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  1. My brother. Please help to pray for his healing
  2. oh my.. She really take us to the CLASS lol I love dis @Lmangla that scene looked like.. Exploitation -2
  3. At least no need calculator for this post! 864
  4. I tried searching with hot oppa keywords.. What is this bunch I get -2
  5. accounting of how many smokes generated by hot oppa's packs that can drain our eyes and.. Battery -2
  6. here we exercise the basic everyday -2
  7. 10 packs I count.. 2 more, you get equally 2 hot six pack oppa -2
  8. Or ready-to-rehearse-violin-cat -2
  9. Heheheh hii thank you @refuse2sink @cenching nice to be here again.. -2 whoops
  10. True. To complete 70% part of me lol Next person's favorite fruit is watermelon
  11. Just get lost. Or.. Let we use an exit door. None of my parents are alive doesn't mean you can pity us like that.
  12. False.. Next person is in trying to stop eating noodles but can't
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