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  1. I cried for two hours the night of the finale. Honestly, I always knew there would be a sad ending but I kept deceiving myself otherwise. Since I couldn't find a streaming link, I kept refreshing the news page and naver portal for any update. And the picture of Hwi dying with arrows on his back hit me hard. For two hours, my tears kept falling until I forced myself to go to sleep. Whenever I think back about the Hwi's final scene, my eyes are still teary. Exactly like what Seolhyun said, it's an amazing, sad and heart-breaking drama. So many things I want to say about "My country" but I have yet been able to gather my thoughts to write a proper post. The least I can say is I never regret spending time waiting for each raw episode on Friday and Saturday for the last two months. And I also never regret watching the journey of Hwi and Hee Jae. Whatever people say, I am glad that I am on the ride of this OTP. If it's not hard enough, if it don't hurt enough If it's not hard to find, if it don't change your life Then it's not love (Take That - It's not love)
  2. Damn, I can't stop crying. And yet I saw many comments that this drama is all about bromance, Hee Jae is simply a weak third wheel with no role. Hwi was fighting nonstop with no time to think about his personal happiness. With his sister's rescue and revenge, the poison in his body, he never has a proper break for Hee Hae though he understands how she patiently stays by his side. It's not like Hee Jae needed him to protect her before. And when she really needed him, he was there, willing to protect her with his own life. Didn't these people see how Hwi waited for Hee Jae to come back to Ihwaru before going to treat Seon Ho? Like he reported what happen to her, sharing things with her like a true couple. How he treats her so gently and sincerely when he is no longer bounded by revenge. They do not consummate their yet but their hearts are connected - they wait for the right opportunity to leave things behind and start their life though it never happen. A lot of things happen to Hee Jae happens off screen. How she became the Queen's trusted adviser, how she led Ihwaru and rebuilt it, how she navigated information to use during the first and second strife, how she was there when Hwi was treated and pinned for his to return, how guilty she felt at the loss of her family, how she grows from a naive girl to a much wiser and more responsible person...Not a lot of these things are shown probably due to the drama's length and the focus on Hwi's journey but she is not a useless character at all
  3. I am also glad that Hwi takes notice and buys the couple bracelets. It's a very simple wish that Hee Jae didn't dream of saying out loud, yet Hwi catches that moment and does something he should have done a long time ago. Hwi's last moment thinking about Hee Jae and smiling at her before the door closes with the bracelet on his wrist is more than enough to show how much he loves her.
  4. The kiss scene in the rain pretty much let me knew what would come ahead. I said before that I was worry about a very likely scenario: they had their one and only night before the final battle, then the two friends died from protecting each other. In the end, Hee Jae is left with only memories of Hwi and the bracket he gave her as the symbol of his love - but I don't even complain about them not consummating their love. And the two friends stay side by side until their last moment. Hwi's final moment is really heartbreaking but also fulfilling in a way that I can't explain. I am still crying while typing these sentences.
  5. "There was always you in my dreams. Even in times that felt like nightmare, because you were there, there are good dreams. Thanks to you, I could be able to hold you. Now my dream is you until the last moment" Hee Jae has been waiting for over 12 years to hear that.... And yet..... Hwi, what's the use in telling her you will not leave her side? Damn I am crying. Even though I always knew deep down in my heart that Hee Jae is the true survival among the three. This time, I will not blame Hwi that he makes an empty promise. Because it is true that he thinks about Hee Jae until his last moment while holding a fallen Seon Ho, wearing the couple bracket which he gave half of the pair to her. He is very sincere in his feelings towards Hee Jae, I can feel that very strongly from episode 14 onwards. In the end, Hwi has lived his life trying to protect everyone he cares about and experiences both true love and true bromance. I don't remember the last time I cried because of a drama. Probably last year? Human nature is strange. There are things we know we shouldn't do and yet we still do it. I knew deep down in my heart that there would be a heartbreaking ending but still continued watching with the hope that things would turn out differently. That false hope has kept me going for 2 months. All left are tears and an empty feeling of having nothing to fill the void. And yet, I am also thankful for the amazing journey because the ending was sad but always hinted from the start.
