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  1. In the video it use a rice cooker to cook the mungbeans and then a blender to blend it. you can always use a regular pot and stove to cook it then use a mess to press the mungbean through instead of using a blender
  2. there is a version that is pink in yellow as the mortal version of the pastry in the links i attached earlier...
  3. heres a few more links http://weibointl.api.weibo.com/share/160617616.html?weibo_id=4488691072150280 http://weibointl.api.weibo.com/share/160617985.html?weibo_id=4497999671638396 http://weibointl.api.weibo.com/share/160618023.html?weibo_id=4490668686897265 http://weibointl.api.weibo.com/share/160618121.html?weibo_id=4497745441880455 http://weibointl.api.weibo.com/share/160618205.html?weibo_id=4488786077285913 http://weibointl.api.weibo.com/share/160618255.html?weibo_id=4488676828
  4. what are the other 5 that wasn't release yet? I feel like there are trying to kill us here lol first the 4 cut ep then the unrelease BGM... lol
  5. All the one that you mentioned i already have i think its 7 BGM that I dont have and the youtube video has lol (first 7 on the video) and I did find the opening and closing instrument theme on youtube I am assuming it must be released somewhere Opening Closing
  6. Does anyone know in total how many tracks did ELOD release on the OST? when I was browsing on youtube there seem to be 9 more tracks that I dont have the album that have. I had only 28 tracks in total. When I search online I cant seem to find a list of it of a full album to even download... getting confused here LOL
  7. there was only half translated part from hamster on the web... and there is the "to the sky kingdom" on amazon... heres a link for the half pdf https://dlscrib.com/queue/three-lives-three-worlds-ten-miles-of-peach-blossoms-1_58f2fef1dc0d606074da981b_pdf?queue_id=597031f6dc0d604b76a88e78
  8. I doubt they will release it official DVD... Like they barely did any promotion to this drama. Like looking back at most dramas especially TMOPB, the cast would go on happy camp or other variety shows to advertise the drama. Even Love Designer went on Happy Camp... But if they do with all the cut scenes then that would be super great!
  9. there is a weibo international version I am using both right now. I saw from somewhere that they use to have each other on their acct but somehow they deleted each other. and I saw some post on FB that they dated each other in secret back then but now broke up....
  10. where can we find the other 6 online? and I was looking online to buy the actual book but I seen to many different covers to it. is there any difference in the content? Theres one with animated Fengjiu then there is one whit white cover and one with pink cover?
  11. So in the book fanyin valley wasn't destroyed and the all bird and owl royals didn't die?
  12. I only read some parts of the book; So the battle with ML was in Bihai Cangling in the book. so does that mean the Fanyin valley wasn't destroyed and the royals didn't die? In the drama they changed it to the scene to Fanyin valley and why is that?
  13. So I never read the book TMOPB, but in the drama ZH is YH's cousin but in the ELOD she is DH foster cousin... which one is right? Im assuming since they changed a lot of DH & FJ story in the TMOPB so I'm assuming they changed it around?
  14. In the book Why would FJ fall in love with XZ anyways thought she always loved DH? is she that easily to change her mind? It doent sound like FJ at all. IF she was that easily to change her mind then she would had moved on ages ago.... Also I was rewatching the drama again and the part where JL and JN was talking about aranya, J mentioned that she want the next generation to find their own happiness. If she wanted that for them, why didnt she send her son out of the valley along with JL rather watch and die with him while trying surpress ML
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