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  1. The main reason for not making a TROP season2, is the targeted audience. Unfortunately, they are used to more cheesy and easy to follow, dramas. Trop is in another level, in terms of acting, cinematography, character development etc. But i can see that despite of the lack of marketing, it keeps raising fans in the western audience as time goes by, so it may happen.
  2. He meant that even if they are close in distance terms, they are far away from each other, as Ning Yi is emperor and he is just a royal councilor. Their friendship is over. An emperor doesnt need friends, according to what he said (and according to reality). The only thing that was left unsaid, is what actually happened to Xin Ziyan. Did Ning Yi punished him after all? To me, seems that he didnt. Ning Yi seemed broken when Xin Ziyan cofessed his crime, although they both repeated the main principle of Ning Yi's dream: to punish everyone that commits a crime, despite his position.
  3. Xin Zyian gave his promise to Ning Yi's brother, to make Ning Yi an Emperor, plus Xin Zyian has his own ambitions too and its quite fitted to be ambitious since he is such a clever man. We also see him talking to himself on some point (i think in later episodes), where he 's wondering about his own dreams and ambitions. After all, its a great achievement for a royal councilor to prepare the next emperor. There's a lot of stuff to be completed and side stories left untold and most important, the couple. There's a comment of the scriptwriter which leaves an open door to the ending with the phrase: "Zhiwei's body wasnt found, so we may think that she's not actually dead", which also happened in the original novel. So i think there's strong possibility to have a second season. As for the Emperor himself, i think that he always uses Ning Yi to unveil others intentions, or to confront without exposing himself, or to do the "dirty work" instead of him (not that he doesnt love him-on the contrary, Ning Yi is the son of the woman he was so in love with, and he feels a special bond between them, i also think that Ning Yi reminds him of his younger self) <I strongly believe that season 2 is on its way. TroP is getting higher on ranking (both in douban and imbd), though they didnt buy views, blogging, no marketing at all-we can hardly find any officially translated interview of the cast and crew). Especially in the west, fans are increasing tremendously, so its very possible.
  4. There are lots of bts clips where you can see their intimate moments (i ve run into one when he is holding her tightly and whispering stuff) Oh my! Im still in the mood of RoTP and i dont seem to get out of it ! Back to the drama, i think there were more kissing scenes - ive heard director's comments in bts clips about kissing- but i guess they didnt want to give extra time to the couple, maybe they wanted to focus on the political side of the story, or there might be due to restrictions. Netflix may give a director's cut video later, dont know, but they usually do
  5. Hello! New here and also a kind of newbie at cdramas I just finished tRoF (i already 've heard about the novel), and im kinda still influenced by everything in the show (i got very much into the story i guess). So, here are my few points: First of all, i loved the character of Ning Yi as much as i loved Chen Kun as NY. The only time that confused me in a very bad way- guess its mostly director's fault and less the actor's- was about the end, where we can see Ning Yi acting as if he 's lost his mind. Ok, the man is an idealist, he was constantly in shock while he was trying to avenge the losses, the injustice, by avoiding harming innocent people but inevitably they were harmed-as it happens in life, its natural for someone with such values and ideas for a perfect world, to experience the reality shock, but i found his reactions a bit weird. Especially during the scene in the royal bedroom, where the couple meets, we can hear him talking about his dream empire, about justice etc, and next moment he talks about how much he wants ZW and all her lifetimes. He speaks nonsense at that time, or it was so bad montage that ruined the scene performance. A man who has been isolated for 8 years, then struggles for revenge, for justice, for all he values, mostly for protecting his loved ones (ok, mostly for keeping ZW alive), that kind of man has gone through a lot and still struggles to escape his fate but most important to escape the previous emperor's profile which always haunts him. NY, cant accept life losses, yet people die as very wisely his teacher said at the end. But all this reality shock, can excuse the fact that we see a total different person only in one episode. People dont change like that (even if we accept that kind of weird change). Last but not least, a love like that, went through so much blood, fights, plots, death, and only a single funny kiss under the sea? Really? We hardly watched some half-of -a -hug moments, ok thats nice too, it keeps the audience begging for more, but its silly for adults to not have even a night together (im not counting the final bedroom scene where nothing seemed to happen with all that sadness surrounding the couple). 70 episodes are a looooot for a couple, and when you want to develop the relationship (which happened to some point), you ve got to develop the body language too, the expressions, the caresses, otherwise we re not talking for a couple but for two people who are so very close to each other and thats all. I ll come back for more -my head is full of phoenixes darkness right now so i cant put my thoughts in order- lol! Happy to be here and nice to meet you all!
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