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  1. Actually the MC for LJH's wedding was not this lady, it was Park Kyung Lim (the MC for TN showcase, vlive). But I also didn't realise MC-nim was pregnant here and was in her 3rd trimester too now that I google it. Apart from how adorbs they were to MC-nim, it always amuses me how Jinnie wanted to try that hardtack snack after MC-nim was done with it
  2. Consider this, The Cursed which ended March 17th, also from tvN and Studio Dragon, has done their dvd commentary. But CLOY? Also, wow on the CLOY dvd on Amazon but personally doubt it's legit.
  3. Awww this stuff always turns me into a pile of cheese so I'll put my thoughts/speculation in spoiler. You have been warned.
  4. I agree her accent was heavier in CLOY than in TN. Although I understood her without having to read the subtitle, I can see other people straining their ears a bit to understand what she was saying to the therapist. Since it says her character comes from a 'poor' background and/or was living in some other country...then it should be alright for her to show a bit of an accent? It will still be quite a challenge for her to tone it down for the entire filming but I'm rooting for her and for writer to find some way around it. I'm not good with Japanese, just barely enough to get by for work trips and pass the lowest level proficiency test. But I thought she did great. What stood out to me was her intonation at certain points still sounded more Korean than Japanese (if that makes sense). But I thought she did well, believable enough for her character who was a proud Joseon princess sent to Japan at age 13. Koreans have a natural advantage at learning Japanese though, speaking English is a different beast.
  5. "Still in talks" so not yet confirmed right...omg hoping for the best scenario for this production! I've been privately hoping her next project post CLOY would be a movie that us international fans can easily access and watch!
  6. I don't think that pic was taken just when her friend was about to give birth, she was no longer in the US by then and as we can see in the schedule compiled by @Walk Kindly. This was likely taken during her SoCal vacation back in Dec 2017.
  7. In that case, my assumption is wrong then because the place doesn't have Korean food on the menu. Will be deleting
  8. Deleting because my delulu assumption doesn't fit with another detail from old reports.. In any case, it's sweet that after 1,000 pages..we now have more pieces and context to the events from Jan 2019. Hoping for the best for BinJin within the next thousand pages
  9. I think she's always liked caps in general, based from old pics. I've seen a few ones of her in New Era brand caps, not baseball-team related, like in the 2014 Brazil world cup trip for example. HB is into New Era caps, seems like he has quite a collection. Going to Mongolia, he was wearing one. But for SYJ's LA Dodgers & NY Yankees caps, they're from a different brand called 47. I saw these at Macy's last time I was in US, not sure if it's widely available in SK. As for the interest in baseball, maybe it's also because SK is a baseball country (like Japan). But these days I also see a lot of celebs sporting caps of the most popular teams, but they're not necessarily crazy about the team or sport, and more for the fad. With SYJ, we've seen her wear at least these 4: LA Dodgers, NY Yankees, Boston Red Sox and Atlanta Braves (thanks @GogoRoboto)
  10. @Baylack youtube is saying it's from My Lovely Samsoon BTS. I had to search because I cant recall this scene.. but then it's been AGES since I saw MLKSS (and honestly my personal memories of it has more to do with making fun of my mom for crushing on HB than the drama itself). Btw, you might want to remove the embedded video in your quote.
  11. Can't help getting the feels.. I went from reading @celest1al's translation post and about the jennyhouse_j insta likes, then saw some of the sweet old TN promo vids on IG (auto-explore) and then seeing this vid right after Yes Binnie, some things are meant to be
  12. I like to think of this as well In any case, our girl was quite the ninja that month. She also went to the premier of Uhm Jiwon and Kim Nam Gil's movie earlier in the month. If I remember it right, fans only got to know about it from somebody's SNS post about the movie premier and spotting SYJ. So same observation with @QueenieBee that her friends seem to be extra respectful of her privacy since LA. But I feel for HB because it's harder for him to go incognito like at airports.
  13. Going to Mongolia: SYJ camp - All the suitcases with SYJ's managers are all mostly black HB camp (or at least the ones in the trolley near him anyway) - 1 yellow, 1 silver. -> Later at the check-in counter, dark gray suitcase appears with the yellow and silver ones, and it matches the wavy pattern of the 3rd suitcase when HB comes back from Mongolia HB coming back from Mongolia: 3 suitcases - 1 yellow, 1 silver, 1 dark gray Still not sure how we can really connect the silver suitcase with SYJ outside of the mystery why HB always has so much stuff PS: what have you all done to me
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