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  1. I've been camping at CXX's thread after GMP ended, but so good to see all this POVs on the characters. My take was LCY did whatever he thought was necessary to keep his throne and his woman. We had the privilege of seeing things at all sides and could empathize with him but XF only saw his cruel, cunning and heartless side. To XF, he is a monster that she cannot comprehend and cannot love. So their love was really not meant to be. And to those who mentioned LCY forcing himself on XF as being monstrous/evil, I think we need to take things in the olden day context where women were always second to men. They are both married, for years too, and it is already amazing that LCY basically just celibate himself (on XF) all this while, while being in love with XF. He completely lost it when XF said she hates him after coming back from being kidnapped and wanted to make sure that she knows her position. I don't think its fair to her, but women at that time (some even now) will not be able to say no to sex if the husband wants it. If we are going to impose modern values on a historical drama, then we need to start critiquing why LCY had 2 other wives etc etc. I did not like GJ at all from the start because he just felt like a really lame guy who couldn't decide whether he wants love or revenge. He flip flops his decision and then gets angry at LCY/GXW for something he also had a hand in doing, which is just bizarre to me. I just find his character really annoying especially when he acted like it was his duty/right to "rescue" XF from LCY after all that he has done to her? It's just seriously WTF for me... I also understood why LCY wanted and had to kill GJ. To the palace, GJ was the kidnapper of the crown princess and also the assassin who attacked the emperor. I think LCY already gave him an option when he warned Chai Mu to ask GJ not to stir up more trouble and just return XF. However, GJ went ahead to pretend to be GXW and kinda manipulated XF into regaining her memories and then coaxing her to leave the palace even after knowing how much LCY and XF love each other. To me that was the most cruel thing to do, because I have no idea what he wants to achieve by invoking those really bad memories in XF unless he just wants her to suffer. My favourite side characters are Ah Du and Mi Luo. Ah Du took in all the pain and had to pretend to be mute so that XF can live a carefree life in the palace while Mi Luo never judges and just provide good help and advise. I miss all these characters already, except GJ of course. Hoping for a new unedited version of GMP to be out so that I can start binge watching again!
  2. I read on weibo that youku took it down to "make it better" - that was the official reason given. Not sure what that meant, I hope they mean fixing the editing! Apparently other shows had similar fate in the past too!
  3. ----- 1st video [He got into central acting academy as the top of the class and graduated from university last year] [Even after becoming a lead actor in a popular drama, he still mentions attitude as key when reminiscing about his time in Uni] [This obviously has an impact on how he views the future] Reporter (R) : You entered Central Academy as the top of your class. Do you feel there are any difference before and after you entered the Central Academy? CXX: Yes, there is definitely a huge difference. Before I entered Uni, to me acting is just a concept and to act. However, after I entered Uni, what I learned is more about the attitude to become an actor. I need to respect my profession, respect my opponents, respecting everyone who works on the set and also respecting me acting out a performance. This is about the attitude one has. One more thing being in uni also taught me to create a character, shape it and have a concept. The concept is very important because when you understand it, it makes it easier for you to explore in the future. (Our little boy is so deep here!) R: Nowadays, we often here so and so is a naturally born gifted actor, do you think you fit the bill? CXX: I don't think so. I really don't think I am born to be gifted in acting. Of course, I believe god given talents are very important, and I won't deny that maybe I have a teenie weeinie bit of talent, but what I believe to be really important is to work hard and to really master a craft. When you master a craft to a certain extent, then you would be slightly better than your peers. R: When you were in Uni, did you set out a plan on what kind of actor you want to become? CXX: When we were in uni, or just being in that kind of environment, we would be exposed to elderly teachers who have had stage performance experience. This to me, is very beneficial because you learn a lot from these elderly teachers. In Central Academy, there was a saying that performance is bigger than the sky. So essentially, it boils down to our attitude, to how we respect our craft in performing. If you treat it with respect, then you will definitely do well on this path. R: GMP has become really popular. Are there any future roles that you are really anticipating? CXX: