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  1. It’s for the 10-min short epilogues that are going to posted on TVing I believe.
  2. I haven't watched a sageuk in a while (Kingdom was prob the most recent one), but I always found it interesting that while European royals had mistresses and illegitimate children, it was usually frowned upon. However, in Joseon, kings be having concubines and multiple children like nobody's business lmao AND it was encouraged
  3. I thought Sobong woke up because she thought she peed her bedding lmao that's why she was holding the chamber pot in the next scene
  4. On a different subject - I wonder if the show is going to let Sobong get revenge by going after Mr. Han’s ancestors. That would be really interesting to watch since it would be a secret mission that no one would know about except for Sobong.
  5. The end scene shocked me so much! I was NOT expecting it at all, but it was so heart fluttering! ❤️
  6. I have so many questions! How would they be back at the Queen’s home? I thought Queens were forbidden to ever leave the palace once they come in. Also, she is not wearing royal clothes (I may be wrong) in the pics, but it might be because she’s not in the palace. Someone mentioned that her hair is up, so it must be after she got married and not a flashback BUT I am still skeptical lmao I just don’t want to be disappointed and get my hopes up for nothing It seems like Soyong came back for a little bit? Maybe Bonghwan and Soyong’s spirits are residing in the same body now after she
  7. Just a theory - it seems like the concubine’s court lady/servant is the one who pushed the Queen. Her reaction to the accusations seem too dramatic to me.
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