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  1. CLOY made me restart kdrama journey and also start listening to kpop. Last but not least, also decided to go korea for holiday this June and now thinking of switzerland too after the last scene!
  2. Cried buckets last night. Lucky eyes not swollen this morning The ending part HB looks so good. His pose and his built etc. All so good. When will i be able to see his next drama again? The scenery in switzerland is so damn beautiful! Saw the wrap up party where they watching the screening together, it was so emotional to me. Cried again
  3. Not sure anybody mentioned, i saw an IG post by someone that TVN is currently casting for twin boys. If is for CLOY, it will be happy ending
  4. Ep 13 preview and JH is with the mystery ring! So mystery solved finally.
  5. When JH finally realised he had met SR in Switzerland. Then he immediate wanted to rush out but was stop. I wonder what he intend to do if he is not really meeting up someone
  6. Yeah i lol when i hear that. They can even think of incorporating this inside the show. Really kudos to them!
  7. Epi 12 was good! I lol and also cried. Now, we are back to the countdown game again. 5.5 more days to go. It is definitely a much easier wait then the previous 2 weeks hiatus.
  8. Comrades! One more day to CLOY! We all survived the 2 weeks waiting.
  9. After watching CLOY, it made me restart my Kdrama journey and had plan for a trip to Korea this year too. F4 shopping too, cant wait
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