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  1. The unaired pictures really gives off the vibe of a pair in love who is comfortable with each other, especially the photo right before the selfie. The ending scene with them having a picnic by the mountains was just sooo much feels! And then when Hyun Bin scoops Son Ye Jin in for a light peck on the hea, I went gaga!!! I don't think I've ever seen Hyun Bin being so affectionate with someone, on or off drama. There's that level of affection and comfort with Son Ye Jin that tells me that they're definitely more than just friends! I also recall in the "compliment me" Swoon clip, Hyun Bin gave a very uncharacteristic "Woohoo" while raising his arms, even Son Ye Jin was shocked. This coming from someone who reporters call "boring"? Also, if they were really worried about getting caught in rumours, they would have sat separately during the wrap up party and maintained civil. But no, they went ahead and hugged! *oh my shipper's heart*
  2. Such a great ending! Hyun Bin with his hair swept back is just yums!! Overall I really enjoyed the series, it's probably the only drama with the best chemistry I have ever witnessed. It's so good I overlooked the scenes with the NIS agents being jokers haha. While the scene of them reuniting at the Military Demarcation Line was really romantic and touching, it was also dangerously close to reigniting the Korean War. I'm glad that they didn't proceed with the reunification ending, it would have been too much of a fantasy. The ending was really bittersweet, kind of like how Sam Sook likened their love to the "cowherd and the weaver lady". Great leads and supporting actors, sizzling chemistry, beautiful cinematography, interesting premise albeit a little too fantasy (eg. How someone like RJH disregarded his parents safety for a woman he knew for a month?) and great comedy. I will treasure this drama for a very very long time. Goodbye comrades! Now I'm just waiting anxiously for dispatch to expose our 2Ri couple dating in real life!!
  3. So I watched episode 37 live earlier and can understand now why there is so much bashing on FX character and I think this is partially due to Victoria's delivery of the character. I personally felt FX could have been portrayed better if there was a significant difference between how she treated her relationship with YS and LM: 1. During the talk with SX about her wanting to be married to LM, she could have appeared less upbeat and more "resigned to her fate". She sounded too positive and it made it look like her love for YS was a little blurred/less important 2. When LM's sister visited, she also appeared ready and positive about progressing her relationship with LM to marriage 3. Her being with LM didn't feel vastly different from when she was with YS. I would have preferred if she was a lot more reserved with LM compared to when she was with YS 4. Her telling CY to break up with MM so that she can marry LM came off very weird. It sounded like she was too ready to move on with LM I feel an actor's nuances and delivery can really make the audience empathize with your character more and I feel maybe things would have been portrayed better if these details were taken care of. I still think Victoria did a great job throughout the series, but it is these subtle differences that can really make the audience empathize with you. Now my biggest worry is how they are going to make FX re-chase after YS without her looking like a two-timer who doesn't seem to know what she wants.
  4. Loved this forum because it allows us to share our worldly views through watching dramas. I think we often times idealize what we see on TV but as someone who is of the same age as FX, I can absolutely sympathize with her and actually really feel bad for her. Whatever move she does, is wrong, and really none of it is her wrong doing. 1. Society pressure - Yuan Song is 10 years younger and still a student. She really likes him but she lives in a community where much older women romance are not looked highly upon. This is in Asia where a sense of community and social acceptance is highly sought after. Can you imagine - your parents being the butt of the joke in your community - people making snide remarks about you preying on young boys - people saying Yuan Song is after FX to be a "sugar babe" - He was her intern, if things didn't work out, she would be left with a stigma of "seducing her intern" Unfortunately, society is still very unkind to women. Look at Elva Hsiao, she has always had much younger men as boyfriends and she is considered successful, but is still constantly being poked fun by netizens saying she likes to "eat young grass" 2. Stage of life - FX is ready to settle down, YS still has a huge future ahead of him. Yes, YS is seen actively pursuing FX and making effort to woo her. But I really did think YS was immature to give up studying abroad to stay with FX. This only happens in drama. He should have made future plans with her and reassure her that they will try to work this out by making frequent visits etc rather than just giving up his future for FX. She likes him a lot to know that studying abroad will give him a broader sense of the world, doing things he should be doing at his age. If FX had pressured YS to stay, then she would have been too selfish. Also, love does not conquer all and may fizzle out in the future, just look at the Xiao Yu/ShenFanFan pair. I'm sure they would have loved each other loads back in the days, but they just got tired of each other after 10 years? She has a lot more to think about compared to YS. 3. Not being transparent - This is probably the biggest problem for the main leads. I think if they had come clean from the start that - YS came from a respectable background - FX felt pressured by her friends who were a showoff - FX shared more about her friendship with LM - YS telling FX about Mei Yin - YS telling FX about his study abroad plans All these added to even more uncertainty about the seriousness of the other person in the relationship. I mean, you