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  1. Cute, cute ahjussi. @PrettyNoona Let me know if you need help distributing flyers. My Boss cat will walk me today. He can bring his scooter.
  2. Shipping is like investing in stock market. I assume we are here because we bought BINJIN stocks. We know that it's high risk given the fame status and personalities of our OTP. You probably bought it because of the infamous grocery pictures and you saw the possible gains. However, You can't be doing this if your only intention is to gain. You also have to be willing to take a share of that risk. STOP WHINING. You're distracting others who are strategizing. BINJIN isn't coffee. It can't make you happy all the time. If you feel you'll be having a heart attack whenever one of the OTP
  3. What time is it in Korea? Gosh! Nobody told us baking is like rocket science. This is SCIENCE, dude! It's so exacting. 2 cups flour, 1 tsp baking powder. It's too much for my cat. I hope we'll make it. We are only on the kneading part. Happy Birthday to the sang namja, KTP! P.S: If our cake is late, it's not my fault.
  4. To the Spirits of the Universe, thank you so much for the shower of flowery crumbs, delicious cakes and wonderful Yejin-ssi message for the BINJIN nation. What a way to start the week. If you wish to grace us with the very good news that we've been waiting for this week, I just want you to know that my cat and I have readied our provisions. WE. ARE. CALM. ctto
  5. Hmmmn..Bin-ssi on quarantine so no sighting. Yejin-ssi still silent in IG. By nature, I am not a patient woman however for BINJIN, I made an exception. ctto
  6. Thanks! The phone calls were so hilarious I was told it made its way to Youtube. It was all @binjinhappypill doing the "wiretapping". So glad we're back. My next mission is gatecrashing BINJIN's wedding. I hope those who pledged to help me avoid jail time are still here.
  7. So...I can see we all survived that 2 months "drought". We have yet conquered another feat BINJIN Nation! Despite all the "annoying" clashes and "loud" dramas outside. Happy to see Bin-ssi home and BBQ'd, I mean, tanned and buffed. Soon, all of our imaginations of what will happen next may come true...... BINJIN married and.... (I know what some of you are thinking. Admit it) As for my cat, you know we were in Jordan. He didn't waste any time. He made sure he wouldn't match Bin-ssi. ctto
  8. You let balloons flew the other day. Well, I'm done with BINJIN's first baby photo album so I am now busy imagining HB in Return of Superman. Yes, I am that advanced. They are not even married. But I just can't resists the Song triplets.
  9. You guys. You're entertaining my cat. BINJIN has showered us cookies and pastries recently and here we are talking about a crumb that was so....before BAA. Let's all stop this and let our focus back on BINJIN. My cat usually won't share but for today I think we all need some nutrition. So, milk or lemon? Cancel that! He changed his mind. Unni @RiRiGaGa Hahaha! What is this sorcery? You offered water then I offered tea? And both of us are awake.
  10. Dear Diary, You won't believe what has happened! I'm telling you even if I die and reborn like a phoenix, I will be telling this story for as long as I live. You really won't believe this! So I went to Petra to continue my confetti throwing mission. As soon as my cat and I got on the back of the camel, it won't budge. The owner told me it can only carry one body. I gave him a serious look but he gave me a much serious look like a no nonsense kind so I know he meant business. I can't let my cat go on foot coz it will look like a procession and I'm throwing confetti? So i
  11. Dear Diary, It's day.... who cares here in very hot Jordan. I have very little money left but I intercepted a report. I immediately scoured the school supplies section. Now, me and my cat is going around throwing confetti. Our gas can carry us up to Petra. Then from there we'll ride the camel....still throwing confetti. One. Of. The. Best. Days. Ever! Hungry but happy, Agent Fk@t and Agent BRN P.S Agent @binjinhappypill pop the champagne and drink a little. It's Friday anyway.
  12. Just passing through. Achooo! First, the peonies. Now, sunflowers! Some shippers have pollen allergy but Achoooo! Anything for BINJIN. Achoooooo! BINJIN will be the death of me. I'm sure of it.
  13. Dear Diary, I finally arrived in Jordan with my weary arms and legs. Today is supposed to be Bin-ssi's last day in quarantine. Filming starts tomorrow. I have to rush and slip this special costume Yejin-ssi specifically requested to be delivered to Bin-ssi. Gosh! It took forever for this girl to finish. The cat is enjoying his first mission abroad. He's been reviewing his english and actually found a new word from the New BINJIN Shipper Dictionary: drought /drout/ noun having a great deal to do
  14. Agent @binjinhappypill and I go way back. We don't know each other but it seems we're playground legends like Tom and Jerry. Maybe in our past lives we're part of clan wars. I am part of Bin-ssi's fambam and she's Yejin-ssi's. And in this new world, we have to work together to get our OTP to the altar. Sheeshh..How we hate each other but got no choice. P.S @September 22@binjin Our order is to protect Bin-ssi at all cost. And we're only allowed to share topless photos. The rest of the shots will be sent to the other half of BINJIN.
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