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  1. I just wanna share my opinion after seeing some comments in our King latest post. Unfortunately the timing is not really nice bcz today is x birthday. here’s my opinion about that.. As long time minoz, I never see LMH post anything in his SNS during x b’day. (Even when they were dating before) So maybe, he just wanna share this occasion without even realize that today is also x b’day. He might be forget it already. Don’t forget another fact that today our Queen also posted even made an IGS. IMO, either two of this: 1. He just wanna share his dinne
  2. the second pict of his post is so hilarious!!! ROFL!!! btw his third pict, we know that KGE also had a pose like that in her pict before.. after “OMG” so now into “V sign at chin” pose. OK PYEHA.. WE GOT YOU!
  3. I’m speechless.. Fans are just so amazing. but why only international shipper ? I bet with that so many apartments around, the main road.. How could be there’s not even one of MINEUN fans who saw them? Are the international fans being too much in stalking business ? Or the korean fans that’s being so secretive? something so fishy.. d**p*tch also seems so quiet. Are they really into serious relationship which anyone can’t interrupt? I hope Yes. I really wish that is the reason. Please, God, Make LMH and KGE into Husband and Wife. I real
  4. the first pict, isn’t it? I think it’s him. LMH’s reflection. He knows how shipper works, I guess he won’t let us to damage our eyes with zooming things again, at least for now.
  5. Happy Monday too!!! Thank you! IMO, I think the one who deleted it is the fan.. Because as we know Appa Kim is being okay with the comment. if he didn’t want that comment exists, why would he bother himself to reply nicely to that comment.. better for him to just delete it from the beginning. and also if i were in her shoes (the fan), maybe i’ll be a bit afraid too because her instagram is all over the social media now and everyone trying to see the real comment after they saw the news, it can be mean that she is afraid to get so many attentions or maybe
  6. I guess it’s hard to react over the question itself. He liked all the comments before that one and some comments after. so it’ll be weird if he doesn’t give any reaction only to that comment. However, if he just liking the comment, it’ll be very ambiguous. So better he gave a comment instead a like. But what comment should he give ? I guess it’s safer to answer “impossible” because as we know, she is not married yet till now. Even if she has a bf in real life (LMH ofc), but it’s not being published. So the best thing to do is giving the answer like that.. He put
  7. what a good news ! i’ll try to answer and participate 1. I’m a long time of LMH’s fan, I’ve never seen LMH being so much happy and full of laughter like when he is near KGE (from presscon, interview, and ofc BTS). His eyes are full of love and sincerity. On the other hand, when I stalked about KGE, I found that she is a very incredible woman. So I was so happy that my idol loves this amazing woman (IMO). I also know that KGE is a fan of LMH, so I bet she like him too and gradually fall in love with him during the shoot. And the rest is history.. 2. What inspire me is
  8. hahahahaha he’ll tease her first, and after she already get tired/angry, he’ll give his name tag for her awww did i just have delulu?
  9. yes! I also found out about that too! i’m a big fan of running man btw..hhe and also so happy to see KGE in that episode even just a second and the next episode we can see LMH also. How I wonder to see our couple to join Running Man. Can’t imagine LMH-KGE name tag war.LOL. KGE is a fan of RM btw, she said that in one of her interview.
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