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  1. New IG post, so beautiful in yellow, she looked the same as 3-4 years ago, never aged! https://www.instagram.com/p/CCpbq_OnlwH/?igshid=j3iiwxnllvtd
  2. Is it only me or have anyone noticed that our couple is posting in IG one day after the other posts?, i.e. when HJI post, expect a post from HJM the following day or vice versa. This is the 3rd time: yesterday, we saw HI posted his ‘eclipse’ photo, then today JM posted her ‘onyoupharm’ vclip. Jimin’s posts: June 29, July 5, today (July 15, around 12nn, Seoul time) Haein’s posts: June 28, July 6, yesterday (July 14 around 8PM, Seoul time) Coordinated? Coincidence? or just me being delusional?
  3. My cure to missing her, in addition to watching favorite episodes of OSN, C&A, Familiar Wife, HJ&Me and RTP, is to watch the YT fanmade videos of these dramas, including the OST videos which I have put in one playlist and which I play every night before going to bed (just listening to the music) and some of her guesting stints in variety shows. I can’t rewatch TLYE, too sad for me. I hope she posts more in her IG. Btw, she has now 1.1M followers. @holly May, I am not watching new kdrama, too. Totally lost its appeal to me, if I did not get hooked with HJM, I might have totally given it up and back to my US shows (which now helps me keep my mind off from missing Jimin so much). I guess I would be watching only JM’s - her older shows and future works. In my dictionary, kdrama means Han Ji Min!
  4. yes, me too. anxious to know her plans after HERE was put on hold indefinitely!
  5. Yes, @richelle, so beautiful, adorable and so like a child! Just love her! I hope and pray that she has not given up on marriage and a family of her own in the future.
  6. @richelle, @tok-soompi, @Chrc thanks for your valuable insights, much appreciated! The MLs enumerated in your posts, anyone one of them is also ok with me. Lee Sang Yoon would be great, though! I got interested with him when I read that he has a major in Physics from SNU! (the “science” in me was intrigued! I have watched his drama, Whisper. JM and him had collaborated in a Mont Blanc CF before. But as @richelle said, it’s not the lead partner what is important but the storyline and Jimin’s role. She’s a versatile actress so any character, as long as it’s well written, will be well portrayed by her. My next drama watch will be Padam^2!
  7. I just finished watching Cain&Abel, I super love it! Both SJS and JM were perfect, visuals and acting-wise! JM was funny, cute&pretty in her short hair, unpretentious and gave a great portrayal of her role. The script gave all 4 lead characters strong individual storylines to which they delivered superbly. Considering that the story’s major focus is with the brothers, the writer did not deprive the 2 FLs their own niche in the drama which was coherent to the main storyline. @richelle, @tok-soompi, I am wondering why Jimin was good in C&A (2009), Padam^2 (2011, according to reviews as I haven’t watch it yet), RTP (2012), Familiar wife (2018), TLYE&OSN (2019) and there were also films during those years where reviews about her acting were also good - question nagging in my head, WHY only in HJ&Me was her visuals and acting not at par with those other shows. She lacked passion (uninspired) in the portrayal of her role in HJ&Me except maybe in the last 2 episodes, where she became more the JM I’ve seen her other dramas. Could she have been heartbroken in 2015? LOL!
  8. What does this mean? HERE is postponed indefinitely? Source: https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/241/0003036404 The tvN anticipation'HERE' has become invisible this year. An official from a drama station said on a daily sports day on the 7th, "The drama'HERE (Gauze)', which the topic was drawn by the cast of authors Lee Byung-hun, Han Ji-min, and Shin Min-ah by writing a play script, has collapsed this year." The reason for the production failure was due to Corona 19. 'HERE' deals with international non-profit private organization NGO stories. It is the work of writer Hee-Kyung Roh, who was interested in non-profit private organizations, along with the usual in-depth social message. It was postponed. This is because it is inevitable to shoot a certain amount of overseas locations in the drama story and development. Coordinating the actors' schedule does not seem to be easy for the production team or the time for five people to meet again. Dozens of scripts and drama scripts pouring in all of the leading roles. Given the time the ankle was caught with'HERE' in the situation where the next work is being decided one after another, the movement will be faster. Moreover, because Nam Joo-hyuk needs to consider military enlistment from next year, it is virtually impossible to gather all five people as'HERE'. In some cases, if you want to start shooting quickly, you have to revise the contents entirely and grab it in a direction that is not an international non-profit private organization and delete the overseas shooting. Reporter Jin-Seok Kim superjs@joongang.co.
  9. LSJ will be a good match for Ji min! He’s kinda cool guy, no-nonsense, US-educated, well-established in life and funny! In 3MAD, their fondness for each other and having kept abreast of each others “life happenings” were evident, considering that the last time (and the one only!) they worked together was in Yisan (some 10 yrs ago, right?). Please correct me if I’m wrong. Ji min was also very familiar with the show. There were conversations about “being neighbors” “side dishes brought prepared by JM’s mom” “JM’s grandmother loves to watch the show”, etc. LSJ is nearing 50, though, so I am not sure if he’s still considering marriage at this late stage. @tomo74, I will be happy with them ending up together, too!
  10. Hi @tok-soompi, could you please also post Jimin’s photo above on the main HJM thread. I am still havin trouble posting pics through imgur. Thank you so much!
  11. Oh, yes! Could it be an old photo? during her Brisbane vacation last year after OSN? I think I saw a picture of her wearing that same hat (?) On second thought, maybe not? Her hair was shorter then.
  12. So pretty Jimin! I hope she’s having this coffee with a special someone, whoever, as long as someone who’s making her happy and her heart fluttering!
  13. @richelle, you prefer NJH, acting-wise or on-screen chemistry-wise? I am having trouble with his height
  14. Completed watching all episodes of Hyde, Jekyll & Me without clicking fast forward button as I did not want to miss parts that gave the show negative reviews, was wearing my “critic” hat! I didn’t see anything that could have triggered those bad reviews nor the low ratings it got. I know it could be better but it was not bad as what I allowed myself to think based on comments/reviews I read. Actually, I love the show - story, HB, & HJM’s chemistry!!! Their “kiss” in ep18, wooow! I understand now why some of our friends here were “shipping” them at one point. I admit it was hard for me sometimes to watch Jimin’s scenes - downcast eyes (her dazzling eyes, her greatest asset was not always visible) and tight lips, poor wardrobe, her makeup, was not fan of her orange hair, and her role did not allow her to show her superb acting skills as it was mainly supporting HB’s 2 personalities. Toward the end her smiles, laughter, dazzling eyes were more visible and she became more animated! One thing for sure, she did justice to role given to her. I can’t fault the storyline except that the “kidnapping” part dragged lengthily. I would have preferred for the the 2 HBs public co-existence as Seo-jin with Robin as his pen name” angle of the story to have been given more focus an screen time. I wonder if the writer only thought about it near the end of filming. Anyway, I’m glad that I gave this show a chance, this will be included in my regular re-watch list (OSN,TLIYE, RTP, Coffee prince). Onto Cain&Abel.
  15. @richelle, me, too. I’ve started with HJ&ME a few nights ago after finishing TLYE. It’s taking much effort from me to proceed but will finish it for Jimin, in episode 6 now. Hopefully, I finish it during the weekend so I could watch C&A, next in my list.
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