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  1. @chsaf Ha, you are here! *waves* I just finished this little gem of a drama and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It is so refreshing to watch and I laughed so hard at all the comedic gold. I watched it RAW and I gotta say, the dialogues are A+++++ The timing is perfect and I gotta applaud the actors for a job so well done. The whole cast works well together and everyone played their part perfectly. The supporting actors pulled their weight for sure as it wouldn't have been so enjoyable had it not for their sassyness! ML is a breath of fresh air! I wasn't paying attention much t
  2. His lonely and rather sad upbringing also contributed to his icy facade and lack of comforting words. I feel that his sharp tongue is a coping mechanism to survive a lonely existence prior to becoming the master of the universe. People who have a way with sweet words are usually social butterflies and they tend to care highly on how people view them. DH is definitely someone who simply doesn't care how people perceive him and therefore there is no need to butter up anyone with words. FJ was brought up in a loving environment and that is why she is very open with her feelings and sh
  3. JH ending scene. It came after ZL brought Jielu and the remaining Biyiniao clan to Qing Qiu. 魔族 赤宏殿 日 内 Demom Realm / Chihong Hall / Day / Interior 姬蘅一副女魔君的打扮,在殿内处理政务。 小艾端上一杯茶。 Zhi Heng dressed in the Demon Queen attire, handling official affairs in the hall. Xiao Ai serves her a cup of tea. 小艾:小燕魔君又去天族了,他倒是跑得勤。 Xiao Ai : Demon Lord Xiao Yan has gone to the Heavenly clan again. He ran quite diligently. 姬蘅:有他在也好,以后我不会再踏出魔族一步了。 Ji Heng : It's good to have him here. I will never step out of the Demon Realm again. 姬蘅看
  4. One should pick one's battle wisely and unfortunately for AL, she made the wrong move. No matter how ELoD tried to potray her as the victim of circumstances and bad choices, PB readers know who JH is and what her character is like inside out. Majority of the backlash came from PB fans and most who agreed with her are her personal fans. I've said this before, while we sympathize with her own personal issues, airing out dirty laundry in public via whitewashing her villainous character backfired terribly on her. Not only did she not gain more sympathy from outsiders, she made hersel
  5. 东华见凤九脸色苍白,逐渐失去意识,左手施法,将自己周身的银光全部施入凤九体内。 东华一下子失去所有的力气,抱着凤九颓然倒地。 Reading this cut scene still angers me...
  6. Yeah, we were just talking about this. Have not followed many Chinese CP before so wouldn't know the ins and outs. Is it something like a secret conduct for Chinese artists not to sign CP pictures of themselves? I highly doubt there is such an unwritten rule but just asking if you know.
  7. Hehe, read something interesting. Remember when FJ got drunk at the wedding banquet and DH had to carry her back to Qing Yun palace. She held onto his sleeves so he had to remove his robe. The he had Ah Li went to his dad YH to borrow an outer robe. The question is, why didn't he ask the servant to get him a new robe from ZL in Tai Chen palace instead? Was this deliberately done so he could start a rumor? Just as the time he told FJ that he had her bracelet and hair pin when she left them at the hot spring?
  8. This is also one of the reason the love hero fangirls came up with to prove that there is JH in his heart. Another is the restaurant scene when DH asked JH why did she touched that plant that she is allergic to. If DH did not care for JH, he wouldn't be upset that JH got her hand hurt from making soup. Just imagine that if FJ didn't come in between, from the time that he cared for JH, seeing her in Fanyin Valley for a period of time, and how JH also accompanied him and shared his interest in pottery making, tea, poetry and music, love could have blossomed. So, what is so bad about her? She ask
  9. He was told before I am sure and when he saw the pics, he asked again....not wanting to let go. So dejected, so heartbroken. ((why they have to hurt my 甜甜?))
  10. Thanks again! I hesitated a bit because season 2 will continue in 2021.....I heard S1 ended with a cliffhanger so I am really like ugh ugh ugh while watching. I like everyone so far..even the Emperor, he is like all knowing and always one step ahead!! I saw a JH dance scene in the BTS...does that count???
  11. The discussion has over 1.8k comments..hahaha. But if you're interested to take a look, here it is. https://m.weibo.cn/status/4490864972201765 You can translate the main Weibo to English via google translate and read the author's writeup.
  12. Based on ELoD, we can see the following: Lack of CP BTS, extras, tidbits etc. During TMOPB, their BTS exceeded over one hour of footage materials and they were just supporting characters! In ELoD, their CP scenes were short and edited choppily. They did not focus on what the CP were doing but instead created a lot of distractions via playback and sound effects. Lack of CP interview during production. It is very normal for the ML and FL to be interviewed together during filming and to talk about the filming process. In ELoD, CP interview is non existent. It is always a s
  13. Worst, they inserted the you know who scene which got princess carried by DH. Why must DH carry her??? One of the many discussion on Weibo on this scene.... .
  14. My gosh! This only goes to prove we are of the same generation. Hahahaha.. 青青河边草 Watched this with my cousins and we were all crying buckets. We had a crush on Ma Jing Tao back then and we all wanted to marry him. Hahahahaha....
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