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  1. PSJ was so dashing last night! I believe Rachel was watching the MAMA too since she got back early evening Love to see PPC again in SDA!
  2. I really LOVE LOVE LOVE when PPC always have SAME interests. And it's within SAME period! Suspicious? *nod* Coincidence? 'Destiny' maybe This is one reason why I'm so happy to be part of pps. I am enjoying this so much haha
  3. @zashi23 yeah that water diet. So far the celebs I know mentioned about water diet is just PPC. I don't know the logic of consuming water can make your face look puffy haha but I enjoy both doing the same diet routine. Happy to see him enjoying his cameo~ he's enjoying eventho we can see there, such a long filming. Anw, I LIKE THIS NEW FORUM DESIGN. GREAT JOB SOOMPI FORUM TEAM
  4. I think she's doing just fine now. I'm guessing maybe she's busy focusing on her hobbies and maybe who knows, other business she's doing... Uulala~ 300M views! I'm sorry to say this. I know most people just love their sincere love scene but can I say that you guys are really PERVERT! Yeah I know the hot scene is hard to handle, you can't help but keep repeating and repeating haha. It just look so darn REAL. So much feelings from just a sincere love scene My reaction is the same as Hwang Bora, "I want to kiss too"
  5. Your favourite color? PSJ: Yellow If you have to wear same clothes for a week? PSJ: (thinking) I need to prepare 7 same t-shirt then I like yellow now
  6. Yeah shipping in your own world thinking abt your favs only should be fun.. But not include the fun shaming other ppl. Those ppl really...they don't hv contents to post LMAO. Which is why their other 'fun' things to do is bashing, shaming and make fun/talk bad abt others They encourage more ppl to hate their ship and their fav stars for behaving like this. Then again, let's just click report for bad acc and comments.
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