  6. New pics from episode 16 A happy ending please Source: https://en.seoul.co.kr/news/newsView.php?id=20191123500022
  7. Hwi, the enemy who killed your father is there besides you all along... He is the start of all tragedies in your life but don't let him be your end. Go away as far as you can like he says, stop working for others for whatever reasons and live your life with the remaining people who truly care about you. You still have Hee Jae, Seon Ho and other brothers. Seon Ho stops losing his way, so should you.
  8. Why do I have the feeling up Hee Jae gives up or at least put aside the hope of her future with Hwi in favor of Ihwaru's sake? Back then, it was Hwi who avoided Hee Jae for the sake of saving his sister and then for revenge. For Hee Jae, Ihwaru is her home - her family. Love is not enough for these two to let go of the sense of responsibility they place on themselve. Just when Hwi is finally at peace and ready for a new life, Hee Jae loses her family. I don't doubt that if things happen differently - meaning no consequence of blocking the King's path - Hwi will ask Hee Jae's hand in marriage once he settles down. Hee Jae loves Hwi and has done everything she can for him but she has her family to take care of. When she puts her family members in danger in favor of Hwi and her revenge, she is ready to face the consequence, even if it means she can no longer be on Hwi's side. She didn't tell Hwi about her block move and I doubt Bangwon had time to tell him that - probably she doesn't want him to life a life or hiding or fighting for survival because of her anymore. The plus side of her being slashed is that Hwi realizes how he does not want to lose her and that is she is his family now - the one he must protect. But the downside is the survival guilt and pain Hee Jae has to endure. It's true that she destroys all contract and orders everyone to leave but they decided to come back on her own; still she puts them in danger from the start. The moment she asked Hwi to move over so that she could stand up and go back to Ihwaru even though it means death shows me that she values Ihwaru more than her happiness at that point. She couldn't stop Hwi when he went to Nam Jeon's house after Yeon died but Hwi could stop her from going back - she was too weak to do otherwise. We see how Hwi was when Yeon died. But because the extent of pain and guilt Hee Jae feels is not shown onscreen doesn't mean it is less than Hwi's. The place she is sitting now in Ihwaru is where the massacre occured and I am sure she reminds herself everyday about this. Still, she has the support, strength and will to rebuild Ihwaru again - it takes a really strong-minded woman to do so. So yes, I understand why she keeps things from Hwi - not letting him know her plan of revenge. That's her personal burden and debt. Should she tell Hwi, he will do whatever he can to keep her safe but that may spoil her plan. The look in Hwi's eyes when Hee Jae says she will sit still and watch means a lot: that he knows she will not do like she says. After all these years and witnessing her tragedy firsthand, Hwi knows better. Hee Jae stakes her happiness in this game so I will not be surprised if she holds back from being with Hwi (as in consummating her relationship with him) for the last two years. For me, it's not about how their relationship seems empty or not sincere enough, it's just how Hwi and Hee Jae are. Love is not everything and will never be the sole reason for these two to exist. Just like how Hwi can never live in peace with Hee Jae when Yeon's death is not avenged yet, Hee Jae will never be able to live in peace with him also until Ihwaru can rise again and avenge for her family.
  9. Hwi and Hee Jae are people who lost a lot in their life. Hwi lost his father since childhood which forced him to grow up quicker, then lost his sister. Hee Jae lost her mother and people she cared about in Ihwaru - her beloved master also passed away. Both experienced pain and also the outcome of revenge. They are not carefree like Hwa-wol and Hwi's doctor friend. Not that Hwa-wol and her husband did not experience loss or hardship but it's about how one chooses to live his or her life. They have responsibility on their shoulder so they can never be truly at peace until things are resolved. It's such a pity. One cliche plot I desperately do not want to see but is likely to happen here is that they only have one night together before the final battle or confrontation where the two friends die from protecting each other, leaving Hee Jae with a child and only memories of Hwi to live on. For now, I am happy that Hwi finally realizes that he can lose Hee Jae and he is afraid of that. He doesn't want to see her in danger and gets hurt anymore.