guys talk on the phone everyday, you should have shared what happened in the day. While I really detest LM, I can't help feeling sorry for him. Yes, he was manipulative, yes he pressured, but isn't this what happens in most "霸道总裁" (think secret garden, well intended love) dramas? I feel towards the later part of the series, when FX is torn between her love for YS and her trying to work hard on accepting LM, it is a natural reaction for someone rebounding from a previous heartbreak. I wouldn't call her spineless. She doesn't see a future with YS and wants to move on from him but finds that her heart still longs for him. I feel her denial in seeing the house with LM was more of her constantly psychoing and telling herself that things aren't moving so fast into a direction that she doesn't want. She probably subconsciously knows that he has that intention to marry her, but is consciously denying that thought. Similar to when she told YS that she doesn't know how to be angry at LM, she probably knew LM had good intentions for the relationship, but she detests it hence she is angry but don't know why she should be angry. I do feel the drama is really good. The subplots, FX's layered character combined with a social theme, sparked a lot of discussion on how we view things. The last time I had such intense discussion about love and compatibility was watching the movie "don't go breaking my heart". I was rooting for Daniel Wu's character because he would have been a good choice for the female lead, not Louis Koo who was a notorious playboy. Like I said before, had LM been played by a different actor, my choice might have been rooting for LM. So yeah, here's my very lengthy 2 cents up for your thoughts!
  5. Hello all, I am late to the camp but I really like this drama so far, it is a very realistic portrayal of choosing between love and compatibility thrown in with societal expectation, especially on women. I'm still at episode 15 (but been watching clips) because I feel anxious watching FX breaking up with YS and getting together with LM and wanted more episodes to unveil before I move on from the current lovey dovey period between the main leads. So there were many on Weibo who bashed FX for not holding on for YS, and succumbed easily to LM. But honestly, I understand her character arc though, how many of us can really stay unwavered dating a much younger man who is your subordinate and not yet considered successful while another more man who is socially accepted as a husband material pursues you relentlessly. I can completely relate to FX and feels what she is undergoing. Just some thoughts: 1. YS and FX only wanted to show their best parts and did not actively sought to communicate and discuss how to take this forward. Both felt unsure of the relationship and that created a lot of tension and misunderstanding. FX always had a doomsday view of her relationship with YS and YS was just still too young. They will need to be more forthcoming in their relationship to really take this further. They need to be both lovers and best friends before this relationship can have a shot at being long term 2. I don't think her reason for getting together with LM is just to get YS to forget about her and not give up his whole life (studying abroad) to be with her. There were already problems in the relationship, both sides were not transparent, family expectations, society's comdemnation of a much older noona romance, her girlfriends advising her to try out with LM to start a relationship with marriage in sight, etc. I feel it is more of FX giving in to the pressures surrounding her and just let go of her ideals and how she wanted to live her life. She is probably thinking "oh dear, just shoot this and get on with life since that makes everyone happy (except herself)", which is a very realistic portrayal of everyday life and very relatable. 3. While Lu Ming was very funny with his antics and I loved his interactions with Min Min, I find myself unable to like him as a second lead. Just personally, the actor gives off this very "油腻 (perverted) and manipulative" vibe which would have kept me at bay from even being friends with him. I consider this both a blessing and a curse, it makes not liking the 2nd lead easier for me and probably lessens the dilemma for FX but if it was Wang Kai who had played this character, it would definitely be a different debate for FX and the audience in choosing between YS and LM!! @mouse007 The preview for tonight: FX: LM wanted to buy a house, so I just accompanied him to give some opinion, it has nothing to do with me at all! CX: Of course it has something to do with you. When a man brings his gf to look at houses, it is a huge hint of "I want you to be a part of my future" FX spits out coffee into YS cup YS: That old fox (LM) is just digging holes for you to jump in to. You guys are just together for a few days, then he is already bringing you to see houses? He is slowly cornering you like a duck! FX: Who did you call a duck again? Even stuffing your mouth (by eating) can't stop you from talking so much YS: why are you being cross at me, if you are brave go be cross at him. FX: The problem is, I don't even know under what excuse should I be mad at him for. He just wanted my help and opinion in looking for a house YS: How can you even be dating, why do you need an excuse to be angry at your boyfriend, you're just too nice. You look like you're smart, but in actual fact is just like foolish older sister who just graduated from university. At LM house: Phone: How was it bringing FX to see house? LM: I don't think it was a good idea. She is very sensitive and thinks too much, I think we should take it slow. I feel like I messed up this time Phone: Take it easy and stay cool FX house FX: Hey, knock it off! CY: Don't tell me you guys are getting back together? FX: You wanna die??!!! Then proceed to whacking and the family advising them to take their fight outside. I love this pair as siblings, such an accurate reflection of the love hate relationship between brothers and sisters!