I have been asked about this many times! I always feel very lucky to have met a project and character that I really like. I hope I will have the chance to try new roles and characters which I have not tried before in the future, including different genres. I hope it will widen my possibilities and perspectives and allow people to see different sides of me. R: There are many articles on you and many regard you as "xiao xian rou" (young and good looking)... CXX: *excitedly* Oh you got that wrong, everyone sees me as an ahjussi! R: Oh no, I saw many fans also gave you a nickname "Nine Days Little Brother" CXX: That is because if you separate out the character "Xu", it can be written as "nine" "days" R: How do you position yourself? CXX: I've never really thought of how to position myself. As an actor, I think you have to be like a..... Dough? You will have to be molded a certain way, depending on the character you play. I take myself to be like a dough. When I play a particular character, then I need to mold myself to be a certain way. If its a different character later, then I need to shape myself differently again. On my normal (not acting) days, I will just be myself. In real life, I will just do what makes me happy or do things that I like. I don't really mind people putting labels on me because that means people actually likes you. I am happy about this, but I won't take a label and make it my own. I am just me. End. --- He really shows his maturity in this interview and you can sense that he is really passionate about acting and doesn't really care that much about his image as long as it portrays the character. He actually uses a lot of deep phrases during this exchange that I struggle to find the English word equivalent sometimes. His thinking is really matured for someone who is just 23 years old.
  4. 2nd video with Instyle: ------ [Topic: Liar] CXX: Don't wear such revealing clothes, "bian tai" (here referring to horny guys) will come after you. A friendly reminder, a woman will change as she grows older. Such a shame, acne, dark spots makes you less pretty. Are you in this picture? Xxxxx (couldn't catch what he is saying) If only you were skinnier... I don't like you without make up A girl should not put on too much/heavy make up.. CXX: Happy April Fool! All that I said before, is a lie! If you ever hear these, just take it as April Fool's dark humour, rather than wasting time caring about how people perceive you. Why not just live and be yourself. ---- 3rd video with MOL --- A few tips about sleeping early! To prepare sleeping early, try doing aerobic exercises 2 hours before sleep! It will tire your body and speed up your sleepiness. Try not to eat before sleeping. Of course, you can drink a glass of milk. Listen to a soothing tune. Soak your feet in warm water can aid in relaxing your body and improve blood circulation. *while he is wiping his feet* Don't record this, I'm soaking my feet! 30 mins before, remember not to play with your mobile phones. Reading can ease your body into sleep. Turn off all light source and find a comfortable position to help you sleep. Good night! 2:00:00 GO SLEEP!!
  5. I am impressed how you managed to dig these out! Haha, yaya, he didn't look very appealing when he was younger haha! We have a saying in Chinese "胖子都是潜力股" (literally: Fatties are potential stocks), this is so applicable to CXX! He looked a lot darker when he was younger too (in his teen movies) , I wonder if it was just technology or he had some good skincare regime that makes him so squeeky clean now. He is so fair now I am dying with envy! Haha, I used to be crazy about Park Bo Gum too and felt super paedophilic about it. Now with CXX, it just gets weirder. I just comfort myself that age doesn't matter and they are all eye candies anyways! Sure, will translate later tonight back at home!
  6. @jewelsc haha, nope not a subber! Just doing this to alleviate my withdrawal symptoms from GMP. I do hope my love for him will continue long enough because I can get distracted quite easily if a new guy comes along, especially if CXX doesn't come along with any new project soon .
  7. https://m.weibo.cn/3969627446/4361125015255333 Day Day Up clip! Now I know why CXX said he was really mad after filming this. He was betrayed by PXR! I think they are playing a game where they should catch the spy and PXR was the spy! She said she would have not been able to win if not for her "pig teammates" (can be read as "accomplice" for being too innocent and trusting), which is CXX and the other young boy. Both of them are too innocent to guess that PXR was the spy, you can see CXX's unbelievable face, hahaha! CXX also said later that he is closest to PXR among everyone present and maybe that's why he trusted her too much! LOL!! He is such a dork in real life, taking a game so seriously and he seems to be easily confused hahahaha! This is such a huge departure from his character LCY who is such a manipulator! When everyone suspected him as they spy, you can see him defending himself very hard with a strong "bu shi wo" (NOT ME). I haven't seen the full clip yet, only snippets of the show!
