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  1. shes been looking for a man who is there with unlimited time who is there to hold her when times get tough. thats what every woman is looking for. but around her profession only a few possess that ability.lol. think her ideal type of a husband is like of ji sung which is also rare in showbusiness. but i sincerely hope she can find that man shes looking for. i am giddy to know that man whom she can spend the rest of her life with. not a single clue from anyone she has worked with that held special feeling for her or vice versa. think shes very single as of this time and its such a sad feeling as a fan knowing shes lonely and empty.
  2. friendship should be the foundation of a married couple aside from the creator. there is no perfect marriage. every married couple has its own struggle. but why some lasts? its because of that strong connection between them before they start a relationship. its rare between couples considered as bestfriends especially the guy is younger than the girl.....so i rather prefer hjm to be with someone who already knew her than she knowing him. women can easily adopt to a person who have shown sincerity. a big difference to men they can easily get cold when they dont like girls actions.
  3. glad hjm hard to fall in love with any of her costars. look at those recent news between married couples in kshowbiz. its hard to ship her with ypunger costars. yiung men mostly are not that emotiomally stable. they can easily change their minds if they want. hahahaha....
  4. i dont think hjm will have another project with sjs. hjm in cain and abel is the typical kdrama character. why i fall for her charm in that drama iits because of her innocent joyful aura that neutralize the intense sad plot. her accent is so catchy...it wasnt just portrayed just because it is neededi in the drama. she made me believe in her character. i suppose she atudied for months ro portray her role. she is one of a kind though. her versatility was proven in that just one drama.
  5. i started liking hjm as an actress since cain and abel. it was 2013 i think. ive watched rooftop prince in 2016. both were amazing dramas. by the way....i have watched her cf with lee dong hae...oh my....there so cute together. they were having fun making that cf. great to see her making projects with different artists especially if it is closer of her age.
  6. heart stopped and suddenly it became erratic after reading. hahaha......i have to see my cardiologist now. hahaha... this isnt normal amymore.
  7. my heart stopped for a while ....while reading han ji min and jo in sung in a drama. just wow! please .....please....han ji min ssshhhiiii..... i am very ok with no romance though. cant wait for 2020 now. hahaha....
  8. @tok-soompi i am with you....after hjme..hjm seems so down....she admitted bout that drinking and crying thing with friends. glad that director from age of shadows made some good remarks on her performance as an actress. most people will just see her beauty but not the talent. familiar wife did make a character that showed her versatility.
  9. the drama was a flop...that may cauae hjm and hb ignored each other. that friendship with her with gy was only good for a few months. maybe theyre still in contact but maybe not too much. reason why jjs amd her became good friends maybe because of the promotion. good relationship start even as a friend by just one single moment. you can make friends with anyone through meeting them at the bus stop but sometimes you cant make friends whom you sit beside for hours in a bus. hahaha....
  10. sometimes.....chemistry from the drama or even bts blinding us on the real score. hahaha....starting from sjs and hjms drama....before i felt like omg....theyre very cute together and there was this bts that made me flutter more and then sadly sjs get annoyed by some fans who made some coincidintal meaning of their rings. its like somebody poured a very cold water on my face. then there was hb who have said shes the prettiest actress he have worked with and that was before their drama. i was then some of those who kept on analyzing their moves especially his. and darn. i was wrong. he is always like that with his costars. those stares were everywhere though. from nana to syj. hahaha..... and again it hit me. huhuhu....
  11. hjm is a kindhearted actress.. only a few poseess that kind of attitude especially if you are in that kind of industry. there are lots of premadonnas i suppose in that field. i believe many actors wanting to work with her or wanting to work again with her because of her attitude aside from her beauty. she is an angel according to some people she have worked with. and i think i will give my doubts to his coactors. it is harder to think that they have strong admiration to that woman and they barely not make any moves to make such special relationship. if indeed they made some moves before again their feelings must be reciprocated or else they will keep their distance. as for hjm....she should be with people who can influence her decisions in life. but who am i to say that? hahaha....
  12. that is why.....married coactors or non famous actors are ok for me to be paired with her in her next projects. maybe in that sense she can have the interest in finding the right one because of their influence. sometimes you need to be with everyone who are happily mariied for you to rethink about your decisions in life. if your are surrounded with single people you cant think of anything else but to just work , be successful and have fun sometimes by travelling a lot.
  13. hahaha......maybe those men really like her before or was it just for promotions? those acts sometimes are just doubtful. jejeje.....but sometimes men kept their distance if they think their actions were not reciprocated especially if they are as handsome as them. i dont have doubts if her friendship with married men last for a lifetime its because shes comfortable and safer with them. her friendship with younger men were more of like a sibling relationship. among her costars...i do think nobody have strong interest in her right now. their adoration though were just passing.
  14. i dont like to ship her to anyone right now. i was then like a little girl who have waited for her dreamboy to come that never exist. such a pain in the ssss...from sjs to hb. im done with them. they were just hopeless thoughts way back then. please han ji min ssshii...stop tormenting us with this delusions.....hahaha....
  15. believe me....everytime i visit her instagram ....i was hoping that....theres this picture of her with her man.....hahaha..... think ill be rhe happiest fan ever if thatll happen. the soonest the better though.
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