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  1. hello everyone! I'm a new fan of Seonho :wub: I am now watching 2D1N because of him but I ended up loving the whole cast :wub:

    Anyway I went to this forum because I know I will find like-minded people here. I just saw another tweet of a toxic anti. These antis are getting on my nerves. I hope they would just focus on their fave and not drag seonho (and now they're even dragging YoonA :angry:) everytime seonho has a new promo or event. I just hate them.

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  2. On 8/19/2020 at 6:35 AM, park2park said:

    i still can’t get over the fact that their reactions are so casual like they’re both used to it already lol


    True. One twitter user also pointed out that in the 1st photoshoot bts, when SYJ reached to hold KSH's hand, it was very casual and it seemed like they've known each other's hands/actions already for quite some time. The reaction of KSH there was also very cute, when SYJ held his hand, he wiggled his arm as if he's shy in front of the cameras hahahhaha

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  3. I really think there's a memo from GM that photos with SYJ should not be posted in social media.. even kim mi-kyung who's a veteran actress and close friend of SYJ did not post pictures with her. Maybe the person who posted in IG did not get the memo :lol: or maybe she thought that GM won't be able to find out if she posted the pic on the 2nd page :lol:

    I also noticed the change in SYJ's character in her interviews! at first she was really perky but in the Jenga video she seemed more serious. I am thinking this is because she's a method actress? or maybe because she's just tired from her sched? In the part where she had to say a message for herself, she said, "it's okay to struggle and don't be too hard on yourself" something like that.. so maybe she is just really working hard..

    The other brand that she's modeling is Inner Flora. I just saw the pics today. :wub:

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  4. 2 hours ago, JungRok said:

    Unless GoldMedalist betrayed her..I wonder why did she leave Made in Chan Entertainment.. seems like her previous agency gave her a lot of promotional tribute for her fans in the previous drama.. I know it is because the contract is expiring..


    but who is exactly the GoldMedalist brain power.. their names werent even recognised in entertainment world.. GoldMedalist should go and scout actors/actress from Musical or Theatre background.. it seems they are trending nowadays - with a lot of them now debuting..


    several agency that I know of were ex managers/producers or ex actor who turned into business management .. and they were good in promoting their actors.. 

    Honestly I think that MAYBE the Gold Medalist agency is established with some of Kim Soo Hyun money....and I hope it is not smth his cousin tricked him or what


    I hope this agency will flourished in next few years.. since they were just starting in 2020

    I read somewhere that KSH is one of the owners of GM?? Did they purposely recruit SYJ to GM since she's the co-lead of KSH? or did she become the co-lead because she's from GM as well? I want to know which came first hahahha

  5. 7 hours ago, Gin Nietschze said:

    Please count me in.   I said I will not ship anymore ... let's just say I am fascinated with labit (love it!)


    meanwhile let me out put on my delulu hat ...


    on pmy caps ... we know that la means Los Angeles but could it also mean ...


    la la ... land

    la la ... I love you ...

    la la ... labit

    la la ... lion 


    what is the color of pmy outfit?


    is it yellow?  Not quite ...

    is it beige? Not quite ...

    what do you think it is? :o


    Mianhe I am being silly today ... missing the labit couple. 




    This color really suits her.. :wub: and her pose reminds me of Ryan Gold's stare when he was looking down on Deuk-Mi during Shi An's meet and greet hehehe

    I also love their couple gold outfits in the last episode :heart:

    Can somebody tell me what the IG comment was about? I was busy the whole day and did not get a chance to see it before it got deleted :bawling:

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  6. 15 hours ago, lighthearted said:


    Trust your heart :heart:. I've watch Korean dramas for the 18 years. This is the first time,  a love story drags me to a fan forum and all my posts here are around HPL. I mean I like a lot of Kdrama but this is the first time I turned google up-side-down to search every tiny details about the story/actors/ images... That was why I found soompi :D... Their love is so powerful. 


