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  1. Overwhelmed to have you as a fellow national in this BinJin nation. BinJin surely has come into our lives like healing touch!
  2. *Long Emotional Post Alert* And it's already been a year since Crash Landing on You's last episode released. Aaahhh!! Honestly, life has not been the same for all, if I may say so. I still remember, I was heading a huge International Cultural Festival here in India and was Soooper busy since December 2019. So much coordination, set up and management to be done and when I used to reach home I used to crave for content that was light-hearted and easy going. It was in Jan 2020 that I chanced upon CLOY! Accidentally! And there was no looking back.
  3. Hi, let's not go there. It is a sensitive topic and we should refrain from putting it out here, especially when a lot of stuff is picked up quickly by the media from this forum.
  4. Congrats to HB, SYJ, KKT, LMJ, KSY, KYM!!! With this reality hits hard... I shouldn't be expecting too many updates from now on... isn't it? Dry days to begin soon...
  5. Update on 22....again! Haha! Happy for CA 2 announcement. Actually, I really want to see HB in that stubble. I think he looks wayyyyyy more sexier ( sorry Yejinshii for swooning over your bae ) I know in Bargaining too he is sporting a beard/ moustache or stubble not sure but yes, facial hair!!! And honestly can't wait for the film to release. I think I have outdone looking at all Binjin photos, all videos, interviews. Repeatedly watched cloy clips and yesterday went back to Negotiation and watched it all over again. Have read almost all binjin content on wattpad as well
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJFaoaIp6H4/?igshid=154zmw5fegsdt This is an old post. But it has been done so well that it took me some time to register what I am seeing. One of the cutest fanmade/fanart. I hope the future is as beautiful and like BinJin this too comes true.
  7. Could be her Dad, or manager, or helper also. But so very nice and humble of her to put out a thank you post.
  8. I would like to extend my heartfelt wishes to Son Je Jin Ma'am, on her Birthday. May God Bless her with happiness and prosperity. Cloy was one of the first Korean shows I saw last year and eventually I saw many other shows with different cast. I think, there is a reason why she is known as the top actress. Of all the shows I have seen, I felt no other actress emotes the way she does. Like how Hyun Bin mentioned, she has many different sides to her personality which reflects through the choice of roles and their portrayal, she is indeed one of the best in the w
  9. With all due respect, I as a true fan believe that Both Bin and Jin have fulfilled their duty or responsibility as icons of informing fans about their relationship status. They owe is no more and expecting anything beyond is foolish. Let's respect their privacy and wish them our best. If they wish to appear together, write another msg or post pictures together... trust me it will just be a bonus to the happiness we are currently experiencing.
  10. Okay! So there are a few accounts that were created just to malign Hyun Bin's image and I have tried my level best to find as many as I could and have reported them on Insta. But Insta reviewed them but they think that the posts don't really go against their community guideline. *sigh* This is the least I could do and this is something more important I feel to do rather than voting for the online polls. But I guess V@ST has to look through each account and report. I sort of can imagine what V@ST must be going through... suddenly so much overwhelming response and c
  11. Hello Shippers!!! It took me an entire day to sync in the fact that what I was waiting for since January 2020 finally happened. Yippeeee!!!! If you go back a few pages you'll notice I had posted early morning ( India Time ) and had prayed that Bin Jin Get married etc..etc... Little did I know that wish would be granted the very same day. I just couldn't contain my excitement and since morning have been calling my family and friends who know about my obsession with regards to BinJin, informing them about the latest development. Oh my god!! my
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