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  1. Are those BYH and YYS on advertisement prints on the side of cars? I think that's first time I saw one of BYH and YYS. It's the cutest!!! If I were in Seoul, I would probably be one of those obvious tourist fan girl taking selfies chasing after those cars And that Samsung CF parodies of the show... Sooooo cute!!! Even if I dont understand at all what they are saying hahaha thanks for sharing @rubie these posts are just what i need for my Mr Sunshine withdrawal symptoms
  2. @2handsintertwined First if all, can i just say i love that gif of Hee Sung It is heartwarming to know and read how much viewers are positively affected by Mr Sunshine It does take a while to get over a drama such as this. Even LBH himself said in his speech that after a year of filming, he is still immersed in his role of Eugene Choi. I hope to see him and the other cast be acknowledged in other award groups as well.
  3. LBH winning speech with English subtitles. Congratulations to the winners and Mr Sunshine team! Edit: I just saw this video and posted the link here but there seems to be an error. Sorry I dont know what went wrong @cynkdfHCY's song now no. 1 at Soompi charts, yaaay! Edit #2: @rubie thanks for that. I thought I posted the wrong link.
  4. An update to Brad Havens' rave review. Mr. Sunshine - a vibrant, romantic Epic from Korea radiates across a Global Stage https://bradhavens.blogspot.com/2018/10/mr-sunshine-vibrant-romantic-epic-from.html?m=1 His thoughts after viewing the final 2 episodes. @cynkdf credit to you for sharing his initial post.
  5. @rubie thank you for sharing it here. I dont hang out in twitter much. It is good to see articles like this to reflect what Koreans actually think of the situation they are in. And you're right, it sounds like how Joseph or Kyle or Gwan Soo would be writing to Eugene I made a google translate of the article. Dear Eugene, Are you comfortable in the distance? You left and it took a lot of time. Shortly a week, a hundred years long. In the meantime, there were more things in Chosun. It was a little late thanks to your steps and muzzle that always led you to the right side, but Chosun finally broke down. Because it was decided direction anyway, it was not able to stop by any power. Rather, it has been done by the many powerful people of Korea for the purpose of getting to the network faster. The pain and the tragedy have returned to the powerless people. With the defeat of Japan, the war ended and you had an independent homeland as you had hoped, but it was not by your own strength, so there were fewer tragedies. It has become divided into the South and the North by other powerful nations and has become two countries with different ideologies and politics. And there was war. This land, which was seen as nothing more damnable, turned into a scene of tragedy. Fortunately, after the war, one of the two countries has written a remarkable growth and success story. There are a lot of places to make delicious candies and breads than 'French bakery,' and you can find shops that sell only Gabe, one of the 'Glory Hotel', one by one across the city building. In the center of Manhattan, you were proud to have a billboard selling the weird things we made. The exciting song that many of our boys sing together was chosen as one of America's favorite songs. A few days ago, there was news that Kyle had the eighth US dollar in the world, which he had switched from 'Hadrio' to a sidewalk. It would be nice if you could come and see it yourself. Not everything is good. Many of them also resemble the end of Joseon. Still, we do not know what to do in front of the outside enemy, and it is brutally cruel to the inner stillness. Just as in those days when we had a faction that did not recognize the existence of each other by creating a partisan society based on the neo-classical justification, there is no room for compromise among people who are still ideologically oriented. Maybe it was the last chance Chosun did not go to ruin like that. The way of thinking and open attitude of the city is still disguised by moralism in many cases. Sorry, but unfortunately, most of that moralism is hypocritical. It is often the emotional and inflammatory slogans that determine the direction of discussion rather than the rational process of judgment based on a cool and scientific perception of reality. In those days, China, which joined the path of destruction along with the Joseon Dynasty, underwent a dramatic process and now it is the only country in the world to compete with the United States. At one time, the ideology that led the nation to produce and distribute valuable resources and to make the distribution of the results evenly swept the world like a storm, all of which led to failure. For those who have since believed that the prosperity and development of the nation is achieved through the protection of civil liberties in democracy, the growth and prominence of China is somewhat embarrassing. Perhaps in the not-too-distant future, our people will be forced to choose between two different values systems that are not very compatible. It was a heavy topic to convey my best regards. In my opinion, it seems that Chosun relied heavily on other outside forces rather than victory in response to a proper system in a national crisis. In the future, I hope you will not repeat your tragic history and sad love story to other Eugene. Thank you very much. Heo Sung-wook Professor, College of Law, Seoul National University
  6. @kansas424 I computed DVD version and it's still expensive huhuhu I will have to think about it a million times first are u getting the DVD version?