  6. Off topic from CXX- Back to our little CXX, did we hear of any news if he is still with Hu Bing Qing? I can't wait for that show (with her) to be out actually, he looks really good in a suit. Now that GMP is on Netflix, I'm super tempted to start a marathon on the whole series again
  7. Hello peeps! Guilty! I have also been camping at Crash Landing on You Yeah, he doesn't seem to have new dramas to be aired in the pipeline but like @jewelsc mentioned he has a new movie remake of Leslie Cheung's “A Chinese Ghost Story" to be out soon. In my country, many Chinese movies were not screened during CNY due to the Coronavirus outbreak. I reckon many upcoming shows/movies will be disrupted because of this epidemic. In addition to CLOY, I also started watching "Find Yourself". I always found it hard to watch Chinese contemporary dramas, but this is really good that I got hooked from Episode 1. It talks about Noona romance and deals with issues faced by women over 30 on love, compatibility and social expectations. So far, I've really enjoyed it. The leads are really good looking too
  8. Just watched Epi 14, and I also won't be surprised if the ratings wouldn't rise up further. Epi 13 and 14 felt very very draggy with very minimal plot development. I agree with someone who mentioned that they should have just killed CCK last epi and moved the plot with Se Hyeong and dealing with the sticky situation that JH and his minions are in to fill the remaining episodes. I don't know if you guys feel this but I just felt SR and JH gives off the "super tired vibe", maybe it's because of the back to back filming. The emotional scenes are still phenomenal, but somehow feels like it lacks something. Thank God JH kissed SR this episode, the lack of skinship in this latter half of drama is just dumbfounding!
  9. @gilaswan, thanks a lot! Now that made sense, so both Seri and Dad were pretending during the family dinner where the mum was absent. Yeah, I hope we get more backstory on what happened in the remaining episode. In addition to what you mentioned, I guess the mother is also conflicted because Seri is probably the only one with genuine love for her and gave her the least headaches amongst the three kids and adding to the fact that she probably had guilt abandoning her when she was little. I recall seeing the Yoon family taking a family picture in the opening credits, I wonder if that signals a happy ending for the family, so it will be interesting to see if the evil 2nd brother and sister in law actually turns good towards the end. Eldest brother and his wife are just pure dimwits, lol, they'd just run Queens Group to ruins.
  10. I tried looking through the threads and didn't see anyone mentioning this. Does anyone know what papers did Seri's father sign during his supposed "overseas trip"? I'm really curious about the backstory of Seri's family. The mum definitely loves her in her own way, I can't really place what the father feels about her coz he appears so indifferent most of the time he is onscreen and epi 12 is the only time he showed any signs that he cared about his daughter.
  11. I apologise to the drama gods for complaining about filler episode 11. I friggin loved epi 12, probably my favourite episode yet. I went from aww, to laughing and clapping hard then teary eyed within that 1.5 hours. Loved loved loved! 1. Soju scene The confession was so in line with RJH's character, not saying i love u, but with actions of getting married, having babies and growing old together. It was so bittersweet on both side that they acknowledge each other's feeling in silence so that it doesn't become too hard on the other when they have to separate again 2. NK Ahjumma support scene after the harsh talk during the laundry scene (super touching, you really only see the real side of people when you are down) 3. F4 and Seri's reunion 4. Backhug 5. Insurance agent and Seri talk in the car 6. RJH playing computer games was really funny By the way, today was really PPL galore but it was woven in so fluidly I have to applaud the writer! Daebak!
