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  1. Crazy how it was her Sony Alpha Nex campaign that reintroduced me to Son Ye Jin a few years back. I was looking for some reviews on Alpha Nex cameras on Youtube and one of her CFs was among the videos that came up. A bit more googling made me realize that she was the actress in The Classic and Spellbound which I watched in grade school. She really hasn't changed after all these years and she's even more glowing now that she's found the love of her life. She's always looked happy but the happiness simply radiates from both her and Hyun Bin these days.
  2. Agreed. She took a HUGE a step with that confirmation and for her to even personally post a letter to fans on her IG means it must be super serious. SYJ doesn’t seem to be the type who would put her scandal free 20-year career on the line for anything less than a serious relationship. I’m still on a high from all the confirmation news but really Hyun Bin and SYJ deserve all the love and happiness in the world. From TN days, HB hasn’t wavered in his feelings for her. Our boy really put his heart out there for everyone to see in every interview and bts clip with her. SYJ didn’t let the hate and
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