” said about 2 persons that looked like Ggone. They are JHI and LMH’s mom! And..Our Kim Appa liked this comment. *he didn’t like so many comments in this post, in my POV he also seems to choose which comment to like. You can check in this post chingu. You don’t have to go through thousands comment, it is under 100 comments. And this one is recent (4wk ago) compared to the time it posted (96wk). Hence, I guess he read the comment and choose which one to like, not just liking some good comments that come first. Back to the crumb. So which one that looked like KGE? JHI? Mother in law? Or both? Hint to answer: - I’ve scrolled so many times. He only liked two comments. 1st by “smcl12” : i’v been waiting for this! (refer to TIFL movie) *96wk ago 2nd by “verisyah” : (You can see what i wrote above)*4wk ago - an account named “miimiilove” commented : They look alike (refer to JHI-KGE), but uri Kim Appa didn’t like this comment. *96wk ago
  15. OMG OMG OMG !!! IS THAT REAL??! I’m so happy!!! Feeling “kilig kilig” again! OMG! Why that my heart screams so loud saying “wedding announcement pleaseee” KEEP CALM KEEP CALM KEEP CALM please someone help me. I want to be so rational. But that “liked” really means a lot to me. Like an approval sign. (Sorry if it’s adding a bit of delulu) How can I become so happy like this? This is the second time after the 2nd of July. How can i survive until Hero premiere
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