    Same here! I’ve been watching kdramas but this is the first time I joined a forum because of a loveteam! Such great chemistry :heart:

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  7. 39 minutes ago, shymaldita28 said:

    Did anyone notice this adlib acting of Ryan when he tries to kiss the palm of PMY hands, I felt it was not part of the script and look at how he caress the hair of PMY . I think this is one of the favorite things he does to Deukmi




    What's really cute about their scenes are those little sweet gestures, which really seem SO REAL. These things are what real life couples do. Their expressions, the flick of their hands, their smiles, how they look at each other... :wub: 


    This is the reason why I really like them. It is almost like watching a reality series!! And I'm not even exaggerating. They both are really great actors.. or is there something more behind all the acting? ;):wub: 

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  8. 1 hour ago, Cara said:

    Compilation of all their happy times while filming HPL.  



    Gosh they are such a happy pill. I was smiling from ear to ear while watching this :love:


    I really like how PMY is so small that it is easy for KJW to wrap his arms around her. :joy:

    The clips also show how good of a kisser KJW is. hehehe I wonder if those kisses made their heart flutter at least once? :wub:

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  9. 30 minutes ago, Cara said:

    Please count me in for private chat if anyone here would make it. I love how this thread has been running. mature and cool. Keep it up!

    I saw some fans were hoping these two would share photo together as farewell to drama but it turned out they didn't, knowing they always did it in previous works. What is see is KJW and PMY respect and protect each other by not sharing photo together at all on their respective IGs. so to me it's s a wise and right decision. 




    Did you guys notice this? the first thing came to my mind was Jae in Jae Wook :lol:


    I also thought about this! Why “Jae”, right? Why not, “Yoon Jae”? They never used “jae” to refer to yoon jae prior to this scene. Is this an adlib? So my delulu mind is saying this could have a double meaning :P


    i agree @bliss1004.. let’s really #prayhard :wub: 

    Also, notice her smile in that scene, it’s genuine :wub:

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  10. 24 minutes ago, Sky8lue said:


    Top 3 reasons why Mo Tae Gu fears Sung Deok Mi ;)


    #1 She does not hesitate to use any tools she can find as weapons :ph34r:



    More evidence below:

      Reveal hidden contents




    #2 Most of the time, she doesn't even need weapons. Just ask Eun Gi - he's been whacked all his life growing up! 



    More evidence below:

      Reveal hidden contents





    #3 Most lethal of all, she can successfully disarm him like this... 


    More evidence below:

      Reveal hidden contents




    First week without HPL and our Labit Couple. The yearning is real.



    They’re so cute together :tears: sung “thor” mi :wub::D they really seem so close in real life, they always goof around in between takes. We know that KJW is older than PMY, so she should show some respect to him, right? but why is she so carefree, even attempting to hit KJW with the hammer? ;)

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  11. 1 hour ago, shymaldita28 said:

    I just hope we can spazz in this thread even delusional  ( just a little bit ) just to make this thread active and also to attract more shippers who were not able to watch it before but since this thread will appear on their timeline it can be great to make this active also. Whoever gives negative feedback here about our ship I guess we need to tell them to respect our opinion the same way we respect their opinion as well. Sometimes when we share thoughts in this thread those silent lurker will soon give their time to share some spazzing observation.


    This is just my opinion. Sorry if I offended  some people here i just want us to be free to share our thoughts for those readers who are curious about LaBit Couple in that way we can also promote them together and individually




    woah what was that gesture in 1:15!!!

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  12. Hi! I'm new here and I signed up because I really like this Labbit couple <3 They are my first OTP after a looong time. The last time I fangirled this hard for a drama was I think way back Secret Garden (Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin).. I also liked other kdramas like Goblin and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo recently but Her Private Life is really heartwarming and in the words of lee sun-joo, "on a different level"!!

    I hope you can include me in the groupchat! :) thank you and i hope the best for our Labbit couple <3

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