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  1. What is the added value of performing naked? Why can't performers just keep their clothes on? It's like anything goes in Eurovision. Never watched before but I believe I've seen every kind of weird now. Can't really follow what Lasagna boy is singing about but the song is quite catchy. And he's dressed! That's a plus! -2
  2. Does he keep his pants on? -2
  3. Note sure what I just watched but I'm going back to my Cdrama now -2
  4. It takes that long?! Nope I can't... I am going to tune into Legend of Shen Li. Good luck tomorrow morning! I find it harder every passing year to get up early after a late night. I'm getting oooold. Finland is a NOOOO for me. Is someone missing his pants? what the...? -2
  5. Nope...heard alot about those two entries. I'll try to watch till the end today. -2
  6. Gilmore girls rocks! Why are they throwing in the dvd though? -2
  7. I know...I've seen some entries a couple of days ago... I liked the songs of the Netherlands, France, Israel and Norway. Heard Switzerland is very popular...is that the man wearing a skirt on a circling platform? -2
  8. @joccu @partyon Baby lasagna...that name I like his look though. Ireland on the other hand -2
  9. Watching Eurovision for the first time.... What are your favorites? -2
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