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  1. @YuSanSeul I think Dowan was mistaken when he said three months cause they were together again during the presscon, he had the blonde hair during iqiyi promotions too, that was the month of May before MRIAG aired. Not a fan of his hair color too. Remember when JKY teased him and called him "yellow guy" during promotions then Hyeri immediately turned to Kiyong and said to him stop haha @orion00 thanks chingu! So that was the "padding" jacket that they were referring too haha
  2. Whoa~ I thought JKY would be too busy to notice that Search WWW has recently been added and is trending on netflix! He didn't even promote anything about Sweet and Sour back then lol Now time to rewatch Park Morgan and swoon over him again
  3. @YuSanSeul Maybe JKY will have a bday post then Dowan will comment on that since he's the only one following him on IG aside from PDnim, but still hoping for Hyeri's presence on his bday like greeting him too in the comment section. @realistic2280a there were no group photos of them in Jeju maybe because they want to be discreet. But it is really possible since what are the chances of them being in Jeju on the same month. I would believe its a coincidence if it was just Hyeri and JKY but Dowan posted his jeju snaps on his other account instead of his main so as not to be obvious t
  4. @orion00 congrats on your newly arrived package! @realistic2280a @syahirannsyakirann no plans on watching Nvrthlss but I think it's popular because the main leads are the hottest stars in Korea lately. I finished Doom but didn't really enjoyed it. The only dramas I am looking forward is of Hyeri and JKY which are still months away from now. I cannot wait to see them again... tho they have different partners this time but that will be enough until they can be paired again someday, hopefully. They look so cute on the first photo
  5. @YuSanSeul couldn't agree more to what you said! I haven't rewatched MRIAG to analyze the whole drama better but its true that they could've have been bigger like Doom and Nevertheless. I wish they didn't prolong the red string/love triangle because that's also one of the reasons why some viewers lost interest with the main lead. I recommended MRIAG to two of my friends and can you imagine they really rooted for Seonwoo? They liked JKY at first btw. I never focus too much on second male leads because its given that they will not be chosen in the end. @orion00 it surprises me that e
  6. @YuSanSeul I hope she uploads it again! This fanmade video is also good Yes noticed too that he's very submissive when it comes Hyeri he's like the guy who doesn't want to disapppoint Hyeri nor hurt her feelings. On the other hand, JKY's interaction with his other female leads (Nana and Jin Seyeon) looks like the typical colleagues to me. He would fistbump with them but with Hyeri its always high-five and more skinship haha Why he looks like a dancing grandpa here I'm sure Hyeri would like to squish his face here instead
  7. @syahirannsyakirann I thought once the drama ended knetz would't be as active as before, but look at them, they are the same as us @orion00 yes! A lot of korean fans on twitter are good at making Hyeri JKY GIFs! They are so dedicated Same with ssohyn.k, I wasn't able to watch her recent uploads then IQIYI blocked it unfortunately.
  8. @orion00 Eoreoshin looks so shy! Only Hyeri can make JKY appear in a variety show. Mark my words! So we were just discussing about the Fermina Daza scene right? Apparently, Knetz represents us all... I'm crying...
  9. @orion00 yes I agree, even the moments when they appear to be arguing, I can't help but find them cute with that. It just shows how comfortable they are and they don't need to be wary of their actions friends forever haha
  10. @syahirannsyakirann I wish Hyeri knows how many of us want the unedited version of the bed scene. Maybe Esquire would pick a question like that and ask Hyeri about it @orion00 even their managers can't help but join the fun At 2:02 when JKY said "Didn't you just scold me?" twice I can't help but laugh at the way he said that. It seems that Hyeri is the older one here haha
  11. @orion00 IQIYI has so many channels for different countries so maybe there are contents that are exclusive for a particular country. Wouldn't it be better for IQIYI to just have an official one haha @syahirannsyakirann I don't know why Hyeri seem so irritated with Kiyong at the end, but she always like bullying him anyway haha I hope Hyeri will share something again about MRIAG on this interview. She looks very chic here
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