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  1. I want to buy the BTS DVD but it's gonna cost me $75USD There is no other site they put it on for pre-order? The shipping is really expensive My poster from the KBS World giveaway came!! I'm so happy but disappointed that they folded the poster. It's too precious to be FOLDED!!!!! Anyway I'm so sooooooooo happy
  2. Oh my god guys I won the KBS 'Goodbye Angel's Last Mission: Love' Event!!! I'm so excited to receive the signed poster I can't believe it's real am I dreaming???
  3. The English version of 'Stay' and the song that was played in the making videos (Song name is 'You') have been added to the Korean music streaming sites. You can listen to a one minute preview on those streaming sites I believe.... Until someone releases the full ver online so we can listen to them Edit:
  4. Hi everyone! I watched Still 17 a bit but really gotten into Haesun when ALML aired so I guess I'll be lurking this thread now for any upcoming Haesun news and can't wait for her movie coming out with maybe a more "fierce" role? Fighting to Haesun for her upcoming dramas and movies!
  5. Writer could have ended it with a hug then a kiss that would have been so much more satisfying
  6. We need a 2 episodes extension for all the angst and emotional roller coaster ride the writer and PD put us on
  7. In the tin box, Dan wrote for every wedding anniversary so like 1, 2, 3, 10, 30 years anniversary
  8. Just finished watching the episode with subs! The scene I really enjoyed the most (aside from the OTP moments) is the moment with KD and Secretary Jung. I really like how KD said, "If Yeonseo had a guardian angel, it's probably you" I know we are down to our last episode today, but honestly wouldn't be surprised if this is true! That Secretary Jung is an angel Even the way she snapped her fingers was like an angel! She is my favorite character in this drama! Hwaiting for the last episode!
  9. KBS now so quick to upload the cuts of the episode wow and this is the last week!!! BTW is it just me or is the handkerchief extra extra sparkly in the preview???? Must be the lighting or all the time it shimmered added sparkles to it
  10. Ending and preview for last episode tomorrow In the preview it looks like she does wake up? I saw a cut where she was conscious in the hospital??? Happy ending?
  11. Btw did anyone noticed that at the end of the preview, it’s like very windy all of a sudden when they kiss??? Doesn’t look like a good sign to me
  12. Our poor couple So YS is destined to die and Dan will disappear they’re a tragic couple at this point Writer don’t pull a Romeo and Juliet card pleaseeeeeeeee Question: So if YS destined to die cause of the wicked, that’s considered sacrificial love and will make KD human?? That’s where I’m a bit confuse cause it’s not like she died for him cause she destined to die And what’s up with the handkerchief glowing again. I really want it to be a good sign but from Hu and JKW it’s gonna turn black if KD becomes human. The episode upcoming today I have a feeling we might end with something sad argh. This is probably the first drama I feel so emotional and scared for the ending. It’s been a rollercoaster the whole drama. My heart is not at ease
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