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  1. There seems to be no press interviews of the leads after the broadcast of the last episode.. Is that normal?
  2. I am feeling down that the series have come to an end.. It has been a fun journey watching the show and reading all the comments here. Thanks to Jillia for starting the thread and the rest for contributing to it. I hope both leads will soon act in new dramas. It has been a long time since Kim Yoo Jung acted in a drama. I hope I don't have to wait that long for her new work. It is the first time I watch a drama series with Yun Kyun Sang in it. I am impressed with his acting. :) Hope to see him make a drama comeback soon too.
  3. In a few of the previous posts, there were some questions about the age of the main characters. From what I can recall, in the scene where SG carried OS who fell off the ladder in ep 5, it was revealed that the rooftop guy is Daniel Choi, the psychiatrist, who concludes that if the symptoms of acute stress disorder don't go away after a month, then SG might be suffering from lovesickness..in one of the subsequent scenes, there was a certificate bearing Daniel Choi's birth date-1989 18 June on the wall. In another scene (can't remember the episode though), SG mentioned something about 'in his 29 years...blah blah blah...', I would presume he is 29. As for OS, she is 24 yo. Read it somewhere. By the way, the little girl who flicked the booger at the young SG who seemed not much older than her is OS. In either ep 6 or 7, the girl s photos appeared in the photo album OS was flipping through.
  4. Thanks for the updates on today's episode. I have been a fan of Kim Yoo Jung and am following this thread for quite a while. The long wait for the drama is definitely worth it. The first episode seems engaging. Now awaiting subs by Viu.
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