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  1. Hullo all! I can't seem to find the BTS / Special Episode scene of YYS (Jeong-won) talking about having a lovely Winter with Gyeol-ul in Season 2 in his interview by one of the 99ers. (To which JJS, Jeon Mi-do made funny faces at his reply ◡̈) Can someone share the video link with me? Much appreciated!
  2. Hullo! Thanks for great observations! About this particular point of Gyeol-Ul possibly being well-off piqued my interest and made me re-watch Episode 3 and the dialogue. In that scene, what Chu Min-ha said to Seok-hyung was, [Ob-Gyn team] would like to have a meal with him; [GS team] often gets treated to beef. She didn't actually mention Gyeol-Ul's name. However, Netflix subs mentioned "Dr Jang" treats them to beef. I don't think Netflix's translation here is correct. (Anyone/ Everyone please correct me if I'm wrong; my Korean is basic at best) I would think that it's the GS professors treating their "only child of GS" , 3rd year resident to beef instead - not the other way round. Hence there would need to be more evidence to support suspicions that Gyeol-Ul is well-off/ from a rich background. TBH, there have been a number of instances where the Netflix subs have been inaccurate, skewing nuances and ruins viewer's understanding of the scenes. I would take their translations with a pinch of salt. While I'm elated to be able to watch Hospital Playlist on Netflix an hour after it broadcasts in S.Korea (in my region anyway), the translations can certainly be improved. Just my 2 cents' worth!
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