  7. Thanks for the info. Wish to have a memorabilia but it is quite expensive It looks like an interesting article. Hope someone would post an English translation.
  8. I do not know the full extent of effect on each one. Some comments have been positive and some have accepted the sad ending. Overall, it was taken as a positive effect. Being sad about the ending is a natural reaction. However as u say, some of us are also able to separate art or fiction from real life. And some may not. I must point out, if you do know of people who are still adversely affected after a period of time, please ensure that they seek professional help! This was a powerful drama that tugs on the emotions and some may have difficulty getting over such a tragic ending. We all have different ways to cope. Personally, I think it helps if we focus on the positive aspect of the drama instead of the negative. We need to look on the positive message. Death is a reality in our lives. We may go through different stages such as denial, anger, blaming, etc at the end of the day, we have to accept it for what it is. The human spirit is resilient and I believe we will rise through the sad moments as we have proven in the past. Others have also mentioned about getting into another drama with happier plot. Or maybe spend more time with friends or family instead. I am thankful to some members who share postive feedback including BTS which for me, helps in going thru the process of "grief" Let's continue to be more positive and encourage each other. Let's also hope Writer KES will present us with a happier drama for her next project. I think that will not be impossible, after all, her characters in Mr Sunshine did save a country
  9. I agree I went through the same process as u did. Not that any of the other characters had lesser impact because they were just as wonderful. They really made a beautiful drama that is going to be hard to forget. I am guessing maybe noble families had a more traditional practice compared to the common folks. I wonder why they didn't practice recording marriage unions when they had records of land property and such. In any case, it has been a learning experience for me watching this drama. Learned a bit more about Korean history and culture. Having social media and forum commenters helped a lot too. Otherwise, I wouldn't have known about the significance of Eugene putting shoes on AeShin or Eugene cutting off his hair when he was a young lad and so on.
  10. I would agree. Despite his initial reluctance to take part or acknowledge his home country, he became that ray of light, a ray of hope to those who needed his help. I think maybe KES was trying to tell us early on in the drama why this would be so. Eugene has told Kyle earlier "Joseon has never taken me in" He's saying that he considers America as his homeland. He continued denying with his words but his actions were the opposite. He started helping the people of Joseon thereby making an impact on the lives of those he helped and those around him. I think, maybe a bystander would have thought, if this person who looks like us, but who seems to be a foreigner, can do his part in helping us then why cant we? I honestly thought that his character would not die because of the titular name. But having the story end the way it did, I can now understand why it ended that way. Thinking about it, none of them had to die. Hina could've continue on with profit in her hotel business, DongMae could continue hiding in Manchuria instead of fighting the thugs, HeeSung could talk his way out of any situation before surely he could easily do that again. He was already a noble and living a comfortable life, he could just ignore the crisis that was taking place. But there's a realization in the conclusion that asks to see the bigger picture. I must say this drama has allowed me to be more introspective. Because of this, I am suddenly reminded of that phrase that I have heard a few times, when a person seem to be having tremendous luck in a situation, they say he must have saved a country in the previous life. I didnt quite grasp the meaning of this before. But now, I understand it completely. The story in Mr Sunshine literally showed they all died for their country.
  11. YES it is the flower He became my fave character in the show. I even made my ID after his character after I learned what his name meant - Hee Sung, the Shining Star Writer Would you mind sharing your favorite character too? Aah u're right. What would have been an informal Korean Wedding like? I'm fairly new to Kdrama and Korean traditions. I'm guessing it would involve traditional paying of respects to their elders or parents and a tea ceremony? Btw, i cant view the link you posted above. Was there a video of that interview?
