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  1. LOL I still can’t get over SYJ’s Dodgers baseball cap at the airport. Whether intentional or not, it’s on a whole new level of trolling. Not to mention her cheeky smile and wave to the camera that she caught filming her at the check-in counter. To all those who kept saying HB and SYJ’s demeanor at Baeksang was cold should really pay attention to the videos of them at the airport for the Mongolia trip. They were not cold but were instead careful and guarded because press cameras were following them around. When they think they are alone, they are comfortable enough to stay close to each other like that photo of them at the airport lounge (just like that fan cam clip at the end of Baeksang with them just casually walking together).
  2. Their agencies’ denial statements after the grocery pictures came out reminded me so much of the scenes in CLOY when Mr. Hong tried to explain to the press about the hug between Se-ri and Jeong Hyeok at the hospital. Even he couldn’t believe the explanation he came up with. With those LA pics, it was so obvious that they were really trying so hard to come up with a denial. The pictures spoke for themselves though and the only way they could deny it was to make a rambling explanation that really didn’t explain anything. They really tried so hard but their statements were pure comedy.
  3. Yup SYJ and HB's mutual friend is Girls' Generation's Yoona. Although she's also close with the rest of the Cinderellas but she's not one of the 7. The Yoonas in the group are Song Yoon-ah and Oh Yoon-ah.
  4. Spellbound started filming in late December 2010 and wrapped in April 2011. SYJ was filming Spellbound when she made her Secret Garden cameo. HB went into military service in March that year. Maybe SYJ herself ended up not doing the project or it was something very early in their careers. Their film and drama choices are very different that it's not really surprising if HB turned down any projects that SYJ ended up doing. The only SYJ movie that fits HB's blockbluster genre type is The Tower but that was filmed while he was in the Marines. SYJ also never did another rom-com drama until CLOY.
  5. Someone on twitter recently posted a screencap of SYJ in Master in the House and noticed how tanned her hands were in the scene where she was making toast for breakfast. Her Master in the House episodes were aired December 2 and 9 while I believe the SK golf sightings were around November. Now it all makes sense.
  6. Yeah the tweet was about HB visiting Woo-Sung more than once at the AMTR set so JWS could introduce him to Yejin. Not sure where the info came from though.
  7. https://www.soompi.com/article/362090wpp/son-ye-jin-to-cameo-on-the-popular-drama-secret-garden-1 It did. Here's an article from Soompi. There were other articles that talked about the hype that came with a top A-lister like Son Yejin making a cameo appearance as herself in a drama. She also agreed to do it because the Kim Eun-sook personally called her and she readily agreed even though she was busy filming Spellbound around that time. There were also articles after the finale aired that featured her appearance in it. And yeah Secret Garden was going to get high ratings regardless but the hype about her cameo was real at that time.
  8. That was in The Negotation DVD commentary. Someone shared some excerpts of it on a Facebook fanpage months ago. Here's the DVD commentary but in Korean: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1ZC4y18725?p=1 I don't know if this has been uploaded anywhere else but it was only shared yesterday on Bilibili.
  9. Can’t really say there’s a connection but the first picture is the English translation of SYJ’s hairstylist’s IG post yesterday and the 2nd picture is Hyun Bin’s assistant. He posted that on his IG stories early today, or maybe late yesterday.
  10. Yeah he wasn't wearing a Dodgers cap when he came back from LA. It was a Lacoste cap with the boldface "L" and the Lacoste logo clearly on one side. It was not the Dodgers logo. https://k-star-holic.blogspot.com/2019/01/hyun-bin-glance-on-celebrity-post.html
  11. @MatthewMay Love I have no doubt that there is something going on with her and HB. It's true that you can see it clearly in their faces and in their overall demeanor when they are together. It's also in the way that they both were unusually cryptic with their answers when the dating rumors were brought up at the press conference. What I meant was that her silence about the issue at press interviews, and the general lack of press interviews post-CLOY, is better for shippers because the only times SYJ ever answered the press directly when asked about specific dating rumors is to shut them down. First with KNG and then with JHI.
  12. It was disclosed by a reporter that was there for the CLOY press conference that the questions where strictly screened. They assumed that their agencies did this to keep questions about the dating rumors out. When it comes to SYJ though, it's always better when she doesn't speak out on something. The only times she's answered questions about dating rumors is to categorically shut them down. SYJ being open to questions about specific dating rumors is more of a worst case scenario for shippers.
  13. The earliest IG post where she’s wearing baseball cap was one from May 2016. She was wearing an Atlanta Braves cap that time. She has a couple more pictures on IG where she’s wearing a baseball cap but are not those New Era team caps that she usually wears.
  14. http://jennyhouse.co.kr/en/salon/chungdamhill/celebrity/index.jsp There is another celebrity page for their other location. SYJ is the first one in this list.
  15. They do. She’s the first celebrity on the list for the Chungdam Hill location.
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