  10. Then you will like the way Hwi treats Hee Jae in episode 14 because I can finally see that Hee Jae is important to him, a person he wants to protect in the country he helps build. I am ok with them not husband and wife now. After all, Hwi was all for survival and revenge, then now it's Hee Jae's turn to revenge for her people in Ihwaru. They can never be at peace together once their problems are not solved yet. My guess is they want to make Bangwon a king, then walk away. It's the old time, after all, not modern time. It takes time for Hee Jae to heal her wound and rebuild Ihwaru. The time jump is two years - not too long. And for sure they work closely together, sharing each and every plan for Bangwon. Hee Jae's unconditional love for Hwi is partly due to the fact his father saved her when she was a kid. But the way Hwi treats Hee Jae now really makes her effort worthwhile. Hwi is kind, caring and gentle in nature and once other problems are gone, he can now have time for her and be really good to her.
  11. Episode 14 turns out to be one of my favorites. I have been waiting for 13 episodes to finally see what I hope to see. Hwi has been fighting for other people all his life with Hee Jae patiently waiting by his side. Finally, it is time he protects her and fights with her side by side for a common cause, for a country where they can be free. There are so so many things I love about this episode: - The way Hwi desperately saves Hee Jae: he could run away but he rushes to Ihwaru and takes an injured Hee Jae away on horse from the pursuit of many soldiers. The moment Hee Jae regains her consciousness, she wants to go back to Ihwaru for her people but he prevents her from going by holding her tightly - going back there means death. He doesn't leave her behind but choose to fight a losing battle because he is obviously outnumbered. Finally it comes a day when I can see Hwi risks his life to save Hee Jae, even if it means they have to die together. - The way Hwi treats Hee Jae with utmost gentleness: When he gentle lays her head on the cave wall, he uses one of his hand as cushion first to prevent her head from being hurt. He rips a shred from his clothing to tend to her wound. When he has to fight, he lets her rest near the tree and tries to assure that things will be over soon. When they are rescued by Bangwon's people, he goes back to check on Hee Jae and both smiles at each other for assurance. He stays by her side when she is unconscious and gets treated by the doctor, then silently sits by her until she is awake, softly holds her and comforts her pain. He doesn't have to ask her if she is ok, his worry eyes are enough to let her know his concern. I love the way Hwi holds Hee Jae to his chest with his chin on the top of her head and his hand on her hair - it's very caring and intimate. - How Hwi finally says out loud his fear of losing her: near the end of episode when Hee Jae takes charge of preventing the King, he is very worry for her safety that he wants to do it himself. However, Hee Jae tells him not to be worry because it's her duty as the head of Ihwaru. - There's a time skip again, now we are forward to 1400, the year of the Second Strife of Princes and also the year when Bangwon assumed the throne of Joseon. But Hwi and Hee Jae don't get separated like before. Together, they work for Bangwon to make him king though they have not consummated their relationship. She is officially a part of his life now. The country he wants to live in is the country where the people he cares about - his people - don't get hurt - and it includes Hee Jae. - Hwi understands Hee Jae's pain and determination to revenge for her people in Ihwaru. Hee Jae has been by Hwi's side for so long. She was there the day he lost to Seon Ho, the day he was drafted, the day his sister was killed. They love each other but Hwi was never there for Hee Jae. It's finally time when he saves her and shares her pain. Episode 14 is actually the one where these two have more screen time together than in other episodes and I am more than happy with that. I am also glad that Bangwon steps forward to protect Hwi whom he considers his people and wins over both Hwi and Hee Jae. Someone who is worth serving because he cares. As for Seon Ho, I was shocked at the ending at first. But then, I don't think his intention is to kill Hwi - just to keep him out of the Second Strife. Poor Seon Ho, will you ever find a proper cause to live? Cos we all know how history goes.
  12. Girl, how many times have you confessed to him already? Honestly the garden scene is quite...well...let's just say it's not how I thought it would be. And the ending scene is truly anticlimax, given that we see Hee Jae alive and well in trailer for episode 14.
