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  1. That very first moment he was awakened, i think that the last thing he would care about was to know her whereabouts. He was in shock-that's normal- and the only thing matter that moment was to regain himself again and get out of there. For JC 's lie to TianJun hm maybe he didnt want to get anyone in trouble (her in particular) until he finds out himself why she was there, who is she etc
  2. i will pm her!
  3. I think that the main reason he grabbed her hand when leaving the hall, was for her not to fade out. He was already checking her while she was warming his hand, and saw that she was exhausted, plus he was furious with everyone there, so he just grabbed his "belongings" (including her) lol and left the hall!
  4. (its working the same way as a common thread as i see) So, lets do it the way i suggested in the first post. We can discuss 10 episodes a week starting from 1-10 until next Friday. Next Friday we'll go to 10-20 etc Like a marathon kind of. Whoever watched more, than the discussed ones each week, he just has to wait until we all come to the point he is up to now. ok? I ll leave here the episodes we should discuss this week from today until next friday. 24-8 until 30-8 episodes 1-10
  5. Yeaaaah! He's like an auntie who interferes with sharp comments to everyone's love life hahahhaahhaha I was yelling the same thing cause Shifu only thing he did was being secluded and being grouchy on JC's love life!
  6. (i actually dont know how it works, but seems like a common thread, so we just write as always) Welcome!
  7. About the bad guy in L&D: I think the ultimate bad guy is the Heavenly Emperor: he treats everyone kindly, talks a little, but he is already aware of everything and everyone's motives, plus he acts in the background to support JC i love him! He and Le Bo, are the ultimate hypocrites in front of others when it comes to defend justice. So well written characters both!
  8. How anti-star is that girl, really now! She is adorable! I see her and i want to hug her and make her my sister! She's like Keanu Reeves in a woman's body! I mean, so beyond beautiful at sight, a kindness all around her! I love her! She is the reason i watched TROP at first, and now L&D! I will consume every project of hers in the future just to be close to her acting development in the future-no matter the quality of her future works (though i see she 's making very good choices up to now). There were you said that LX brought JC to life, both in TMOPB and TROP, had the same clue about the male leads: traumatic childhood with not enough affection/mother/love etc! C' mon! Not even one healthy male to seek for a woman and not for a healer! Only thing worth it, was that all 3 of them were hot-thank god! ps: JC in not old. He was born old man!
  9. Funniest part in ep3 when he is investigating her past, is when he sees that picture of him that she painted, which shows him as an old man! hahahahahahahahahahah his face! That "uncle" thing is hunting him from the start! @blueclueblue During the first episodes, i think he was purposely meant to be flat as character and behavior. He was just woken up from a coma-kind of- he was adjusting, he was gaining his energy back, it would be strange if he was behaving normally. After all, as a person, he was a dull person (as he himself admitted when talking with his bro later). I think that in this part, they developed his reactions pretty well. A dull, severe, introverted person, just comes back from hibernation, and gradually is awakening by all means, his senses, his feelings, and and new feelings begin to rise inside him, as compassion, love, desire etc. So when in mortal realm and afterwards, he becomes a man that experiences all kinds of emotions, a more complete person than before.
  10. I m stuck on 18 too *with subs and go back to rewatch scenes! Im officially a retarded watcher Plus, i already have a list of scenes that are really unnecessary and annoying, adding nothing to the plot, and if they wanted they could cut them so to give more time to the ending! First of all that Medicine King's daughter-the one who has a crush on JC. Totally useless character! She's not competing anyone, she is just hanging there to fill the scene! pf! What a waste of screen time! Oh! I finally had the chance to focus on Le Bo. What a great character (and an actor). He acts and reacts like a cartoon, yet so deep feelings behind his drunk-silly-joking-hysterical figure! I love him! Does anyone notice a hilarious and full emotional moment, on ep16, when he s talking with JC in his peach forest, JC says: i know about LX's true identity, Le Bo sits down suddenly and says: "what do you mean i dont get it" trying to hide his agony! In all his scenes he has that over-humorous cartoon style emotions, while trying to hide his precious secret in front of everyone! I 'd so much like to watch more scenes with him. After all, if it wasnt for him, we wouldn't have our LX alive by now!
  11. Girls i ve created an event so we can comment there a bunch of 10 episodes each week and have this thread as the main L&D thread, so to not mess up the whole thing for new users-watchers coming in here. I tagged some of you -the ones i remember your names- but its for everyone, so i leave the link here for you to join!
  12. @sabinebiene @blueclueblue @BaiZiHua @shimshimae @Alice_in_a_rabbithole @CatWhiskers @crispachu For everyone who 's watching L&D subbed now, let's watch together and comment on episodes here! The event is on every Friday and lasts for 7 days We can gather here and comment on 10 episodes each week! Feel free to make suggestions! This week's discussion: August 23 until Aug 30 episodes 1-10
  13. I cant find any interview of Chang Chen about L&D! Iqiui has a lot of stuff but in my country i cant watch anything, due to restrictions of iqiui
  14. Wow girl! You 've translated two whole interviews! Sooooooooooooo thank you! Well, first i ll ask you.....have we done anything to harm you? No! Then why did you to that to us? Why those videos? Especially the first one, where he is totally 10000% so much of a male! I mean, where does he find so much testosterone? Seriously! And he has it naturally, not being macho at all! He seems like a guy from a gang but at the same time he is so manly i cant even breathe! Dont get my on fire, cause now that im learning the forum here, i ll open you a special thread for Chang Chen so that we'll go fangirling! (ok, what he said about naked/sex scenes, we already knew, he is a full dedicated actor and he has learned how to be a weapon in the hands of his director, plus he can be shaped and be whoever the role requires. I like this kind of actors/actresses. They don't have limits, taboos, red lines and so). His dad was also a very charming man, same face angles and cheekbones, very handsome! That thing he said that he 'll be castrated, he said that about Ni Ni's secret? Meaning that if he reveals her secret she will cut his treasures off? hahahahahahahahah
  15. I love Tang Wei, almost as much as i love Toni Leung! https://www.reuters.com/article/film-lust-dc/lust-caution-actress-banned-in-china-idUSN0935238620080309
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