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  1. Yes, the sword dance is my favorite. The BGM matches the fight scene really well. The details in the fight matches the book's description too. Hand on waist, synchronization, holding of the sword...it was a blissful scene. I don't think I can vomit so happily though...
  2. This is the shipper version, hahaha. They reversed the video, slowed it down and increased brightness to examine the kiss more closely. Hehe..
  3. I just realized this while watching some clips. I skipped JH's ending scene by FFWding and XY asked if they can consumate first to seal the deal?! Hahahaha, I totally didn't know that part existed! OMG, I really need my vomit bucket again. I should have just left sleeping dogs lie.
  4. She came out victorious after all the love hardships she has to endure. She eventually found love and someone who will cherish her with all his life. For all the hurt she has gotten, all the heartbreak and rejections, she came out of it stronger. She didn't dwell on the past and willingly open her heart to a new love story. How brave is our JH. A true 爱情英雄! Bravo. My sarcasm meter just broke and I don't even care.
  5. @MayanEcho Believe it or not, I wasn't that much into books. I am more of a sports person and I was always outside. Haha..I read only when it's raining and I can't do sports. So basically anything goes when it comes to books. I was the tomboy that's always hanging around boys. So when mom knew I was reading M&B, she got shocked but also secretly happy. Ahahahaha...I had a crush on my team captain back then okay..... @Donghuadijun JH is just selfish, plain and simple. If I can't find happiness nor should you. It angers me most when she really really, I mean really thinks that without FJ in the picture, DH would have loved her. Someone please go get me a vomit bucket.
  6. Hahaha..the smart part..i take it back. She couldn't even carry out her task to find the Lingbi stone. Fail. I read that some people (yes, they are some) actually think that she is a 爱情英雄 (love hero). I just can't take those people seriously.
  7. Epic fail indeed. The book readers can't accept her and he drama readers hated her. The writers tried hard to make JH elegant, beautiful, talented and smart in the first half but she ended up being the most pathetic in the second half. No effs were given by anyone whether she lives or drop dead.
  8. @MayanEcho Haha, I love that those beautiful costumes and flying stunts got you interested in Cdramas. For me, we are very English centered at home. We are total bananas on the outside although my parents did *forced* me to learn Chinese. I hated Chinese so much that I remember threatening my parents that if they ever forced me to attend Chinese tuition I would run away from home with my Mills and Boons (you need your M&Bs right?). By that time, I was proficient but I just didn't want to go on. I laughed at all those stupid flying kung fu garbage and can't understand why people are kneeling left and right. Looking back, I can't thank my parents enough. I still remember what my mom told me. I am asking you to learn Chinese so you won't blame me and live with regrets in the future. Truer words can't be said.
  9. Haha, even drama talk channel is Guangre CP. The captions read .. Because I have cooperated many times with Reba, our cooperation. Also note that the question leading to his answer was.. Reba and you have cooperated twice (referring to acting as FJ and DH) but his answer was, * Oh, you are WRONG here. We have cooperated many times.* Vengo oh Vengo, we all know that!! Hahahaha...you don't have to make it that obvious that you two have been cooperating a lot.
  10. @vivi0303 @MayanEcho @LovelyLady Absolutely! One can't activate battlemode when there is nothing of substance to start with. Sure, ELoD is not everyone's cup of tea and I accept that. Just like I can't watch gore or read smut. But I don't go around leaving bad reviews and giving out low scores. Yeah, what can we do right? I will just have to love ELoD even more then.
  11. @LovelyLady @jimmylyne I like to also read negative reviews because I wanted to find out what the other finds lacking in the drama. I will accept valid and well argued reasons for their dislike. Because we are so in love with ELoD, sometimes we see things differently so a new perspective is very much welcome. However, to my disappointment, most of the bad reviews and low scores came from people who have no idea what they are talking about. The one mentioned above was just an example. The others range from boring storyline, sleepy music, comical CG, bad dialogues, looks and feel like a kid hero drama etc. Are we even watching the same drama here???? This one here, I simply am dumbstrucked.
  12. There is a very good analysis on this. Read it sometime back. R always crosses her right leg whether she is sitting by herself or with others. Crossing which leg is an innate movement that you do naturally like breathing. The analysis came with lots of pictures. But here, we saw R crossing her left leg to match V.
  13. Well, that was lame but the following really takes the cake. The reviewer gave ELoD a really low score because she can't accept an old man romancing a teenager and it disgusted her. Well girl, if you haven't been reading Xianxia, then your modern interpretation of romance in the Xianxia world is absolutely disgusting in itself.
  14. Haha..I can already imagine the family dynamics. BGG : Mother said I could go. I have already gotten her permission. DH : GG, I am your father. You have to listen to me. BGG : But father, you too have to listen to mother. If that is so, wouldn't it be correct to say that mother's words are the only word I should listen to? DH : "...." And also, in the script, after DH said to GG that he is the only one that can hug his mother, FJ later did say to BGG that Father was only joking and GG shouldn't take his words to heart. Why did they cut this scene? This really shows that FJ holds the power!
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