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  1. I think LMH’s favorite song is dream by Paul Kim. His voice is very good and I think LMH likes this type of songs. where is LMH?
  2. Oppa! have fun with your family! Happy Chusuk!! we hope to hear news from your next project after holidays!
  3. Yes yes yes hope so!! miss LMH so much!! maybe LMH is waiting for holiday in Korean to be over and then release news of his next project.
  4. yes yes yes LMH should announce his next project. Now it is the time for him to do so.
  5. What a drought! I wish LMH would update his IG! where is the news of new project?? we are waiting for you ONLY!
  6. 1000000000%%%%%%% agree!! Oppa should do a lot of project , I don’t care who he dates. He should become more active. we want MORE projects!! Say it louder!! yes yes yes complicated and tragic!!! A super deep character. Even thinking about it makes me fly in the sky LOL how long more do we have wait??? why is there no rumors about his next project?? our discussion can be a lot more fun and dynamic when some actual news come out pleaseeeeee give us a project
  7. LOL I also remember he was busy then can we get drama news rumor please there is all these crazy rumors but nothing about his next projects ############### WOW! This is so cool!! Min Ho’s birthday!!! Good Job Korean Minoz!!! Nice capture credit: DC Gallery
  8. @leeminhosny you know I want New drama/movie rumors.. do you have any? do we create rumors ourselves? i wanna make MYM drop new project news
  9. omg these rumors are crazy!! LMH has been hanging out with his friends since TKEM ended. We all know this because Kim Bum, JIW, and JIW’s stylist (Christiandiorboy) they drop pictures on IG and the location is the same. some fans are indeed delusional LOL yes, he should take some tragic and heavy drama next. A deep character..
  10. I agree with you!! LMH should take a deep and tragic melodrama. LMH’s emotional and deep acting is always on point, I wanna see him doing more of those scenes. His eyes especially can convey so many deep feelings. I want LMH to take a heavy romance drama with less comedy. Imagine adult Kim Tan in his 30s. LMH did a wonderful job in Heirs. The last couple of episodes, when Eun Sang leaves him, he breaks and his acting is so point. Kim Tan is my favorite! His character was more mature compared to his age and his romance was deep.
  11. yes The King and Legend are both painful and LMH’s acting is so deep that all his expressions really get you. In both TKEM and blue sea, LMH’s sad scenes really get you omg, this scene
  12. yes our eyes are only looking and waiting for LMH I don’t care about other dramas and celebs, I only care about LMH .. His dramas are the most special for me.. his acting is so good and he always bring the story and his character to another level.
  13. yes, the reason why I drop watching dramas is that watching LMH’s dramas have increased my standards AND i don’t get pulled into other dramas like how I get absorbed by LMH’s dramas. LMH is just so special for me. Other dramas look so average for me. Even the high ratings drama make me bored and I lose my interest in dramas fast. now that I’m writing this, I feel so bad there is no new Fall/Winter romantic drama from LMH to watch..
  14. Any drama recommendations for me? Remember that I’m very picky and easily get bored LOL I have dropped dramas more than I have watched dramas completely
  15. LMH is literally killing us with all this waiting time.... I mean he has been reviewing for next project for 3 months. Does this mean he has rejected his offers and has no intention of coming back for a while ??
  16. yes yes yes we want NEW project announcement what if this article is the preparation article for MYM to release new project announcement??? am I delusional again? LOL
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