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  1. Unfortunately, weibo says there are no complete kissing scenes during the locked up period So everyone is venting their frustrations towards the production company.
  2. Hehe, I think the locked in the room for baby making is next (epi 39 supposedly airing today)! Hopefully we will be able to see some steamy snippets tonight
  3. So I started rewatching the unedited GMP (TW version) after Her Private Life ended... The story is definitely more robust compared to the Chinese version. Can I say again how handsome LCY is?
  4. He seems to have lost so much weight! But I do agree he looks super good in that suit I was reading on weibo a few days back that there are some anti-fans who were trying to tarnish CXXs image. Luckily nothing major happened after..
  5. Thank you so much to you recappers! Nomu nomu kamsahaeyeo! This episode literally cements Ryan Gold as the best Male Lead in K-Dramaland ever! I saw snippets of those sweet lovey dovey moments and just.... I never understood why people broke up over stupid matters which happened eon years ago or some stupid misunderstanding and then get back together shortly after. Glad that HPL handled all these tropes somewhat maturely. See spoiler for further thoughts! [Side track: Ditto on earlier comments about BTIMFL. It started out so so good but I cringed through the last 2 episodes because it felt so out of character for Ji Ho & Se Hee and just thought the plot towards the end didn't really make sense for 2 extremely rational + logical people] On a side note, do you think the screenwriters lurk in our forum? It seems like they heard our grouses and handled the tropes exactly like how we wanted it, haha! Plot holes aside, thank goodness for the AMAZING chemistry between both leads!!! Sooo looking forward to that raunchy bed scene tomorrow *rawr*
  6. The contents are somewhat repeated from his earlier interviews. Just few of the new things that was never mentioned before : 1. When his costars showed up on screen they all dissed him like he is still a kid who has not grown up. Apparently, his facial hair grows very fast and that he had to shave his facial hair every 2 - 3 hours since it grows so fast. 2. Then he talked about his 2 cats "Da Hei" (black cat) and "Bao Xiao Jian" (The other white and brown cat, the name means little cunning). His black cat would always wait for him at the door whenever he comes home while "little cunning" always just runs away hiding in a corner and never gives much attention to him. So apparently, one night he woke and heard the sound of a man breathing and then saw a bundle of black white white eyes, he got scared and just threw poor blackie out. Awww! 3. Then he shared about how he lost weight. It took him 2 months to lose 10kgs. First month he ate normally but went to the gym every day, starting out with 30 minute warm ups, then weights and cardio. The second month he started cutting down on food, morning was just milk and apple, lunch some protein (chicken or beef) then dinner just vegetables without any dressing. Im amazed by his willpower. I've been on a diet forever but never seem to lose any weight, sighhh... 4. He was also asked to share what he thinks about growing up with so many stars since he started filming as a kid, he just mentioned that he likes going on set to act. The rest are pretty much repeated where he talked about his mum and acting
  7. Wuri OTP finally confessed "I love you" to each other and slept together Only regret was, why didn't they show Ryan's body??? At least show him in some shirtless action!!! Wheiiii??!! *off to waiting for subs sighhhh*
  8. I agree, while my hubby is no Kim Jae Wook ( sorry baby!) there are still tender moments when I look at him and tell him he looks so good. I personally find their banter and interactions very relatable with a good mix of romantic feelings + pure genuine friendship. Also with regards to the comment that there is no attraction from DM part and that she only takes but does not give, I beg to disagree. I think she already started having feelings for the lion when they pretended to be a couple, eg. that seduction sequence at the gallery alley. I see her opening up and becoming forthright with her feelings (eg. Confessing first), making the effort to make her lion smile again without being too pushy for a reaction. I think as a 30 something, your romantic actions are a lot more mellowed compared to your 20s. Its more about being comfortable with each other in your own skin and bringing comfort to the other rather than a grand declaration of undying love, eg. rushing to his/her side etc. You respect that space and is there to support if the other needs it. That's why I really love this show, it's really very relatable to someone in her 30s. But that's just my take, happy to hear from all
