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  1. I really like your comment. There are several things that been bothering me and your comment really helped me in term of solidifying my theories. First, eps 15 when he locked her up. I didn't understand why he didn't kill her outright, but now I understand its his final test for her. He put her under duress to see if the demon aura will come out of her. Lingxi isn't dumb, she knows something was wrong but she keeps on trying to find excuses for him. The fact that she doesn't have hate in her heart plus her complete trust in him keeps her sane. So at the risk of her life, she still doesn't let hate and anger control. We will see it in the second arc again when she chooses to forgive rather than to hold on to grudges. That answers my other concern of *is she a strong female charater*. And I think I can firmly say "yes" now because, having the mental clarity to see the situation and choosing to forgive is an incredibly strong thing to do. People are complaining that Lingxi character is always a damsel in distress, that they are disappointed that she just doesn't become an @ss-kicking warriors and stomp her way through heaven. But in real life, we can't all be @ss-kicking warrior. Her being a victim of a situation outside of her control does not make her weak. She is a strong character because of her mental fortitude, her clarity, her compassion. Her strength came from within not from kicking butts. And that is something we would see in real life, women overcoming incredible amount of hardships in their lives and still do not fall into pieces, still have hope and love in their hearts, still live their life fully. They are strong and Lingxi is strong.
  2. No no, he meant, just kissing like that is not fun lol. He wanted to have other moves, if you know what I mean, *winks winks* Just kissing is too tame for him. You know, I just realised something. In the interview, the script writer said "Chang Chen leaves the audience wanting more". Omg, It's true, we are all here because we want more of him, of Ni Ni and their story. @springfiry can I do a shameless self promo? https://possitivelypricklycactus.tumblr.com/post/187756989656/an-au-plot-bunny I didn't write per se, I made a plot bunny but it has plenty of photos. Come take a look if you want
  3. I think there was a BTS here where they were both cringing, and laughing over the cheesiness of the lines, so yes I think it was cheesy in all languages. Hahah Found it.
  4. Oh I think I mentioned in the comment as well that I'm fully aware that the show production team put a lot of thoughts and care into it. I mean, great set designs like these just didn't happen by chance. Lots of love and passion as well. And they must have spent tonnes of money. The sets just don't look cheap. Not to mentioned the costumes. Omg Jiu Chen is probably the most well dressed male lead in a drama. He probably has 30+ costume for 60 episodes. Same with Lingxi. Yeah, in case you haven't noticed, I'm here because even after the show has ended, I'm still obsessed and not ready to let go. This is also the first mainland Cdrama that I have sit through without turning it off within a few minutes. I only watched TMOP while waiting for this show lol, and even then I skimmed alot. I didn't even finished. So yeah, I love this show so much that sometimes I just wished certain things could have been done better. That's all.
  5. The third and the last gifs are the best. The lighting on those highlights his angular, chiselled bone structure. The way the shadow falls across the planes of his face, it creates depth and dimensions. He looks so good in those gifs. Contrast that to the weirdly filtered 2nd gif where it softened his skin and features, and the second to last one where the lighting just flatten the angles of his face. *sighs* I think I mentioned on the other blog that Chang Chen's acting is so good that sometimes I wished the cinematography and the direction could have stood up to his caliber. It was such a pity because Rise of the Phoenix proved that you can have good lighting and cinematography in a TV series. @blueclueblue Joan P over that blog is your truly. *bows* There is another part, that I posted on the comment section of eps 9 where I talked about the world building on this show. http://dr-myri-blog.blogspot.com/2019/08/love-destiny-episode-9-recap.html?m=1 I fully intent to go deeper into the analysis of the set design because there are still plenty that I didn't mention. The rock in his bedroom for example.
  6. Speaking of old time aristocrats, can you imagine an AU fanfiction where he is a Royal Duke, or maybe a Russian Prince and she is just a simple country maid, the daughter of a minor gentry or something, and they fall in love? Him looking like this https://images.app.goo.gl/hHLt5tFkzxfdZ63KA And her looking like this https://images.app.goo.gl/eZqLxSyTszDp4rSm8 And there would be horse drawn sled in the snow, a la War and Peace. And him holding her face in his beautiful hands, tenderly kissing her? Omg * fan self* they are driving me crazy with their chemistry and I'm not ready for the show to end. I want more.... I just can't stop my mind from creating these crazy scenarios lol hahah.
  7. Yeah, the English speakers would miss the subtleties of how his pronouns change is indicative of how he feels about a person. I mean JC is normally polite but also very haughty. Reminds me of those old time European aristocrats. If you richard simmons him off, he wouldn't hesitate to cut you and pull rank on you. Like with Old Lady Yuan, when he first saw her again at the banquet, he walked over to greet her politely, after her conduct at the banquet, he was all "Ben zun" with her. Same with the queen of the West, he behaved with perfect conducts, but after she invaded his place and hurt Lingxi, he dropped his sword on her and pulled the "Ben zun" again, which is basically a royal "we" on her. And then after the interrogation of Lingxi, he just snubbed her, walked straight pass her without even a glance. I was so gleeful.
  8. I really don't like how Viki team translate ShenZun as Senior Deity. It sounds, might I say it, "old" and awkward. Or too high schoolish. Much prefer the "my lord" and "ShenZun" that the YouTube translator used. Or even Supreme God or Honorable God is better. I mean, sometimes 13 and and Lingxi would say "our ShenZun" and if they use that or "our Lord", it's more endearing that just "senior deity". Also they translated The God of Thunder's title as "true emperor" lol, so who is the fake emperor ? Is his title higher than the Heavenly emperor since he is the true one? . I kid But I wish they had a general editor who would fix all that
  9. Yes, I grinned as well because the scriptwriter is a such Chang Chen fangirl and she wrote the script specifically with him in mind to play Jiu Chen. Maybe I can do the article translation on the weekend if you guys want it.
  10. @Winterfairy Just edited to add in the link to the photo. Sorry, the insert image function just doesn't work for me
  11. @Winterfairy Just edited to add in the link to the photo. Sorry, the insert image function just doesn't work for me
  12. Guys, I have something amazing to add. You know in the bed scene, mid action, she said "let's get married" right? Which cues a reaction shot from him that confused me a little. But I have been deep diving in Chinese fandom, and somebody there, some-very smart-body, slowed down the frame rate, read her lips and apparently the line is "let's lay an egg together". They just dubbed it in differently. So the reaction shot makes sense. And they were talking about laying egg in the Peach forest. And earlier in the bed scene, JC already got a confirmation from her that she would marry him. Why would she said it again mid-kiss. LOL I love how bold LX is. Oh, in Douban, they either called it the "egg laying" scene or the "crushing the galaxy" scene. They also did a bit of detective works and quickly concluded that in the family photo, there is hint that LX is pregnant again. https://niniaday.tumblr.com/post/187270039386 Edit to add the family photo link
  13. I've always thought Zhang Zi Yi wooden so I really don't see what they are talking about her outshining him. Not even bring out out the big guns like Gong Li or those old time Hong Kong actresses, of her age range, so many are much better, Zhou Xun for example. I think in this drama, there are some moments where he was not as natural and I blame it on him not used to TV film making but scenes that require nuances he was so great. It's in the eyes, and the comparison with Tony Leung were apt enough. They both got beautiful, very expressive eyes. The last scene where he was holding his family in his arms and the way he looked at her just broke my heart. There was tenderness but also much pain and sadness about them, you can just imagine the things he went through to get back to her. After that scenes, I took it as a bittersweet ending, there is noway he was as unscathed as his smile showed
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