  8. Translation for first video on PONY, will do the rest later! ---- Reporter: CXX, this is the first time you partnered with PONY, what do you think of this brand? CXX: I'm sorry can you raise your hand as I can't see where you are? *flustering at this point coz he couldn't hear the question properly and the reporter repeated her question* CXX: I quite like this brand because my usual dressing style is more sporty and the clothes given to me this round was really comfortable. Reporter: You are quite a stylish man in person, what are your usual styling tips? CXX: I usually go for comfort and sporty look because it feels very comfortable, natural and looks good. Reporter: Did you feel nervous on stage (his first catwalk)? CXX: Very nervous, I kept sweating inside and my legs were shaking. This is also my first time attending such an event, it was definitely nerve wrecking for me. However, I try to calm myself down by not sweating (haha!) Reporter: Now that GMP has ended, do you have any upcoming work to be presented to the viewers? CXX: After this, the viewers will get to see me in different characters from LCY. I hope the viewers would see a different side of me. Reporter: There are many GMP fans here today, what do you think... (inaudible but I think she is referring to what styling tips would he give to his fans) CXX: Well, I don't like to do my hair when I go out so I would recommend wearing hats. I have all sorts of baseball hats at home and hats of different styles so that its more convenient when I leave my house.. --- Can sense that our little boy is quite nervous here but he is already doing really well for a 23 yr old freshie
  9. Translation for the video below! ----- CXX: Hi all, I am CXX! Q: What scene did you acted out when you auditioned for GMP? A: I had to act out the scene with the fireflies for the audition. (Recap of Firefly scene) Q: Did it take 1 audition or many takes before you were finally chosen as the male lead? A: After rehearsing 1 time and after various communication with the director and the producer about the character (LCY), then it was decided (that CXX would take the role) Q: Did you ever ask the director why you were chosen? A: Oh, we never discussed about this because I believe the director chose me for a reason. I didn't think it was appropriate to discuss about this at that time. Q: The character LCY is a douchebag, were you worried when you took on this role? A: I wasn't worried because I tried to understand LCY from the beginning till the end (thoroughly). From the standpoint of LCY, he had to do what he did and didn't do anything wrong. It's just that sometimes he had no choice but to do things which ultimately hurt the people he cherishes. My biggest worry is that LCY is a complex character, there were many parts where I had to act out precisely. Q: Are you worried being labelled as a douchebag in the future? A: No, because I think LCY is that kind of character. I believe with new roles that I will take on in the future, people will care more about the show and the character. It's good that this character attracted many interests, I'm very happy. Q: Does LCY love power more or XF? A: I think he loves both and he wants both. I believe he also feels indebted to XF but with a lot of love. Q: Which part of the script did you feel that even you can't accept as LCY? A: I think overall it was ok, I can understand why he did certain things because he had his reasons from his point of view. Q: At which part did you feel like punching LCY? A: There wasn't any part, haha.. I really thought it was ok. Q: Which scene did you have the most NG? A: I think its the kiss scene with the fireflies. *shy* Q: What do you think will be the ending if LCY was the one who first regains his memories? A: I think he will try his utmost best to stop XF from remembering the past. However, I believe if XF ultimately remembers in the end, the ending will still be the same. Q: You left a deep impression acting as Yang Kang and LCY. Would you want to play similar roles in the future? A: I think I would put it off for a while because I think it would be difficult to bring something new to the table with similar character types and the viewers would find it boring. Q: GMP is about to end, what do you have to say to the fans? A: Firstly, I am really thankful for all the support given to GMP, to LCY and also towards me as CXX. After this, I would have new dramas/movies with different character types to be presented to the viewers. I am really thankful for all your effort, support and love for CXX. So, I am really happy to have you, really! Thank you! ------- Such a humble boy!