  12. So glad to see vids and BTS updates from the cast. Thankful to all who have shared. Somehow it helps to ease the hurt. That photo of Mr Hangraeng and Ms Haman was too cute And Eugene's farewell vid I can now connect this funny side of him to all the funny scenes in the drama. I do prefer to think of happy memories even though it will take some time to really get over this drama. Some have mentioned about not having a wedding or marriage... I've been thinking about that, I thought the exchange of rings was symbolic of that, albeit a Western culture. I thought it was beautifully done.. From the proposal to the train when AeShin placed the ring on Eugene's finger. And the way they kept wearing it long after the mission was completed. I was also thinking that they couldn't have a traditional Korean marriage as that would be too elaborate and festive given the onset of war and turmoil. Could they have done that? I'm actually curious. Could they have a traditional Korean wedding custom at that time?
  13. For the musically interested, BGM now available on Spotify. The composers and orchestra ensemble deserve a special shoutout. I hope they will also be acknowledged for their excellent work. These music pieces are amazing. BRAVO to them.
  14. That's interesting. There's really a striking resemblance of both men too. Thank you for sharing @charray I came across this post in another site. Credit to wjdcj for this. The 4 main leads - Go Ae Shin, Choi Yoo Jin, Gu Dong Mae, Kim Hee Sung. Rearrange their last names and it spells "Kim Gu Choi Go" In Korean, "Choi Go" means best/the best, and "Kim Gu" was a leader in the Korean Independence movement (along with Ahn ChangHo, they were very good friends). So, their last names spell out "Kim Gu the Best/Kim Gu is the best":') What do u guys think? I looked up Kim Gu and here's what i found. Kim Gu (김구; 金九; Kim Koo or Kim Ku Korean pronunciation: [kimɡu]; also known by his pen name Baekbeom (백범; 白凡; ), August 29, 1876 – June 26, 1949) was a Korean nationalist politician. He was the sixth and later the last Premier of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea, a leader of the Korean independence movement against the Japanese Empire, and a reunification activist after 1945.
  15. Hi I just read ur post again. This is possible too. AeShin was referred as a BlackBird several times. I like this theory too. (By the way, to quote someone, you can just click on quote sign on the lower left. Or if you dont want to quote everything, you can just highlight the words and then click on quote. To tag someone, just type @ then their soompi ID. Hope that helps). Oh no that's too bad. I really think Mr Sunshine's OSTs are wonderful. A bit melancholic perhaps but no less wonderful. I think maybe because of the sad ending most people do not like to be reminded about it and avoid listening. I do still love listening to the songs and I usually think about the happy scenes rather than the sad ones Anyway I wanted to share this video compilation of funny scenes. It's in Korean only but we all know these scenes by heart, right. My faves are no. 11 and 12. It was so unexpected that it turned out really funny.
  16. Love how you described this. I couldn't have said it any better. I love reading viewpoints like this. I love how each one of us has a favorite character in the show that affected us deeply. (Edited: Just wanted to add that DongMae fighting with Musin Society definitely revealed whose side he was on. It was full circle for him. He went back and fought for a country that despised him and fought against the Society that embraced him. I thought that was a perfect culmination of his death.) I am still moved each time I think about the last two episodes. I think the deaths of each character was presented well and stayed true to their arc. The most painful to watch for me was HeeSung's torture scene. I knew at some point he was going to die. I just didn't expect he would die that way. But I was impressed with how his character stayed true and honorable to the end. He was defenseless. He couldnt even lift a finger to fight back. But he fought back with his words. True to being a writer. That was a powerful scene for me. I still tear up whenever I think about it. I think the last two episodes provided the perfect weave to unite the puzzle pieces of the story. From Hina to DongMae, gunner Jang, HongPa and even Potter Eun San and all the RA.. all their deaths were a virtous and noble one. Perhaps Eugene's death was the most unacceptable because he was a trained US Marine Captain. There were so many what-ifs to the situation on that train that could have turned out differently. But I think it was exactly because of his military position that made him do what he did. He didnt want to take any chances of having AeShin and her comrades on the other side being killed. He will not use the Japanese businessman as a shield because he is not that kind of person. The businessman was an innocent bystander and not a soldier. He was running out of time he had to act quickly and comply with their mission. Writer Kim EunSook wrote a wonderful and inspiring story about the Righteous Army. This was a tribute to them and all those who helped or participated in their cause. She showed the world how the Joseon people loved and fought for their country. Come to think of it, I think the word "love" as used in this drama was not really love between a man and a woman. It was love for their country. When I think back to that scene in the earlier episodes between Eugene and AeShin at the tailor shop. Their conversation about love.. That was a perfect description for what the RA is fighting for... When I think about it, each time they talk about love seems like a symbolism for that.. there were moments Eugene says am I to die for love and scenes like that. ..it seemed to me that all those scenes were referring to this greater cause. This was a love story between the Joseon people and their country. That's why I love even the final scenes of AeShin in the mountains with Soomi and a new group of RA and that scene also a decade later with Domi and his comrades. It shows hope for their future. That the efforts of all those who fought and died before them were not in vain.
