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  1. Jimin has posted about the tragic death of bay Jung-in in her IG. Thanks for sharing the IG post on the review of OSN,
  2. Yes, from among the last 12 consecutive JHI IG posts, she only skipped (ignored/avoided) one post which is kinda interesting (?) Check it out which one she avoided.
  3. Hoping to hear next project of our Jimin. Googling status of the planned drama, “Here,” chanced on this news article posted last Dec 29, 2020. http://koalasplayground.com/2020/12/29/han-ji-min-comfortably-chic-in-promo-pictorials-to-wrap-up-december-promotions-for-k-move-josee/#more-106611 I hope HERE pushes through with its planned filming this year! Interesting comments on the article.
  4. Whoa, great observation @Chrc! I am pretty sure they were doing the same pose in the same location! And the only reason why they were doing it? Because it was Haein who was taking the photo!!! why else would they do it? Or maybe, they were going down OSN memory lane!
  5. Happy new year friends! May you and your families be blessed with a year of good health, fun and prosperity!
  6. Wishing us all a happier, safer, healthier nd more prosperous new year! Iwould be extremely delighted if our leeyoo couple becomes a real couple! I am happier now knowing that they get together with their OSN friends.
  7. We almost forgot to document this, (this news came out on Dec 23) Our Jimin placed second in a survey of 1223 respondents who were asked the question, “Who (celebrity) do you want to spend Christmas with?” https://n.news.naver.com/mnews/article/011/0003846243?sid=101 “The survey is a comprehensive training company edyuwil (NYSE bakmyeonggyu) in the civil service, public enterprises, large enterprises, such as students preparing for exams such as chwijun life and realtor, housing managers, electricians ready to work 1, 223 in the survey of the people The result was like
  8. Anyone who knows if JM is presenting? Please please let them at least meet during the awards ceremony! Although, they might be meeting without our knowledge LOL!
  9. Jimin’s walking down memory lane in her latest IG post. She must be terribly missing her grandparents. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJP9neELg0c/?igshid=1ufzll7jbznif Credit to roma.emo’s IG Cutie Jimin playing in the snow with her sister!
  10. I am loving her more and more, she’s so adorable! I’ve been rewatching both! @richelle, i am so proud of her From Jimin’s IG story as posted by Himin012. Credit to the owner! Party time dance time! Posted by Himin012 taken from Jimin’s IG story. Credit to the owner https://www.instagram.com/p/CJP35VDpJSy/?igshid=l6e4lcnxgj4h
  11. Omggg, she’s so adorable Jimin, the singer a total entertainer! https://www.instagram.com/tv/CJOqq3mpl6n/?igshid=1v2qjovh98agj Credit to authors
  12. Whoa!!! Jimin, the rapper! https://www.instagram.com/tv/CJOoEnSpBWm/?igshid=5s1fzjhc5zi7 Credit to author
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