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  1. Yea I did, no wedding scene for them, it was just SunGyeol imagination haha but he can't wait to get married with OSol. They plan to get married after OSol work stable bcos in the webtoon she need to pay her debt. This is the last scene from the webtoon showing happily ever after haha
  2. I wonder if they will follow the webtoon for this part. Me too, hope to see lots of cute and happy moments for the couple. They are just so sweet and cute together in their little world
  3. Its from the webtoon, the part is quite cute its like he is jealous of himself hahaha. MaknaeCloud mentioned it in the instagram.
  4. @thoattm I think so too maybe he ask the boy to pass the card back to OSol. She looks like she is squatting int the still pict so probably this is the scene she got the card from the boy? hahaha can't wait for tonight to watch the finale
  5. @Jillia I think I saw the blue card in Sun-Gyeol's hands.... I think this could be scene for tonight.
  6. Ya i want more of their cute moments and they need to break their 3min record for the finale. hahaha
  7. I wonder what is the dolphin card too, looking forward to know the answer tonight too. Saw this on Instagram...I wonder what we will see tonight haha
  8. Finally a new photo of them together https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=112&aid=0003127342
  9. @Jillia Nice! I like all the gifs you made, all the cute and fluffy moments!
  10. last ep text preview....can't believe it is the last ep already. Will miss them
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