  17. How is everyone doing? I trust that all is well and hopefully now recovering from having our hearts battered like that. Obviously I still have a hangover from being shaken to the core as I continue to read, digest and discuss with fellow viewers who continue to share news and their insight on scenes that I may have failed to take note of. I like this interpretation! I was wondering what that blackbird flying over Eugene's grave too. This seems like an appropriate description given it was shown on the last scene with Domi dressed as a soldier with his comrades. This comment was too funny and so spot on im literally laughing out loud when I read it Thank you for that rush of endorphins Thanks to charray for sharing this and making that scene more meaningful Oh wow thanks for sharing this. It was a delightful read. I'm curious to know as well what he thought of the finale.
  18. I've been on several sites to see people's reactions to Mr Sunshine and mostly I have seen positive reviews. Of course we all wanted a happy ending. Even though we all know this tragic part of Korean history, we all still wished for a happy fictional ending for our characters. But alas this was not to be. I am not sure but maybe the writer has a greater message to deliver than just a "typical love story". I remember reading a comment before, not sure if someone said it here, about the parallelism of AeShin's love story with the 3 men. That it is actually a love story between the people of Joseon represented by different classes namely HeeSung (nobility), Eugene and DongMae (slave and low born) for their country represented by AeShin. I think when it is viewed from this perspective, then the story of their journey to this realization and even their tragic deaths holds a more profound meaning. Even the love story of Eugene and AeShin was beautiful without any skinship. Because it has to be pure. Because it is on a deeper level of love. Each line from Eugene lamenting his love for AeShin not being reciprocated actually shows how Joseon has not really accepted him as a Joseon man yet he still finds himself drawn to helping its people. I am not Korean and I have not actually experienced any atrocities that is being depicted here, yet I am deeply moved by what the people of Joseon gave through their bravery, loyalty and compassion not just to their country but for each other. As Eugene said "not one of them was a single deserter". And even Potter Eun San said something about being outnumberrd by 10 fighters yet they will easily crumble because of people's passion to fight for what they believe in. I will still rewatch this drama for its many wonderful scenes and because to me, it is worth watching.
  19. Despite the many tragic events and deaths of all the characters that we loved, despite crying my eyes out and breaking my heart into tiny little pieces, I would say that I really love this drama. There is probably no other drama that can top it for now. It has set the bar so high that the others just pale in comparison. Towards the end, the date goes to the year 1919, I was pleasantly surprised to see a grown-up Domi at the grave of Eugene. Just as AeShin herself said: "Each one of us was a flame." I am reminded of that quote: "It only takes one spark to light a fire inside you." I think it was a fitting conclusion. The fire continues to burn. Their fight goes on.
  20. I just wanted to say I love this song the most. The title alone "How Can I Forget You" encompasses what this drama conveys. We are not to forget. We are not to allow anything like this to happen ever again. I have yet to see English translation for the lyrics. I am certain it is just as haunting and poignant as the melody. Beautiful voice. Beautiful song. (Sorry if quoting video is not allowed. I dont know how to remove it).
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