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  1. Disclaimer: I am soju-driven coz I am still celebrating. What happened yesterday was surreal and I know most of you will agree with me. There we were prepping to face the New Year then babam! The Dispatch exposé. I kind of expected it but was still taken by surprise when it did happen. Such an unexplanable feeling coz how can you put words to that mixed emotions. I cried for a good 5 minutes. I thought I can finally retire Felizak@t coz BINJIN is real and Bruno has been stubborn and has moved on since CLoY. But I just can't. Not yet. Not when I saw that my ship is stil
  2. I've been rooting for these 2 since 2018. Shipping isn't my thing but the pull of BINJIN is just so strong I have to classify myself as a shipper if just to give justifications to my out of character actions. Their appearance at Baeksang solidified my claim that they were still together and it's just a matter of time before they confirm. 2021 is promising. Thank you, BINJIN Nation especially the Soompi shippers. What a journey! We did it!
  3. I'm around and been lurking waiting for the time that we can leave Bruno's poop at the .... I didn't say anything!
  4. I feel like I have accomplished something in 2020. If this is legit..... I think I'm going ti be sick. OMG! My foggy brain can't process this. I don't know what to feel. Can I say "What the fook?"
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