  10. New interview released today! https://m.weibo.cn/5759685473/4360326931680153
  11. Sure sure. Busy period now at work, shall be back to FULL ON stalking mode once I am done with my project. Everytime i take a break, i scroll to weibo for his latest update, its like an addiction now. I'm hopelessly in love with this little man! @jewelsc Im totally digging his white on white look too. Maybe coz I am an ahjumma fan, i prefer him to look slightly more mature so that I don't feel so conflicted liking a boy 9 years my junior, hahahahaha! @Erafera1 Yes, I loved LCY character too. I understand why he did what he did and he embodies the imperfections in a human. However, I do think that if it had been a less good looking guy playing the role of LCY, I would have cursed this character like hell. I am too forgiving when it comes to beautiful people, haha! To cope with the withdrawal syndrome from GMP, I tried watching "Well Intended Love" a few weeks back based on the rave reviews but I really couldn't take the acting and characters, too simplistic and sweet for me. Looking for drama recommendations with good looking leads and decent acting!
  12. @Erafera1 After you mentioned, i went and baidu-ed it. So apparently there was rumour that he will be starring in a drama called "The Last Duke (最后的王公)" based on a Novel by Miu Juan(缪娟)set during the Late Qing era (early 1900s) before the warlords era in China. Apparently he will be a Qing prince with royal blood but no real power. Filming will supposedly start in June. Sad story again too! News link in mandarin below. http://baijiahao.baidu.com/s?id=1630499259156413935&wfr=spider&for=pc&sa=vs_ob_realtime&isFailFlag=1 News say he will be paired with Sun Yi (this girl) Other news also said that he will be acting in the remake of Xiao Li Fei Dao (小李飞刀) . So far all these appear to be rumours, I guess we just have to wait for the official confirmation
  13. 白马王子!! So handsome!! Dang it, you ladies @Erafera1 and @pad-hari are making me sink even deeper in the rut with this new thread for him!
  14. @ayang23 yes, the whole verse came from the novel. I was very pleasantly surprised when they turned it into a song. It fits really well with the mood and tone of the drama too!
  15. Loved the last epilogue, both of them are so cute! For those who are asking about the fox song. I think it implies both LCY and XF as the fox and the tragic circumstances for each of them. The fox and the girl can never be together, because they are from a different species. Translated the full poem from the novel below. 一只狐狸它坐在沙丘上,坐在沙丘上,瞧着月亮...... There is a fox that is sitting on a sand dune, looking at the moon... 噫,原来它不是在瞧月亮,是在等放羊归来的姑娘...... Oh, it is not looking at the moon, it is waiting for the shepherd girl 一只狐狸它坐在沙丘上,坐在沙丘上,晒着太阳...... There is a fox that is sitting on a sand dune, basking in the sunlight 噫……原来它不是在晒太阳,是在等骑马路过的姑娘...... Oh, it is not basking in the sunlight but waiting for the horse riding girl who passed by 可是瞧着月亮,狐狸瞧出了苍凉,放羊归来的姑娘,带走了心房。 But as it continues staring at the moon, the fox gets increasingly desolate; the shepherd girl who returned, took away its heart 可是晒着太阳,狐狸晒的心发慌,骑马经过的姑娘,已不知去向。 But as it continues to bask in the sun, the fox gets increasingly panic; the horse riding girl who passed by, is nowhere to be found 狐狸啊狐狸,等不到放羊归来的姑娘,等不到骑马路过的姑娘。 Fox oh fox, it did not manage to wait for the returning shepherd girl, it did not manage to wait for the horse riding girl who was passing by 狐狸在唱啊:一只狐狸它坐在沙丘上,坐在沙丘上,瞧着月亮...... The fox is singing: There is a fox sitting on the sand dune, looking at the moon 狐狸终没有等来它要等的姑娘...... In the end, the fox did not manage to wait for the girl it is waiting for...
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