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  1. Yeap, she mentioned "LYX knows what this drama means to me and what I was going through during that time" She didn't specifically mention what happened during the interview. But some on weibo was discussing about it could be because she and her family was under attack because of her dating rumours with Xu Kai. The C-Netz were trashing her and her family during that period. But again, we don't know what specific circumstamce she was going through. Happy to see that she healed from filming this drama. You can see how much she adores and treasures everyone. Her new drama "Overlord" j
  2. https://m.weibo.cn/7339882702/4563553094733934 For those who wants to watch the entire fanmeet, here it is. Bai Lu seems very close to LYX. In her ending remarks, she mentioned that filming LIS was extremely healing for her because she was also going through a difficult period that time and that LYX knows what's going on. She mentioned that the 4 months of filming LIS was like a dream and she is very happy when she gets to meet Yuan Shuai at the film set as if she is meeting her boyfriend. She then corrected herself (wanting to be politically correct and not associatin
  3. I shall watch her dramas to tide me over after this drama ends (+ rewatching n times). I'm already feeling very sad about next week. iQiyi international App has the English subs from where I am (Malaysia)
  4. BaiLu is just lovely in this character. She's cute but I think having a deep voice and somewhat matured look makes her character a lot more believable as a fresh and naive investment banking analyst. You'll need to look like you have some brains, carry some depth in your speech but still look pretty for a ridiculously hot man to wait for you for more than 10 years. There's not a lot of actress who can pull off a freshie Inv. Banking analyst who can look the part but still pull off the aegyo. And then pair her with LYX, I just died and went to LIS heaven. My favourites have got to
  5. Not sure if anyone has seen this BTS posted by Bai Lu. https://m.weibo.cn/2616380702/4560353361658854 It is the drinking scene with the mother and LYX n BL kept getting NGs because the glass was just too full. Bai Lu mentioned this was one of the 3 hardest scene to control her laughter and that she had to tactically cover her face so that the camera doesn't catches her laughing.
  6. I just watched episode 21 and 22.... I'm officially in sweet honey heaven soaked with bubbly love. That's how you do adult romance!! Not just pecks on the lips! Can I just say how phenomenal both leads are and the chemistry is just explosive! Like literally i can feel their love bubbling off my screen in waves. The BTS of the kiss scenes are just adorable!
  7. VIP users only get 6 episodes in advance, so the only advantage of having extra episode is during the first week. After that, VIP users only get 2 episode updates per broadcast day but is always 6 episodes ahead of the normal user.
  8. Hello all, I couldn't resist joining this thread while waiting for new episodes this coming week!! Yes, she did say "Loved you" while YS was being rolled into the operating theatre. I reckon it was ad-libbed and it was sort of like a parody for comic sake where people being wheeled into operations or dying often have last wishes to clarify, and in this case YS was pulling her leg saying he has one last question, hence she just rolled her eyes and said "Loved you" to shut him up for being so dramatic. I love the bickering between the pair and LYX pulled off such a char
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