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  1. I think there is still an award ceremony called APAN. Yejin had received several awards there too in 2018 with her drama and film. However, APAN was not held in 2019, i am afraid that it wont be held this year too.
  2. The director said that he did not think it was a problem for CLOY and him. On the other hand, he believed that their dating rumor can prove how good is the chemistry between HB and SYJ, He found it really interesting too.
  3. when will yejin update her instagram miss her so muahh!! lets make a bet hahaha https://www.instagram.com/p/CFGZg9YJneU/?utm_source=ig_embed Not sure is this an old news, but so happy to see this heheh
  4. but she rarely puts on ring in the advertisement, i think this is her first and second time
  5. she participated in the film midnight runners too so this is not flirting. And for the rain washing car i don't think this can show anything related to him. It is just a RAIN. Everywhere in Korea will rain!!
  6. I don't think i will tell my normal friend about my endorsement if i am Hyun Bin loll
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