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  1. hello everyone! I'm a new fan of Seonho I am now watching 2D1N because of him but I ended up loving the whole cast Anyway I went to this forum because I know I will find like-minded people here. I just saw another tweet of a toxic anti. These antis are getting on my nerves. I hope they would just focus on their fave and not drag seonho (and now they're even dragging YoonA ) everytime seonho has a new promo or event. I just hate them.
  2. I have followed other Hyunji shippers on Twitter, they sometimes retweet scoops from korean fans
  3. True. One twitter user also pointed out that in the 1st photoshoot bts, when SYJ reached to hold KSH's hand, it was very casual and it seemed like they've known each other's hands/actions already for quite some time. The reaction of KSH there was also very cute, when SYJ held his hand, he wiggled his arm as if he's shy in front of the cameras hahahhaha
  4. Those stares, really. It would make you think KSH is really in love with SYJ . KSH is so cute he's like a smitten high school boy
  5. I really think there's a memo from GM that photos with SYJ should not be posted in social media.. even kim mi-kyung who's a veteran actress and close friend of SYJ did not post pictures with her. Maybe the person who posted in IG did not get the memo or maybe she thought that GM won't be able to find out if she posted the pic on the 2nd page I also noticed the change in SYJ's character in her interviews! at first she was really perky but in the Jenga video she seemed more serious. I am thinking this is because she's a method actress? or maybe because she's just tired from her sched? In th
  6. @denira2104 maybe the reason why SYJ does not all KSH "oppa" is because KSH is technically her boss.. maybe that's why she calls him "soo-hyun-ssi" I also like your take on why SYJ pointed at the camera during that bts. I don't want to jump ship yet on the speculation that they are dating IRL but your comment made me think twice hahaha!
  7. I read somewhere that KSH is one of the owners of GM?? Did they purposely recruit SYJ to GM since she's the co-lead of KSH? or did she become the co-lead because she's from GM as well? I want to know which came first hahahha
  8. I am hoping to see them again together in another drama or movie.. although it is almost impossible in kdramaland.. very few pairings have been paired again for another drama, like lee dong wook and yoo in-na... but still i am hopingggg
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