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  1. Yes makes sense .the reason i said it was applied after taking photo was that other people in the gang dont have that filter. Only KGE used it that too for the pic which is taken by LMHs phone so that means filter was after taking the pic . (now it will be a rabbit hole if we wonder about how true is the fact that it was LMHs phone ) Well again that was initial thought . as you said its a puzzle and they seem to level up the game everytime they post haha
  2. hi Chingus. Not sure if you remember me. i lurk here often and unlurk once in a while . One point i want to add around filter discussion is i agree this is something girls do more often than boys. So its plausible that its KGE who does that. One point here is she need not be with him during those shoots for his film when taking photos exactly. It might as well be that photos are taken by his staff,stylist whosoever but he usually posts midnight later and thats when KGE might be the culprit applying the filter while uploading to IG. HAHA. It can be too much if he is away and she stil
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