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  1. wow she's so cool after kissing I remembered once where PSJ wiped GoAra's lips after kiss in hwarang, what to say usually guys who wipe it or make sure no awkwardness but she did it first LOL she surely lead the drama. What caught my eyes was the script. Gosh you guys can see how rush they are that they couldn't compile it one book. It is sometimes hard to memorise last minute and the last scenes on those episode, the dialogues are pretty much simple and short.
  2. I think he purposely choose high kick just to tease her . Of cos, he watched it. It was a popular series there. And he knows how she will react. I think that's why she's having a good day on that presscon that she couldn't take her eyes of him for the whole day About that time when we discussed about why tvn have much more promotion for hpl then wwwsk, I think it is because tvn just open ig acc around wwwsk ep 4? If I was not mistaken. At least their popularity had caught everyone's attention. And we have kakaotalk live too. I feel sorry for Taehwan but I wished just PPC had appear on that livetalk lol I really wish he can be like LBH. He can go further. He has so many high opportunities cuz he's multitalented. And he works hard to improve and add his talents.
  3. the only thing I noticed that she also seems to feel like the hpl 1st ep was kinda bored... so her post later said it will become more fun to watch... based on what I feel on her ig post.
  4. hpl fans (who never read it) though that hpl drama is following the webtoon. They never knew that EG is an add up character.
  5. I think hpl fans feel that pmy-kjw are real is because the hpl romance itself is very close to us. How normal couples always do in real life. How can I describe it? It feels like you heard love stories in your neighbourhood. The story itself is realistic.
  6. I believe PMY k-solid fans cant blame the wwwsk script as wwwsk is 100% following the novel and webtoon. And obviously there are bed sceneS. bed sceneS people. I emphasized there lol. But they did only one and it consider sweet ( PMY and PSJ made it hotter lol). And she is very happy as Miso. The romance in the novel is overall high tension sexy but they make it sweet. And most wwwsk novel readers love the drama too. Which means the fan range is not only limit to their own fans. It is fascinating to see the increasing number of wwwsk webtoon readers ( 6 millions +++) based on kakaopage. we knew about the whole story even before wwwsk ends.
  7. thats why I always wonder did she get the scripts up until few eps at the first place? did the scripts for every ep finished when she received it? Obviously she would know the overall story.
  8. When it gets even funnier when they compare wwwsk bed scene with hpl bed scene. (contributor to views number)
  9. If the whole wwwsk team got invited, probably all without PMY. but I think it is a private wedding. Can't wait to see KKY's wedding shots. kyahh.
  10. oh oh this is what I feel about wwwsk ep 8 kiss scene bts. PSJ pulled her close and kiss her right? she seems surprised for his full force on hugging her ( I bet they rehearse already). then cut then he joked that he ate it and both got shy. After changing the angle, she seems comfortable with him since we can see him joking about hugging her feels like hugging his bestie and she laughed out. I think PSJ try to make sure she's not uncomfortable with the long shoot for the kiss and from huge laugh, most of them are male staffs. He goofed around to make sure she feels comfortable tho it is consider serious scene. That is so sweet of him. And also the closet kiss bts, while they watching their kisses, PMY play along joking so both of them will not being uncomfortable. I think they really understand each other well.
  11. yes yes yes I know he's a Kiss Expert, but from ep 8, he seems longing for a kiss with PMY. Joking saying he ate all her lipstick, he seems to enjoyed it LOL And on hugging scenes, he always hug her really tight. And knows where to put emotions, the hug where he was missing her after business trip even with cute tone, the hug and caress on her hair where he comfort her after saying he'll support her after she stop working, he put different emotions on every hug that we can feel his love for Miso. Very detail in delivering the emotions. No wonder PMY said she also learnt a lot from him although she's the senior in this industry.
  12. me three cos there was comparison to wwwsk and so I just try to watch it and I got stuck. Absolutely different story which I'm very glad. And it's fun to watch too.
  13. Is PMY going to say that bun hair with the brush is actually her idea ?? That did bring out the tension and she surely impressed PSJ too for the ribbon kiss idea
  14. talk about PSH, I would love to see her partner with PSJ. opps ...causing another PPC lol. But truly PSJ-PMY is a real thing.
  15. very naturally touchy she had shown to the world that she can be sweet girlfriend too in real life. Or...she actually doing so now ... uuu
  16. @Babalooba I couldn't find any interviews to support this statement even in korean. I think we discussed about it before. But she dated someone after LMH for sure according to her Healer's interview.
  17. then we could say that both PSJ and PMY is Bulldozer couple then. Proof in wwwsk and proof of them with their other co-stars. I must say PMY's acting skills is changing somehow. She seems like not who I seems to know way back before wwwsk. And it surprised me in a good way. She seems more confident now. And confident enough to lead HPL drama.
  18. true2 sometimes I'm confused who's actually got the title. I guess it's belong to ParkBogum. If I'm not mistaken way back during his FM 2017 people call him Nation's boyfriend. But I think he is called 'Master of Romantic Comedy' and 'Buldozer Boyfriend' and 'Forklift Boyfriend' now But I guess this time we can call PMY 'Bulldozer Girlfriend' too. haha.
  19. haha we wouldn't know her answer until the interview comes out... Last time she wasn't having superb chemistry with YWJ on screen and even off screen. They obviously having oppa-dongsaeng vibe. But medias still ask her about possibilities. Maybe because she is Chemistry Queen. I guess she had to say 'no comment' to PSJ cuz they knew each other before wwwsk or considering his image if she reject him publicly. And duhhh... not even tiny bit of feelings for him? It is hard to directly say no to PSJ. lol. Manly actor..nation's boyfriend..
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