  9. I: How is your mum as a person? How does she together with your father influence you in life? C: My mum is a wise woman. The good thing about her is that she is ver visionary, she can see things ahead of others. I: Do you think your mum saw how you would turn out now? C: Well I never asked her, haha. I: Did she tell you to pursue acting diligently and seriously, you will get to portray good characters? Did she ever tell you this? C: No she never said this. Actually when I was younger, there was a short period of time where I did feel a little tired of acting. That was about 1 to 2 months. I dont know why I felt that way, but it just came that way. However, my mum would tell me, "other kids have hobbies, what hobbies do you have"? I gave it a thought, and realize I dont really have any. I did a small research, and realize later that I am still most passionate about acting. So, I have to be persistent. I: She seems to know how to guide you well, is she very fierce? C: Yes, she is quite fierce. I: You must be scared of her then. C: Yes when I was younger. Now, we would communicate a lot on work related matters I: I don't think you would blindly follow what your mum says C: No I have my own ideas. But I like to discuss with my mum because I feel communications is very important. As well as respecting others. I: Are you not rash? C: Of course there would be times when I would be irrational. I: You appear very nice sitting in front of me, I wonder how you would look like when you blow up in temper. C: Of course I would. I will be angry at myself, even to the extent of whacking myself when I am angry with myself. Ther are times when I am rash and my temper just flares up, but I would then think why did i get angry, what's the use? I: wah, seems like your 2 personalities are fighting inside, between the rationale you and the emotional you. Have you ever been rebellious? C: Of course, but they never knew i had a rebellious period. I: Wow, you keep to yourself a lot C: Yes, i am quite tough onmyself because I know my mum would be sad if i show that side I: So during your rebellious streak, you were practising "internal kungfu" (a type of chinese kungfu where you muster your internal qi. Typical scenario is when someone transfer qi to another, the transferer has great internal kungfu) C: Maybe I: you must have a lot of "internal injuries" then, hahahaha C: LOL, i adjust myself pretty quickly. I don't want my emotions to hurt others in my daily life. I: this is actually quite hard to achieve, especially during puberty when you are rebellious. You must have very strong self control to achieve this. C: thats how i lost 10kgs!
  10. Omg, chingu, me too!! Hahaha, been camping there since I laid my eyes on Kim Jae Wook. Finally I don't feel like a paedophile since KJW is an OPPA! CXX is very versatile in all his outfits, he can pull off mature, cute, innocent, prince charming effortlessly. I still love him, but I have another competing distraction at the moment @Erafera1, sorry for the late response. Back to translating duties soon!
  11. My favourite part of today's episode is when Ryan told her mum that they are dating, (when DM clearly wasn't ready to announce) and readily accepts her fangirling. That's just so MANLY! I don't knoe why, but such a chivalrous move just tears me up a lil, especially how he really goes all out to be accepted by DM's mum. (I completely cannot understand what was going on and was just guessing from the scene) And to all chingus who have been unproductive and STS-ing all the time, I'm with you. I've been abandoning work, browsing forums, stalking KJW and then even started watching Guest (just to see those killer cheekbones, God knows how much I avoid horror movies) Where can I find a Ryan Gold?? !! Now I shall refresh this thread till the subs are out, sighhhh! Thank you chingus for recapping, really helps a lot!! Saranghae!
  12. @fangirldeokjil94 That's such a wonderful experience! I think fangirling is one of those things you have to do when you're young and think back fondly when you're old. He sounds like a real serious person from how you describe your experience. Is he as good looking in real life as how we see on TV?
  13. I read some comments that they find it hard to believe that a 30 something would be that crazy over fangirling. Lol, I am married in my 30s with a decent corporate job. At my peak fangirling time, I flew to Korea for the Year End Daesang just to catch Kim Soo Hyun, then camped in front of KBS station in the cold along with a bunch of other teenage girls! Never underestimate any fangirl regardless of age! #truestory I also just finished epi 9 in subs. I feel very relatable to Deok Mi. How many times we as girls crowd along with our girlfriends in support session to analyze every single thing a guy does to evaluate his level of interest during the "some" period? There are definitely insecurities and it makes dating all the more exhilirating. I think as she puts it in the end, its just her facade so that she doesn't get hurt. At 30s, you lose that oomph to just try out a relationship for the sake of trying, especially when the guy you are interested in is your boss. In some ways, I admire Deok Mi's courage at the end of epi 9 because I don't know if many would want to rock the boat by confessing and in asian values, women are still more conservative when it comes to confessing first. Also, can I just say that I loveeee that look on Ryan's face when she is confessing? That mixture of relief, understanding and love was sooooo And then the KISS!! I'm so thankful Kim Jae Wook is not in close vicinity near me or I'd seriously contemplate starting an affair if it is him!!! OMG that was just hottt (I saw clips of the beginning of 10 too) *fanning myself* So happy to be here to have a platform to share our thoughts! I'll savour epi 10 with subs later tonight, yumsss with all the sweetness!!
  14. He looks like he lost too much weight though in the white suit! That's too skinny!
  15. From the very little hangul I know, Park Min Young is First, Kim Jae Wook is second
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