  12. Yeah, I also felt the plot for episode 11 was very slow, unlike previous episodes. Typically I always that felt the episodes just finished very quickly, but today I was checking the time a few times and felt a lot of scenes were really unnecessary. 1. SD n SJ - it felt very rushed to immediately develop a second loveline. Would have been better if they had a heart to heart about SD engagement and how she sees JH now to have some sort of closure (?) , rather than rushing to have SJ falling in love with SD 2. North Korean Ahjummas - Granted it was a foreshadow of what might happen to the villagers, but almost 10 mins of that was painful 3. CCK and SR - If he'd wanted to kill her, why not just do it at the lift area where they walked passed each other????? Bug for me 4. F5s in Seoul - the fish out of water was funny but not so funny after a while. It kinda felt a little predictable
  13. Thanks @Kyoya and @BINGO_O! Oh my poor shipper heart, I'm dissecting every piece of information/video for evidence. If they do end up together, they will be like a modern fairytale what with their looks and status! Kinda like Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young! But yeah, the Swoon videos were very telling of Hyun Bin's fondness over Ye Jin. In one of the interviews, HB was staring at YJ so intently towards wrapping up that YJ had to nudge him slightly to look back at the camera. I don't see that in all his previous interviews with other co-stars, he must have been really smitten by SYJ!
  14. Hi shippers, so to tide over the wait for episode 11, I scoured youtube for all videos of their interactions and also compared it with videos of their other co-stars. There is definitely a lot more warmth and sparks flying between bin jin compared to the other co-stars. With the exception of the Swoon videos, "the piano" and "SR running towards JH" BTS scene, I noticed that they are a lot more reserved in the press conference, other interviews and even in some of the BTS (JH and 4 ducklings, the coffee making, the Pyeongyang chicken). Somehow Hyun Bin seems a lot more reserved compared to his love-shooting-out-of-his-eyes vibe during the Negotiation period. Son Ye Jin is still her cute, upbeat bubbly self. I still think they dated during the Negotiation period up till early 2019, you don't just travel half the globe to do grocery with an opposite sex on their birthdays, what more 2 mega stars who are known to be lowkey at that. Now, I am confused if they are reserved because they want to avoid more scrutiny or things didn't work out. What do you guys think?
  15. Me loving RJH's new hairstyle and that suit in the new preview! Omo, those broad shoulders and dimples are to die for!!
  16. This!!!! Comrade!!! Your comments are gold! Yes, I hated the kiss scenes. These are world class actors we have and they gave us teenage idol kisses? Ish!! What I wish for in Epi 11 after the reunion: 1. a huge bed (preferably Seri's nice bed) 2. shirtless Jeong Hyeok 3. Seri can ditch her designer suits and just wear JH's NK sweater 4. Passionate kisses or makeout session for a couple who have been pining for each other (age appropriate: 30s and above) 5. The rest can remain under the sheets and I shall settle with my not so innocent imaginations Gam-Dong-Nim & Jakkanim, come on, you guys are TVN, not KBS, MBC or SBS! I have faith in you, fighting!
  17. Yeah, I watched episode 10 with my hubby yesterday and he was commenting that this "love triumphs all obstacles and common sense" only happens in kdrama fantasyland. So I just asked him to take it as a typical K-Drama modern fairytale or we wouldn't be able to enjoy any K drama ever. My take on your points above: 1. Technically, we are still not shown how RJH went to the South, I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt that he will be smart enough to do it in such a way where it does not compromise his family, especially considering how he would put his parents lives in serious danger 2. Well, technically the 4 ducklings are sent to pick up JH and convince him to return without much trouble. I doubt sending his most combative/intelligent men would have made it any easier to bring JH back (could be faced with distrust by JH), much less kept it under wraps. I'm guessing the father wanted to approach the situation in a softer manner, eg. Sending JH's most trusted men to convince him to return. I thought the way he sent them down (Military sportsmen) was pretty legitimate too, as in its not too big a bug for me to be concerned. These are just my 2 cents with my K-Drama addict filter glasses on A few more observations: 1. Possible ending: Like one of you mentioned earlier, it may not end with a unified Korean Peninsula, but maybe a more diplomatic one where travel between north and south is possible? Because this appears to be the hidden message when the news was being broadcasted about the Military Sporting event (main theme being: taking aside differences and coming for 1 common goal) 2. RJH's facial wounds at the end of episode 10: My guess is he got new wounds during his journey to the South, which was most likely a rough journey 3. Seri's mum: Damage was already done, SeRi is throughly disheartened with her family, including her omma. The scene with her mum was quite sad because you could see the mum being unable to defend herself when SeRi accused her mum of being happy that she is gone
  18. On a side note, I wonder if JH's new style (fitted suit + swept up hair) that we see in some of the shooting sightings is after SR made him sit through a makeover. That would be interesting to watch!
