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  1. @tok-soompithat last paragraph was daebak....son hoo joon and hjm in a drama again....is the most interesting plus park seo joon....agh. am dreaming.
  2. so....he is taken....that would be good then....i dont think han ji min dont have a special one....just wait in time. she will open it up.
  3. it would be fun to watch great actors playing as siblings no matter what genre they're in. hope kdrama producers will evolve more on creating diverse productions. maybe i am just tired of watching noonas romamce.
  4. @unknown12.....yeahhhh right! love her look in age of shadows press cons. she is already gorgeous with just light make up. by the way....i am a fan of park seo joon ...hope he'll be paired with han ji mim too. han ji min and seo hoo jun as siblings in the light in your eyes were adorable. hope psj and hjm will do project as siblings too.
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