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  1. To the people who likes handsome young men, you might like The Legend of White Snake (2019), they're better looking than CXX in my opinion, happy watching.
  2. I agree with you, you can't fall in love with the person who kill your family, it's like where is your loyalty to your family when you know what that person did to your family but you still sleep and live happy with them. And no point XF tells LCY that he is GXW since she knows she will not live with him ever. I'm happy for the ending because this drama still gives a moral lesson to people that you CAN NOT do bad/evil stuff to others no matter what the reasons are, and there's a consequence after that. Maybe just me, when I watch drama, the most important thing is the story, the second is the cast.
  3. @Pangiaxiongdo you use the same name on instagram? I think I follow you since Ever Night.
  4. I think people got the wrong idea when I said about CXX, I don't hate him because of his character in the drama. And yes, you said it right, celebrity need bodyguard because of the crazy fans, sometimes the fans unintentionally attack their idol. After goodbye my princess, I believed that CXX will get popular faster since his acting is very good. I remember that I said I like CXX, but not LCY in this forum. CXX played GXW/LCY very well, I can feel the emotion, when he's sweet GXW and when he's evil LCY. I'm sorry if I offended CXX fans, my apology.
  5. I'm sorry if I sounded judgmental, but I'm not, I see some celebrity got attacked by his/her fans, it's very common around popular celebrity, so they start hiring the bodyguards to protect them, and they're still friendly (like waving hands, say thank you, etc) but not too friendly. Got attack I mean, they got scratched, sometimes hits from fans who wants to grab them.
  6. He just got popular and not yet rich, so people still can get that close to him, wait until his career peak, the girls only can get close to his bodyguards and he won't be too friendly either.
  7. Very happy with the ending, I don't shed a drop of tear for LCY. Indeed, he's like his father, if you want power, you have to be evil, since you're evil, you'll never find happiness in your life, that's your karma. You reap what you sow, no matter what the reason behind that.
  8. @Erafera1hahaha, guess you're one of the people who falling in love with LCY, btw is it LCY or CXX?
  9. I'm so surprised how people start hating XF (I read from another thread), calling her too stubborn, naive untalented girl, etc, for not submitted herself to LCY, like WHAT?. Human mind and feeling are so complex, I thought people loved XF and hate either LCY or GJ but guess I'm wrong. No mater how good you are, some people still think you are bad, no matter how worst you are, some people still think you are saintly. Never take seriously what other people may say about you, just believe yourself, that's enough.
  10. Peng XiaoRan is actually a funny/hilarious and happy person, I saw her in the 1 reality show (just short appearance) she just so funny, keep joking and laughing a lot.
  11. That is LCY's biggest mistake as LCY the crown prince, he has made XF misunderstood him since the beginning. He should be honest with XF when he starts has feeling for her. XF loves GXW not LCY as a character, GXW expressed his feeling to her, always treat her and the people surrounding her very well, totally opposite to LCY's character, that's the difference between LCY and GXW. During for 3-4 years into their marriage, XF only sees that LCY's heart belongs to Sese, and now he said, he just used Sese, how XF suppose to feel?, either I'm married a monster or I'm married a big liar who I shouldn't trust.
  12. Finally!!!! he says "I LOVE YOU" to XF, but way.... too.... late......
  13. LCY... LCY.... if it's true that LCY bring the army to start the war, he is the most idiotic person in this drama, XF already hates you and you bring an army to kill more of her people?, if he smart, he can use a diplomatic approach to ask XF nicely to come back (he is the crown prince from the central plains after all), well... I can't say too much, just wait until more episode come. My mind keeps saying "what the heck!!! what the heck!!!" and my head keep shaking, I almost fainted
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