  19. Just finished episode 10, WOW, daebak! This show has been trending in China, and I've been lurking on Weibo since its the fastest source I could find online. I've seen a few theories floating around on Weibo and thought of sharing here! Biggest baddie On GSJ Broadcast next week Hoping today's ratings will rise higher!
  20. I wonder if this is a sign of a potential unified Korea ending? Because the condition of having lunch with Choi Ji Woo is after reunification of the Korean peninsula?
  21. I loved the parting scene, even towards the end Seri is still trying to weasel a confession out of JH! Yes, women are that manipulative, haha! Thank God there's another episode tomorrow or I'll just die..
  22. Ditto, it's been a long time since I shipped a couple this hard!! They're so good looking together it's a crime not to make cute babies together. Son Ye Jin's such a troll, I laughed so hard at Hyun Bin's reaction when he showed 1. That unbelievable face when she called him Oppa 2. That distrust when she read out in that Aegyo voice Then the dimples, my gawddd! Their lives would surely be interesting together if they date. Just date already you two!!!
  23. Hello all! Finally decided to de-lurk after the wonderful wonderful episode 8. I loved YWCFTS (fave drama ever) but couldn't finish LOTBS and the Producer, so I was having mixed feelings about the writer and this drama when it was announced. But I went in for Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin coz they looked so gorgeous together. As each episode progressed, I got more and more invested, then episode 8 came and I was thoroughly hooked. What I loved so far: What I didn't really like: Here are my 2 cents. And yes, got my hubby to watch it with me and he is very aware of how I've gone cray-cray over the show!
  24. Thanks for sharing the article, I've not seen this before. I'll translate the parts on YiBo below. Basically, the article says that there has been renewed interest in DDU ever since Wang YiBo became wildly popular this summer. This is especially so because there was a big change in hosts in 2016 (only Wang Han and Qian Feng stayed on) and how the new "brothers" were not looked upon favourably when they joined. There were some intertwining sections with the other hosts, I will just mention if its really relevant. ---- When YB joined as DDU "brothers", he had zero experience in being a talkshow host even though he debuted as an idol. He was constantly labelled as "cold situation king" (its not easy to translate this, but basically it means that he has that ability to kill off the mood), "human backdrop", "don't know how to speak". However, the producers continued to believe in him, because even though he was not good in communications, he is neither overtly humble nor prideful and has a commanding presence, quick to learn and loves to challenge, he completes each task wonderfully (during the show). The producers sees YB as someone with a "Day Day Up" spirit and can be a role model for young people. Now, he has started to show his multi-talented side, due to his exposure on DDU. Since beginning to host on DDU, he has learned how to pilot a plane, chinese opera, skate boarding. Even his biggest love "Motorcycle Riding" was due to meeting Yin Zheng on the set of DDU. Wang Han is the oldest and most experienced host on DDU, he treats all "brothers" like his own. When YB became wildly popular, some people started saying that YB is a "traffic celebrity" (people who are just famous for the sake of being famous, has a negative connotation). Wang Han will emphasize and defend that YB is a grounded actor, how is he a "traffic celebrity"? In one of the 2016 episode, Wang Han said this to the guest of DDU "When you travel far and wide to chase for your idol, when was the last time you took a close look at your parents and see how they have aged?". Wang YiBo was seen tearing up in the background. Summarizing the rest of the article, it basically says that the 2nd generation hosts of DDU have been building rapport along the years and YiBo is cherished by his older brothers. Even now that he has become so popular, DDU is a place to YB where he still meets and plays with old friends from home. ------ Actually ever since he was popular, many of his fans on weibo feel that he should quit DDU to focus on other areas. Maybe this was written in response to that? Sharing a clip below highlighting all the times YB was adorably blunt and says the darnest things on DDU, unfortunately no English subs https://m.weibo.cn/5633331833/4405621450901386
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