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  1. This drama is riveting. I’m captivated by the way it’s presented even though it has the usual drama antics. The wonderful portrayal of the cast plus top notch cinematography makes up for the fairly standard story. I like to believe that there will be a twist to the story towards the end between the two main characters’ friendship. I think there will be something that will restore their bond and things are more than what it appears to be right now. At least the optimist in me would like to think so.
  2. Hi everyone. I have been following this thread discussions and delurking just to say I appreciate the enlightening posts on Korean culture specifically on Filial Piety. This is why I love this drama so much. After Mr Sunshine, no other drama has captivated me as much as this because of the way the female lead is portrayed as being strong willed and empowered. And yet, still keeping within respectful boundaries. As shown in the scene with Jung In talking to Ki Seok’s dad. She was firm and direct but still polite and respectful. I love how this balance is being shown here. The female leads from both shows had similar predicament of breaking away from traditional expectation. Even though I am Asian and exposed to Asian culture, I must say that some parts of their tradition resonate with me, yet there is still a whole new layer to understanding another country’s way of life. I must say Korean culture runs so much deeper. Which is why I appreciate shows that depict this reality. And this show is way much more and really delivering from the way it was written and directed to the actors and actress portrayal. This is now on the top 2 of my drama list. I sincerely hope this will be good until the end. No drama tropes, please.
  3. Are those BYH and YYS on advertisement prints on the side of cars? I think that's first time I saw one of BYH and YYS. It's the cutest!!! If I were in Seoul, I would probably be one of those obvious tourist fan girl taking selfies chasing after those cars And that Samsung CF parodies of the show... Sooooo cute!!! Even if I dont understand at all what they are saying hahaha thanks for sharing @rubie these posts are just what i need for my Mr Sunshine withdrawal symptoms
  4. @2handsintertwined First if all, can i just say i love that gif of Hee Sung It is heartwarming to know and read how much viewers are positively affected by Mr Sunshine It does take a while to get over a drama such as this. Even LBH himself said in his speech that after a year of filming, he is still immersed in his role of Eugene Choi. I hope to see him and the other cast be acknowledged in other award groups as well.
  5. LBH winning speech with English subtitles. Congratulations to the winners and Mr Sunshine team! Edit: I just saw this video and posted the link here but there seems to be an error. Sorry I dont know what went wrong @cynkdfHCY's song now no. 1 at Soompi charts, yaaay! Edit #2: @rubie thanks for that. I thought I posted the wrong link.
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