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  1. totally agree with you. Don't understand why can't they just fix the official broadcast date. Their promotion for this drama is jumping around all diff platform and blocked some countries (Twitter, Instagram & Youtube) and there are so many diff SBS youtube channels.
  2. I think they have change from the webtoons. I read the chinese translation for Kim Min Gyu's character. My rough translation here: - He work at a convenience shop and became rising action actor after robbery case. He is popular male actor in korea. - He is SB elementary school friend classmate. When he is young he is smaller in size compared to other class mates thus bullied by others. SB called him "puppy" and save him all the time. - He left with his parents to US and came back to look for SB but couldn't find her. - One day SB appeared in front of him - He is like Daddy-Long-Legs that keep helping SB but SB only have eyes for DH