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  1. Links to the new year concert 19:30 (GMT+8) Mango TV Live: https://www.mgtv.com/live/Youku Live: https://vku.youku.com/live/ilproom?id=8010389&sou..Tencent Live: http://v.qq.com/live/p/topic/62351/preview.html#QiYi Live: https://live.iqiyi.com/s/19rqu2o6dv.htm
  2. 181211 Amber_吸龙队长 Weibo Update: 《# Zhu Yilong custom version of Lenovo Z5s# Come On! Guys, are u ready?》
  3. 181212 ZhuYilong Weibo Update: 《Intoxication~ Thanks for the invitation, 海南岛国际电影节》 Translations
  4. The first trailer for the upcoming drama "Detective L" "Funny, I finally met a worthy opponent" https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/jGdBGEjSK?fid=1034:4297142727029641
  5. Nothing new maybe..but. It's like his early biography kkkkk And also there are photos, maybe something you haven't seen.. I do not know. But I'm just sharing ----> Link
  6. Hello everyone~I'm here for the first time, but I read all your messages~I also have information about Yilong.Maybe you don't know . But I don't speak very well English, so I'm sorry - "I started playing the piano when I was four and a half years old and continued until I was 12 years old.After that, my mom went to Beijing with my dad, I was in Wuhan, so I locked the piano!" (The teacher said Yilong passed the exam in sixth grade I didn't want to play, just.the boys have their reasons!When it came to practice, I'd go to the bathroom, and I'd sit there almost until school started, and then I'd run off to school.She stood next to me with a stick and forced me, so I ran away (laughs). He also did not want to play the role of "monkey".His company forced him and etc I'll translate that later and show you kkkkAnd I also have a photos........ButI do not understand how to insert a photo:DDDD
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