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  1. Whenever you want to get a feel of honest sincere JCW, listen to this. I did. For me this live version of 101 reasons is better than the original version. The way he sang it, I don't know how to describe it in words, it's beautiful, you just feel it. The same kind of feeling when I listen to some of Coldplay songs, even though there are more talented vocalists out there, but Chris Martin makes you feel what he is feeling. So I listened to it many times to get the FEEL. It's like seeing JCW baring a part of himself. Soft JCW with sincere eyes is a treat to watch. And Soft JCW with sincere eyes with a sincere melodious voice is even better. My heart will always believe it was for her, NJH.
  2. Eagerly waiting for this! I can watch any drama that has JCW and I will love it even if it is decent enough. He is that good.
  3. Hello all. Obsessed with these two. These two are too much. 1. Comfortable 2. In Sync with each other 3. Frank/open/bold 4. Yet secretive 5. Suspicious I still wonder how the hell their relationship turned out to be like that watching their BTS. That's too much even for people working in romantic environment. And how they are approaching their lives so simply still. WOW. Again these two are too positive minded people. A commonality again.
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