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  1. Links to the new year concert 19:30 (GMT+8) Mango TV Live: https://www.mgtv.com/live/Youku Live: https://vku.youku.com/live/ilproom?id=8010389&sou..Tencent Live: http://v.qq.com/live/p/topic/62351/preview.html#QiYi Live: https://live.iqiyi.com/s/19rqu2o6dv.htm
  2. 181211 Amber_吸龙队长 Weibo Update: 《# Zhu Yilong custom version of Lenovo Z5s# Come On! Guys, are u ready?》
  3. 181212 ZhuYilong Weibo Update: 《Intoxication~ Thanks for the invitation, 海南岛国际电影节》 Translations
  4. The first trailer for the upcoming drama "Detective L" "Funny, I finally met a worthy opponent" https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/jGdBGEjSK?fid=1034:4297142727029641
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