  13. Oh no, will something bad happen to Hee Jae? I notice some kind of wound or slash on her shoulder...
  14. "I want to see smiles, smiles of you guys and Hee Jae too" For the first since like forever, Hwi comes to term with his loss and lets go of his pain. He is back to the Hwi we know in the beginning. I miss his gentle smile and loving look a lot. There is a soft quality in Hwi and Hee Jae's personality that match each other so well - they are both so caring and gentle towards the people they love. For 12 episodes, we see Hwi fighting for his life and for Yeon. It's time he lets her go and be at peace with his life - he still has people he cares about after Yeon is gone. In about 10-11 years, Hwi and Hee Jae are separated more than they are together. They felt in love during a short summer when they were so young, naive, and innocent. After Hwi was drafted, they longed for each other but couldn't meet. Hwi avoided Hee Jae for 4 years, then they briefly united before Yeon's death. Hee Jae was there when Hwi was treated from poison but the venom never really goes away and he is out again on his revenge quest, leaving her waiting for 6 years - they only occasionally pass by each other. Time and time again, Hee Jae touches Hwi with her unchanging love. I am so looking forward to the days when Hwi devotes his time for her, even if they only have a short happy time together before hell breaks looses again. Not that Hee Jae is a damsel in distress but I want to see Hwi fights for her like how he fought for the country he lost. Is it too much to ask, show?
  15. "You will desert Hwi in the end. How are you different from my father?" Until this episode, there are only three people Seon Ho cares about. Firstly, it's Hwi. The friend whose father he helped buried. The one who he loves deep down in his heart. He actually tries to protect Hwi in his own way many times. None seriously wants to kill each other - even when Hwi's sword cuts through Seon Ho, he knows it's not a fatal move. Secondly, Hee Jae. The girl he once liked. He didn't get her love at first and then lost her friendship too. He never tries to do any harm to Hee Jae and I don't think he ever will. Thirdly, Yeon. The only one who loves and trusts him until her last breath. The most innocent one whom he tried but failed to protect. When she was alive, Hee Jae's beauty and intelligence overshadows Seon Ho's judgment - he didn't realize how important Yeon is to him until she's gone. We all know how he lost his soul the day Yeon dies and he is no less in pain than Hwi. Seon Ho has no one to turn to. His father whom he hates finally told him he did well - did that bastard really mean that or just want to trigger something in Seon Ho again so that he would go against Bangwon later? Seon Ho can go to the right path with the right guidance and good people surrounding him but he just has no one. Technically, Hwi didn't kill his father - Bangwon did so it's not strange when Seon Ho is after him again as a life pursuit. According to wiki: "In 1400, General Bak Po, who was disappointed by Yi Bangwon for not rewarding him enough for his action in the First Strife of Princes, allied with Bangwon's older brother Yi Bang-gan (Prince Hwi Ahn) and rebelled against him in what came to be known as the Second Strife of Princes. Yi Bangwon successfully defeated his brother's forces, then executed Bak Po and sent Yi Bang-gan into exile. " So Seon Ho will work with Bang-gan to try to break down the world Bangwon wants but fails again. Hwi's life is tragic but Seon Ho is worse. He wants to fight for recognition in the beginning but his life is now driven by revenge. Yes, Hwi was all out for revenge too. But he didn't lost his soul for that. The look in Hwi's eyes when seeing his wounded friend, dead bodies everywhere and the King mourning the dead Crown Prince..he will not continue a life like that. He is a warm and kindhearted man, not a killer by choice. I am glad that Hwi understands he still has a life after revenge. Yeon is gone but he still has Hee Jae - she is now his only family left - and his brothers. These 4 people help him in his revenge quest and don't hold him back; instead they do whatever they can to keep him alive because he is precious to them. His world was broken but it he can go on even if it's just for their sake. The short scene with Hwi and Hee Jae in the preview of episode 13, I want to yell at Hwi to propose to Hee Jae, asking her to be with him for the rest of his time and leaving all the political mess behind to start their own life. She deserves that after waiting for him all these years. They'd better have some moments together before hell breaks loose, again. How long will it take until the venom destroys Hwi's body? Is it too much to let him have some happiness after all the pain? Don't pour too much tragedy on him please - that would become too repetitive and tiring to watch. I can't imagine how Hwi will be if anything bad happens to Hee Jae. But among the three leads, Hee Jae is, for me, the survivor and she actually may outlive the two men. Seolhyun is really immersed in her role for the last two episodes for me and she is so beautiful in ancient traditional costumes.
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