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  1. Omo. I will totally watch if they make a spin-off lmao I like how they repeated a lot of gestures/dialogue from Sunny-Hyuk scenes in just a couple minutes. Very cute!
  2. Well, that’s certainly a way to bring NWS back into the picture. The end is going to be bitter-sweet for me. I started watching this drama because I am obsessed with royalty and political intrigue; but I stayed for the wonderful actors and crazy plot twists. Don’t want it to end, but it’s been a good show nonetheless. Edit: Also, I’m not fluent in Korean; however, from what I grasp, LH is leaving it all up to Sunny. I think she’s going to end the monarchy.
  3. From the one on drama list, the only thing “wrong” is Sunny falling in love with NWS, which is not even certain rn since there are still some episodes yet.
  4. Am I the only one who still loves the show? I’m honestly surprised by the reaction here since it’s been clear to me from the start of the second half of where the writers were going since the start of the second half. I also always take the original synopsis with a grain of salt since it’s only supposed to be a generalization of the plot to get people watching
  5. Preview is so short And omg, this drama is a total train wreck. I’m almost tempted to just drop it now, but that would be a total waste of time since I got this far. I’ll watch till the end, but can I please get some answers soon (ahem, the island)?!
  6. Hey y’all. If you look back at the scene near the end where LH and LY are at each other’s face, you can clearly see that LY took the white flower from LH’s suit. So, idk, he’s probably the one who’s trying to frame LH.
  7. This was the one of the best episodes by far. All the relationships are getting complicated, everything is connecting, and it’s all quickly culminating into an intense showdown. I can’t wait! How many more episodes do we have?
  8. I’m actually only watching for the emperor scenes and, surprisingly, the nanny scenes. She’s actually becoming a really interesting character. The other parts tho (especially with Lee Yoon) are not captivating me at all.
  9. What does the PD team mean by “reverse-twist?” There’s been so many different kinds of twists in this drama that I don’t know what is what lmao
  10. Noo. Please don’t generalize. I hate relationships where the girl/guy tries to fix the other person omg I won’t say I’m a devout shipper but I do prefer LHxSunny because I simply find their scenes way more entertaining.
  11. I thought it was pretty obvious that the Nanny killed empress sohyun. She probably killed the grand empress dowager too.
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